Sunday, February 17, 2013

Healing Candle Number 5: Beach Paradise

These are Pele's braids, flowing off Kilauea. This is the most active volcano in the world, with the longest continuous lava flow.

The healing from Beach Paradise is as forceful and unstoppable as this lava flow. Through my perception and level of consciousness, I am 'letting go' of 'things I want to believe'. In other words, there is a great deal of 'reality' that is in all honesty, a 'fairy tale'.

Take for example, Hawaii. I love to vacation there. I love the water and delight in snorkeling with the fish. Honu are most dear to me. I take many whale-watching trips out of Lahaina when I am there. I am not content with just one outing. I want to be with the whales. I want to support the research and the organizations that run the eco-tours.

The last time I was in Hawaii, it was Big Island. I could not help but notice--the beaches for the tourists and the beaches for the 'locals' are a separate as the seating on a segregated bus. The hotels are by the water in pristine man-made beaches with tons of lifeguards and a snorkel shack close by. And all the chaise lounges with the towels. And everyone getting a drink and a tan. The locals go where it is rocky, and they are lucky if there are some picnic benches and a porta-potty that has been put there by the state.

Which is the real Hawaii? How can I ignore the living conditions of those around me when I am in their midst? I got lost and took a road up into the hills last time. Many of the houses are shacks and are falling apart. I know they are expensive...but still, is that any way to live?

Isn't the entire Tourism Hawaii a money-making venture to benefit the rich few? Did you know that palm trees are not native to the islands? And that pigs have gotten loose and run wild through the hillsides? Or that the native birds and plants are threatened by invasive non-native transplanted species? When I saw Ulalena, I could not stop crying at the part where the Portuguese arrived on the island. Even now, when I listen to the score, I skip past that song. There is too much suffering for me to bear.

When I go, I do my best to be respectful to Pele in everything I do. As a result, I meet wonderful people: the granddaughter of the last Kahuna at the Place of Refuge, a woman who raises goats and gives me a cup of milk, a man who helps old people go to the beach for 'rehab' instead of their lying in bed, two 'Elvises' at a costume party, construction workers at a Seven Eleven getting their breakfast too before dawn. I tip the maid in my room every day a lot of money. And I support with my dollar the people who inhabit the islands that I adore. I consciously make the choice to see past the Lies and Fantasy, and to extend my Open Heart to those who make my being there to visit a possibility. 

In return, I am offered Kama'aina discount. People ask what island I am from. We end up being 'friends' on Facebook. We are Ohana, because of the aloha and respect I have for them.

What other 'fantasies' do you 'accept' consciously or unconsciously? Do you like sports and follow professional team? Do you watch lots of television and enjoy the entertainment? Do you like to 'eat healthy' based on what the package says is 'healthy' about it? Do you think the public school system is for your children's good--or the society's good? Do you 'buy' what is on broadcast 'news' and 'accept as truth' what you read in the paper?

Open your eyes and see Truth. I am letting go of 'doctor'--it is what I do, not who I am. I am letting go of 'mommy'--it is my most favorite work, but not 'what defines me'. I am in human form, but this is not 'who I am'. I am so much more. And so are you.

Beach Paradise is just a name to sell candles. It is blue and stinks. If you want to buy a candle, go find a better one to light. That is my advice to you at this time.

Love, Light, Gratitude, and Namaste,

Reiki Doc

P.S. I would give anything right now to spend another night with the music of the koki frogs. Their 'song' is magic to me. <3