Friday, February 15, 2013

Reiki and Traditional Medicine

Your body is the T.V., the screen and the parts that show the picture. Your health is the image on the screen. Your Energy System, the aura, the chakras, and connection to Source, is your cable signal and your cable box.

Life flows from God, or The Divine, or Source.  The energy of Life flows from The Divine to You.

This energy of Life is very strong, and needs to be adjusted to run a body. It can be a human body, an animal body, a fish body, a plant body, anything that is alive on this earth has some connection to source.

Everything has a chakra system to 'step down' the very high frequency Light/Life energy to make the body 'go'.  A healthy body has a healthy aura like an eggshell of white light around it to protect it. Auras can thicken and thin depending how the emotions are at any particular time.

The Chinese would use traditional medicine and acupuncture like you would adjust a knob to clear up the picture on the screen. The patient presents with ill health (poor picture), and through knowledge of the meridian systems, the pins 'rewire' the energy flow to improve the health (clearer picture).

Along with the Energy Body are three more dense 'earthly bodies' which are superimposed. There is the Mental Body, the Emotional Body, and the Physical Body.  Psychosomatic illness is one example of a mental condition affecting the physical body. Conversion disorder is a similar case where extreme emotion affects the physical body. Ill health, or chronic pain in the physical body almost always lead to depression and anxiety. They are interconnected.

Reiki is like having the cable company send a signal to your cable box, or a technician come out. It taps into the original source, and adjusts the 'picture' by sending whatever the T.V. requires to have better 'reception'. It gets one 'in Tune' with the natural balance that is present in Source, or God, or the Divine, or Higher Power... What goes by many names is one and the same power that runs the multi-verses. (yes, there are more than one Universe-s).

Western Medicine is very good at fixing the monitor/T.V. hardware. Many times it works to relieve the symptoms, without understanding of the deeper factors that are behind ill health.

For example, loss of money typically manifests in red/root chakra issues--anything from the hips to the feet, and the lower back. The emotion-though manifests itself through life experiences of Lack which reinforce the belief. This in turn creates imbalance in the mind-body connection, and the chakra systems are not running efficiently at this point. There is lots of energy but due to the conviction of the person having the root chakra symptoms, not all of it is allowed in. This is the drawback in the Free Will System. The Universe delivers that which you have in mind. The physical body compensates for this imbalance, until the back gives out. It can compensate no more.

'At the age of forty, the mind is visible on the face.' is a piece of advice from Japanese Grandmothers.

It also is visible in the office, the O.R., the wards, the convalescent home, the skilled-nursing facility, you name it.

As a result, you are on all spectrum of disease at any given point.
This is how the medium was able to tell my mother in December 2011 that 'you will be dead in one year'--horrible red chakra symptoms in her energy system. Mother was always focused on the lack of money. She was cleared and protected from all attachments in May 2011. It was her thinking that let it in, as well as the risk of being a kidney transplant patient--in traditional risk for bladder cancer (other risks are smoking and working in the dye industry). Her body gave out, and this time it was cancer. She is healing, and currently cancer-free.

Everything is balanced. And when it isn't, just like with the axis of locomotion in the body--it shows up somewhere else. A bad foot will cause a knee injury and hip pain from all the limping (which is an unnatural, suboptimal way to walk).

With Reiki, and new advanced technologies, everyone who is 'limping' will have a second chance at health. All of the hidden cures (I sat next to a hospitalist who was a researcher the other day at lunch. He had found the cure for cancer in his lab as a graduate student. 'But for some reason the companies were not interested in it. So I switched careers to this instead. I don't make much money but I am happy.' Why? I knew why? His cure had not as big a profit margin as the toxic chemicals!) Do you know how many cures and technologies for all of society, for health and just about everything else, have been stifled? When all those technologies are freed, our quality of life will improve vastly.

This is where you stand---at the forefront of medicine and healing--with knowledge about the mental, physical, and emotional bodies, the Energy of Life, and the Chakra system that makes the physical body 'go'. You are Pure Consciousness encased in a vehicle called the body. But your aura is bigger than that! You ARE your aura--and your body--and everything else. Got it? I knew you would!


Reiki Doc

P.S. This message was from Master Kuthumi. He is the Ascended Master of Healing, and he works with Archangel Raphael. They are on the same team.