Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rob 'Peter' to Pay 'Paul'

Please watch this video.

I am a sucker for everything Lourdes--where there are crutches on the wall because people got their miracle and can walk and don't need them any more!!!

This is fascinating because of his perception. All it took was that one person who told him, 'I think you CAN. I believe in YOU.'

The energy shifts through his desire to heal, and the yoga brings the energy body into its natural alignment. The results are impressive.

You can bet there is an enormous transformation in the diet, too. As the body heals, it just craves 'what is healthy'. You eat for fuel, not for emotion or your taste buds any more.

I am undergoing a similar transformation in my diet. I am not sure why, but meat and dairy is growing increasingly unpleasant for me. It helps to have my friend, who asked me to try Dr. Shultze's booster every day for a 'green drink'. It is not available at my local health food market. I will look for the link for you. (here it is: )  My pants are looser today! And I am taking yoga, gentle, not P.E.-style yoga once a week. It is a life line to my energy system as I deal with the severe twists and turns of fate with my mother's illness. She nearly passed on monday night from overwhelming sepsis.

The outpouring of love and support and prayer, as well as an excellent response to medicine, has her now singing the praises of Jell-O and wondering what to name her stoma (she pees in a bag, she has no bladder. It is connected by intestine through the skin to her transplanted kidney, 'Charlie'--named for 'Charlie's Angels'. ) I offered 'TOM' because it is in the middle of the words, sTOMa...but she didn't like it.

Amazingly enough, throughout her entire surgery--radical resection through now, she says, 'I am not sure if I was just lucky or what but I never felt any pain.' I tell you, that line is the one I most often hear from my patients who had surgery with me. 'I never felt any pain'.

Let us step back and think about what Energy Medicine did for this man in the video:

  1. He saved money on crutches and wheel chairs
  2. He lost weight
  3. He gained independence
  4. He stopped taking meds (bye-bye big Pharma!)
  5. He stopped seeing a lot of doctors for his back pain/issues (bye-bye Medicare!)
  6. He is now a BEACON of HOPE for millions!!!!
So, does this apply to me? You might ask? 

Yes. You have it in YOU to be everything you were meant to be--listen to your body! It is your best teacher. Believe and act and do. It might take what seems like ages, but it will happen. And you will help starve the beast of the Machine that makes money off the sick.


Reiki Doc

P.S. I like giving Reiki to my bariatric patients most of all... <3 it gives them the 'edge' they need to get on with their new lives. Did you know exercising hard throughout the loss will keep your skin less baggy? A patient told this advice to me. 'I work out really hard every day!'