Friday, March 22, 2013

When You Do What You Enjoy, You Heal

Is not the word 'fun' another way of saying 'doing something that raises your vibration?'.

Fun, as in seeing friends, playing sports, relaxing, having a picnic, being with animals, doing a job well where you use your talent?

What happens when you have fun, aside from having fun, is that your mind is focused on something besides itself.

Therefore having fun is another form of meditation; in meditation Spirit of the Higher Energies can transmit Divine Information to us, although we might not be consciously aware of it.

Yesterday I was at the nursing home where my mother is doing rehab to regain her strength after her long hospitalization for bladder cancer. (My ninety-year old nana Angelina, her mother and my grandmother and godmother, is right down the hall for long-term care at the same place.)

Here is our conversation:

me:  You know you have outlived your prognosis if you had not chosen to do the operation, don't you?

mom:  I... I have?

me:   Yes. You would have been gone in two months. It has been three already.

mom:  What would I have felt if I hadn't had surgery?

me:  A lot of pain and pressure in your bladder area, and also had the catheter.

mom:   (Look of relief on her face) Oh.

me:   I know this isn't easy, with your urostomy (bag for urine), but at least you are alive.

mom:   I see.

me:    Remember how before your life was ruled by 'where is the bathroom?' You are free from that.

mom:   Yes I was always having to know where one was...

me:  Is your sleep better? My urologist friend says it will because you don't have to get up to pee.

mom:  Smiles and says,  no my sleep is not better.

me:  Well you know what we call this time now? BONUS TIME! What do you want to do with it?

mom: laughs and repeats me--Bonus Time? I like that!

me: Well, for the last three months you haven't really had the opportunity to do what you want. If I was here I don't think I would read or watch T.V. And I know you are not that interested in the activity programs. But you are good at art. I bet you might enjoy making something. I look forward to seeing what it is that you create. You know, when you are doing something you enjoy, you Heal.
(that last one resonated very strongly).

mom:  you are good...very are good! she said, somewhat surprised at my ease with 'getting inside the head of a patient'.

me:  I smiled and gave her a big hug. Is there anything else I can do for you? It is almost time for me to go.

Remember, fun is therapeutic. Fun is healing. Fun permits you to absorb more Light.

As long as the activity that is selected for 'fun' is something that does not lower the vibration--loud music, crowd, alcohol, drugs, and most forms of 'entertainment' marketed by the will gain from the 'fun interaction' and increase your ability to understand and work with Spiritual ways.


Reiki Doc