Saturday, September 27, 2014

Gaia News Brief 28.9.2014


Today I conserved energy. I slept. Pretty much off and on all day. This is what happens when I work in the night, on a long shift, and I get woken up and stay up from two to six a.m.

First things are exactly that--your first priority. So even though it was a gorgeous day, and the weather perfect, I took a bath, put on my pajamas, and stayed in them all day.

What is the importance of rest?

I can tell you is it WAY more important than meets the eye.  Not only is it important for the physical, so it is for the spiritual in our life. Many times in the Ascension process, I have been hit with the need to sleep, and to take a lot of sleep! The best thing you can do when this hits is to take a nap. Typically, this sleepiness is accompanied by a tingling or buzzing sensation in my body, I lie half-awake, and in about twenty minutes, it's done and I feel rested.

Last night as I was putting in an epidural--in just seconds--I mentioned to my patient that when I have a good target, and my patient works with me as a team, it's really fast to get the epidural in.

But when it's a patient who is like they are riding the bucking bronco with each contraction? Well, it's a challenge for us both!

In a way, with you and your absorbing and assimilating the energies of Ascension--into all of your bodies--your emotional, your astral, your etheric, your physical, and your mental bodies--you have a similar choice as the mother who is asking for an epidural...

You can hold still, and allow your body to absorb the energies the best it can by meditating or doing something quiet that you enjoy (being a good 'target' for any 'upgrades' to your system for the day)--OR--you can keep doing whatever you want and need to do without paying any attention to the whole process (and be a 'moving target').

Which one is going to have a smoother 'ride' up in the Higher Realms with their vibration?

; )

Why Are We Incarnate?

This was one Ross really wanted me to write after he answered the question I asked him, point blank, 'Ross, WHY are we incarnate in the first place?' as in 'How did we end up here like this?!'

He said it was a good question.

Here is his answer:

  • back Home--in Heaven or whatever you wish to call it--all our needs are met
  • everyone loves Creator
  • everyone loves and respects each other
  • the question came up--if beings were 'blinded' to Creator, and given the most beautiful and amazing experiences possible, would they choose to Love Creator still?
  • this was initially a short-term study
  • it got out of hand
  • people were taking serious advantage of others in the system
  • Ross and I incarnated to help 'patch things up' with the system, to get it back on track
  • Others have joined and incarnated through the ages, all with the same plan
  • many, many of you are here right now on this 'rescue mission' too
  • there are those incarnate who came here and got stuck, and there are those who are asleep but here as rescue workers, and there are those who are awake
Long story short, Ross says, 'everybody thought it would be fun. It's long past that now. It's overdue.'

How Ross Helped Me Today

When I am post call, I am pretty much depleted physically and emotionally. Today I spent the day with him--just enjoying his presence and his guidance. We talk. He told me tonight I should have a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. (my boy went on his 'every other weekend')  So I did, and I enjoyed the soup I never get to eat because I am the only one who likes it. 

Comfort food is important in the Ascension and Awakening process. It helps one to ground.

Ross said not to eat salad or lots of vegetables all day. It is too much work to prepare and to clean up after. So I ate lightly, cheese and crackers, a little fruit.  LOL I also ate ice cream from the carton, a whole pint, of this fake stuff called 'Arctic Freeze' that only has one hundred fifty calories in the whole pint! It tasted terrible, I bought it for my kid, and he won't touch it because it's not 'right'.

Sometimes when your body is going through a LOT, and believe me, with all these energies opening up on the planet, we are each at our limit to absorb these wonderful blessings--it helps to work with it.

If you crave a comfort food, do it. Not every day, all the time, but when you really sense you need it.

Root vegetables, things that grow in the ground, help to ground your energies.

Drinking lots of water is helpful.

bare feet on the earth and sunshine exposure help too


(smiles) I want to talk to you about my Carla. She is doing beautifully. She is responding to my energy in a wonderful way. Her trust, and her patience with the Ascension process, warm my heart. She knows as a spirit-aware physician, that a lot is going on and that she can't understand it. Not all of it. She knows she is monitored for her energy and her adjustment through the process. I monitor her very closely. 

I also want you to know your energy is being monitored by your teams, your medical ones. Each of you has a host of people who are with you on your mission, much like the coaches and trainers and psychologists surround an Olympic Athlete.

You might not sound like much to you, but to US, each of you is a master at your skill, your mission, why you were sent here and agreed to incarnate in the first place.

We communicate with you with hints and 'nudges', and also in your sleep we work with you Big Time. That's why Carla gets so 'suddenly sleepy'--it is not narcolepsy! LOL It is 'Lots Of Big Things Going On Upstairs Where Carla Must Be Present!' in her spirit form.

You go all kinds of places at night. Only most of you can't remember it. 

You will.

Give it time.

Everyone will.


Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and his little sleepyhead, Carla, the Reiki Doc who writes to you with her heart and a passion for your well-being that cannot be matched.