Monday, February 4, 2013

Grid to Sector Transformation

Today's Daily Dose of Reiki and distance healing was done in the parking lot at Target in my car--and it was awesome!

As the Healing was sent out, the energy connected to the grid. The 'grid' is interconnection of points of Light on Gaia that look almost like a flight routes map from an airline, with little lines that bow up and connect the dots.

I saw flashes of Light traveling fast along the grid with each Healing sent. They were white. This is nothing new.

Then the Light was pink-gold. It changed to green. Then it changed to blue.

At this point the little lines that bow up and connect the points started to sway back and forth, making a sector. They looked like the shape of a lemon wedge between the points.

That was cool! The Light on the Grid has been so activated, that the Grid is starting to 'fill out' and take up space.

Just like a seed has to grow roots before it can grow as a plant, something stepwise and important is happening that is new for the Lightworker Community.

It felt exciting, fresh, right, and really well organized as I saw it before my 'eyes'. I use my 'third eye' to 'see' that which is invisible. Your third eye, once opened, can 'see' too. How does it open? Decide you want it to open. Give it time. And watch for any signs of opening up. Impressions, intuitions, and the like.

Since a visual might be helpful for you I have put together a short pictorial, on something similar, and that is medical ultrasound. Dolphins, Whales and Bats have echolocation. The bouncing of sound waves off of objects creates a 'picture' in their mind. All we humans can do with sound is yodel off a mountain! But since we wanted to be able to use 'sonar' or 'ultrasound' technology, there had to be a device made.

Here is a physician doing an echo study of the patients heart.

This is a two-dimensional image of the heart with doppler color flow showing mitral regurgitation. (the echo I do is not external, there is a probe in the stomach which I insert and manipulate to obtain images of the heart which is right next to the stomach.)

Most people are more familiar with baby ultrasounds. Plus there are more images online. So here is the point:
The picture on the left is a two-dimensional image of a baby in the uterus. It is a flat silhouette. That is the technology. Give it a 'boost' with a lot of expensive modifications to the ultrasound machine and on the RIGHT you get a nice three-dimensional image of the face.

And the three-dimensional imaging can get even better!
See how the image is 'filling out' with more detail? That is what I saw. The simple grid is starting to 'flesh out' energetically. And the spaces between the points are becoming something more substantial.

There are a lot of buttons on an echo machine.
Dolphins don't have a single one. Whales don't have to have wheels and a plug to see images with sound. And bats could never take flight if they had to lug all of this. You have to respect that gift.

On second thought, pregnancy is a great parallel to the energy of the Ascension process. You know you are pregnant--you have a test that is positive, you feel something is 'different' in your body, you might even get sick to your stomach. But what is growing inside is something you feel but you can't see. The quickening, the butterfly tickles inside of you from the moving miracle growing inside of you is one of the first ways you can tell something is truly alive and growing in the womb. But without modern technology, it is something that is NOT visible. You can't 'see' the child until it is born. Or until you have a great echo study!

And to show me that things aren't what they seem--take a look at a doctor doing an echo study on a patient elsewhere in the globe. The machine is the same, but the uniform? I thought my scrubs were bad...not anymore! I am glad not to wear the hat that lady doc has to wear! I'll take my blue bouffant hat any day.


Reiki Doc