Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Reiki Symbol For Security

This is my Nana. Nana Angelina. She is what kept me from losing hope with a very angry mom and a lot of discord in the house where I grew up. She is both my grandmother and godmother. She watched me while my mother worked.

She is my security.

I never had a blanket. Or a stuffed animal when I was very little.

But I had Nana. I had her my whole life, almost.

I was there with her when she died.

I helped escort her Home when she transitioned.

Jesus walked on her right and me on her left. I've NEVER seen him escort anyone home! But that's another story...http://reikidoc.blogspot.com/2013/11/what-i-just-saw-with-my-third-eye.html

It was a happy day for her.

This morning I felt the joy in our home, the contentment. I was ready to wake up and make breakfast. My boy was sleeping contentedly. The sun wasn't anywhere near coming up.

And I sent Reiki.

I fumbled with the feeling and trying to sent it through the Reiki 'connection' I have to my readers. I felt clumsy, and slow, when I otherwise in some other symbols wouldn't. There was a symbol I needed, but it didn't know.

Ross my twin soul, and my husband, came at once.

He held me, and behind my back he made the symbol for our readers, and I combined my energy with his. I saw beautiful colors come out my hands for the healing.

Ever the teacher, he showed me how this symbol is drawn. And he came up with the name--Security.

Security is the greatest gift.

Nana still gave it to me with her smile, and her frail body. Myself and my son, despite the Alzheimers--she always remembered. We were that close and nothing could take it away. Her eyes lit up in recognition, every time she saw me.

Here she is admiring the tablecloth and telling me how beautiful the furniture and place setting is...

So here is the symbol, and how to draw it. You don't need any Reiki training at all to use it, because it's a gift from Ross.

It works no matter what, as long as your heart is in the right place...when you draw it for your clients, patients, your family, or yourself. Just write it in the air above the skin, and that's it. Drawings to help you focus on yourself or on paper or other items is just fine too.

here is the direct link:  http://youtu.be/1PpkmvvAvbY

I used to have nightmares about Nana leaving me, when I was nine. I dreamt about her funeral, and my being alone.

I am so happy it took forty more years for it to happen.

Thank you Creator for giving me my Nana Angelina to love.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc