Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Guest Healer in the O.R.

On Friday, I had just settled in for a long bowel case that was somewhat of a challenge technically both for anesthesia AND the surgeon...and started to give intraoperative Reiki. Lo and behold, a masculine entity, one I 'know' and call 'John' who pops in from time to time, showed up in my consciousness. It was around nine a.m., and I sensed this 'whoa!' fascination with what was happening, particularly my healing energy work.

I invited John to help, if he was interested? He said yes. 'What do I do? Where do I start?' he questioned.

I gently explained that I had the aura opened up, just go in and do your thing to heal this patient, who had a BMI over fifty, and really needed some deep spiritual healing in addition to the operation that was at hand.

I paused.

I waited.

He waited, skittish to 'start'.

So I took him by the hand, in Spirit, and proceeded with my work. I did the symbols with my mind. I balanced the chakras. I did all that I was guided to do for this patient. Then I said, 'now do your thing'.

Surprisingly enough, he said magical chant. I did not understand it, what he said, although I was surprised at his choice of saying things instead of my kind of energy work. He looked at me like he was done, I let go of his hand, and I closed and sealed the aura.

Then he disappeared.

This morning when I sent the Daily Dose of Reiki, John stepped in and offered to help too. Today was a lot of work on cleansing and balancing the chakras.

John is the Higher Self of a healer who has healed himself with nutrition and change in diet, and is known for healing others like this too.

I look forward to discovering if John (the Higher Self) and the one I know as the Earth self work together consciously (like I do) or independent of one another. As one who really loves healing in general, especially in the monthly free healing done with internationally known healers from across the globe, combining energies for the benefit of others is rewarding and exciting energy healing work!


Reiki Doc