Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 42

December 21, 2008
N.C. ASA 6 last night
--as I slept he came to me. Looked better. Wanted me to see he had two legs again.
--I dedicated my Latino Mass at 7:30 a.m. the next morning to him. After communion, he stopped by with Blessed Mother to say bye.
--“I am here.” Very quiet, very calm.
Pray all the time. Pray without ceasing.
The devil is strong.
Where you are going is scary.
God wants you to have confidence—God’s armor of protection always near you. Everything happens for love and joy and happiness. I lost my liver. It went in the trash. What good do I have for a liver up here, anyways? I drank. Your mother was not right about the Tuberculosis. I had lung disease—I was exposed to something a long time back. It came back to get me, and I died.
My little princess?...God will have a gift. Something holy. A powerful present. I prayed. What God will give to you is something magical and excellent and precious. A tiny little miracle. Everything happens for little little joy. What God will experience is something wonderful through D. Now have a little rest. You deserve it, honey.
Thank you for making me die and turning off the ventilator machine. I wanted to get out of this place. I was miserable.
(ed - note the date. In 2009 I lost my father, changed work, changed school for the children...it was a very difficult year for me. I had no clue that four years later I would be Reiki Doc, or even now sharing his message with you.)