Monday, February 11, 2013

Cities of Light: Animal Healing

As the New Age approaches, everyone will go at the time that is right for them, to one of the designated Cities of Light for deep healing on a cellular/energetic level. All disease will vanish from Gaia.

I am not sure how it works, or where it will be. I understand there are to be around eight of them. Something like Sedona, in a way, where there is natural earth energy that will heal in the first place, and then a city built around it.

Yesterday I saw a Chinese cow that is extinct in the wild and only lives in zoos. I saw the last two Northern White Rhinos. And I saw the successful breeding of Southern White Rhinos, which has made over ninety calves at the San Diego Safari Park. It is the most successful in the world. Numbered at, i think, 20,000 Southern White Rhinos in the world, they are being poached at a rate faster than they are being born. At a preserve in South Africa, there are four armed guards for every rhino. Poaching has increased at one hundred times the rate it was ten years ago. So the Southern white rhinos are destined to extinction too.

Why the poaching? Because certain healers think that rhinoceros horn has 'healing property'.

That makes me sick. Viscerally sick. It isn't the healing that these people want, it is the money--from poaching, from selling, from patients... These majestic animals who stand six feet at the shoulder, killed for what? To be left dead in the field, not even for bush meat--just to rot without their horns? Like the elephants who are being slaughtered for ivory?

Why the difference between the Southern White Rhino and the Northern one (who is going to be extinct when the last eight on the planet die)? Because of politics and governments. When bad things happen to people in a country, it trickles down to the animals and wildlife. South Africa took a stand thirty years ago and made the commitment to help their rhinos and work with the zoos. The areas where the Northern White Rhino are, didn't.

Almost every animal I saw from the back of that photo safari truck was endangered, rare, and threatened. Some breeding programs were working, some were not. The goal is to release animals from the zoo into the wild, when the wild is safe from the effects of mankind on their native habitat.

On Saturday, I learned that one of the new whales at SeaWorld San Diego, Ikaika, was born in Orlando, but 'on loan' to an aquarium to the north. I will not mention the name, but apparently they have a poor track record, and many orcas die at their facility. (see orcapod wikia for more). SeaWorld had a bitter custody battle with the place in the north. They won, and saved him. They knew that the place in the north was in violation of international law on the care of killer whales (they are not to be separated or kept alone, since they are social).

I have since learned that there is a webpage devoted to Orkid (Orky's kid), by someone who is 100% anti-captivity but loves that whale no matter what.

Over at the Bahia resort across the bay, there are two harbor seals in captivity. They are very happy there. Why are they in a tank? Because they are rescues. These two seals are blind and can't catch fish. They would die in the wild.

I also saw that the zoo and SeaWorld are hurting for money. SeaWorld is up for sale. The last owners wrecked it. The flowers in the gardens, which used to be world-class, were worse than a mall. The place was empty. And all of the bright ideas from the people who bought it and 'changed things around' flopped miserably. We won't even go to the dolphin show, Blue Horizons, and we have Platinum Passes and are huge supporters of their Conservation and Research. Probably one of the best shows in the park, incidentally, is the Sea Lion show, Clyde and Seamore. It is always 'spot-on' commentary of contemporary culture and very humorous.

I asked Archangel Nathaniel today to make San Diego a city of Light for animals.  Animals are in need of healing too. They have been through so much. I know He likes a challenge--something impossible.

Animals are connected to Source at all times. For some reason we are the caretakers of them. My prayer and my hope is that with angelic help, we can do it right, and help them to be everything that God intended when they were created in the first place. It is my soul's desire for San Diego to be a shining point of Light where Love for the Animals, and their preservation and health, are unsurpassed.


Reiki Doc