Monday, September 29, 2014

Messages From My Patients--The Entire Set

Chapter 1:  while learning to pronounce a patient dead for the first time as a medical student, I got a little more than I had ever expected.

Chapter 2:  while teaching a resident during organ procurement from a donor I 'sensed' the spirit of the deceased, but didn't want to engage in conversation at the time. He came back.

Chapter 3:  while working in the recovery room on some paperwork, a recently deceased Latina was brought down from ICU for family visitation. Before the family arrived, the spirit came to visit me, along with Blessed Mother.

Chapter 4:  A patient who technically 'died' on the table due to deep hypothermic circulatory arrest as part of the procedure, wakes up and reports he saw an angel during his procedure.

Chapter 5:  A fellow surgery resident, who died in Iraq, comes back with a message for me about my future. All three of his predictions have since come true.

Chapter 6:  After watching a special on the life of Laci Peterson, her spirit came to me, with comfort and support while I was eight months pregnant.

Chapter 7:  There is a death in the heart room. I 'see' the energy of the patient outside the body. Later he comes with messages of comfort, and also lets slip the sex of my unborn child, when I just found out I was pregnant and had no clue.

Chapter 8:  Messages from both Terri Schiavo and ailing Pope John Paul 2

Chapter 9:  A Vietnamese man, who donated his organs, comes back with a message for my mother, and gives it to her. She names him 'Herman' and asks him to help my father with a golf game. Then later, he comes back with a beautiful prediction for me, and calls me blessed.

Chapter 10:  my fellow surgery resident who died in Iraq comes back with a message of hope during my custody battle over my four month old boy.

Chapter 11:  A fourteen year old cheerleader who died comes back with reflections on life on the Other Side. click here

Chapter 12: A mysterious voice awakens me in the middle of the night. click here

Chapter 13:  A spirit comes who I do not recognize. She announces herself as my grandmother's neighbor. She has encouraging words for me. Also mom verifies what Mrs. Nolan said about how she died is true. click here

Chapter 14:  my fellow surgery resident who died in Iraq comes to me with another message of hope and encouragement. He also is the first to tell me what I look like from the view up in Heaven. click here

Chapter 15:  My Aunt Edna 'pops in' and discusses Heaven with me on my drive home late at night. Little did I know during the day she had been having a medical emergency in her fight with advanced, metastatic breast cancer. click here

Chapter 16:  My patient is down and having a serious, life-threatening emergency requiring immediate cardiac surgery. During line placement, her spirit comes out of body, shakes my shoulder, and has a message for me.  click here

Chapter 17:  My beloved Aunt Edna dies. Blessed Mother (BM) comes to comfort me in my loss.  A transcript of our conversation is included in this chapter. click here

Chapter 18:  My Aunt Edna stops by in spirit, to pay me a visit, about one month after she passed. click here

Chapter 19:  Sometimes mediumship is with the higher self, the 5D aspect, and not the 3D one, of someone who you know in 3D. Here is my heart surgeon, who reaches out to me on a soul level, to ask for guidance and assistance in spirit with the inoperable lung cancer in his mother. click here

Chapter 20:  During a trauma case in the middle of the night, the patient's spirit comes out of the body, and talks to me. What she has to say is fascinating. She also gives a message to her mother. click here

Chapter 21:  An organ donor in the middle of the night, 'pops in' in spirit, and has a conversation with me. He also calls me 'a Lorelei'. click here

Chapter 22:  Both my betta fish Pugsley, and Blessed Mother, come to console me on his death. click here

Chapter 23:  A fourteen-year old boy passes from trauma, and comes with a message to me that sounds like, well, a fourteen-year old boy. click here

Chapter 24: The patient in Chapter 23 said he would come back with a message. He did. Here it is: click here

Chapter 25:  A trauma patient who died has a message for me. He also brings someone from Heaven to see me too. click here

Chapter 26:  Arturo, the patient in chapter 25, comes back with some more messages, that are just as soothing to me today. click here

Chapter 27:  It is etiquette as a cardiac anesthesiologist to help another when the patient is in trouble. This patient, whom I never met, had a message of encouragement for me from The Other Side after they didn't make it. click here

Chapter 28:  A patient dies a traumatic death due to gang activity. He comes back with a well-thought out message after his initial bravado, and also mentions my Light, and how he can see it from The Other Side. click here

Chapter 29:  A cardiac patient confides he knew he would not make it through his surgery. He comes back with a message of hope, and love, for all.  click here

Chapter 30:  Julia Vinograd, who was very much alive, had her Higher Self give me this very insightful message in this chapter. She is the bubble lady from Berkeley, where I went to college. click here

Chapter 31:  In cardiac anesthesia, more than any other specialty, we make a lot of personal sacrifices of time we could have spent with our family. This case went long, and the patient did well. However, her Higher Self on a soul level, had a clear message for me. This chapter is written in medical terms, and then translated to lay language, at the end. click here

Chapter 32:  I felt horror when I read on the 'what we did in Chapel today' note on the preschool class door was 'we prayed for Joshua who is with Jesus'. I immediately placed my two-year old son in swimming instruction that week. Here is the deceased child's message for me:  click here

Chapter 33:  A John Doe--deceased trauma patient--comes back to talk about The Pearly Gates...and more. click here

Chapter 34:  A deceased patient comes from the Other Side--with relationship advice for me. click here

Chapter 35:  My cousin Susie, a cousin by marriage, had a message for me after she Transitioned. click here

Chapter 36:  There are three ghosts on board the HMS Queen Mary, in Long Beach, California. Here they are, with messages to me: click here

Chapter 37:  A family friend Roy dies of lung cancer after a long illness. He comes to visit. He is chipper, and also brings a lot of cheerfulness in this message. click here

Chapter 38:  Joshua, the three year-old classmate of my boy at the preschool who drowned, comes back with a message of guidance.  click here

Chapter 39:  A spirit comes with a beautiful message. Then we play a game of twenty questions to figure out the identity of him! It was worth it, to find out. click here

Chapter 40:  My boy has a vivid dream when he was very sick. It was of my cousin Susie, who is deceased. click here

Chapter 41:  My Nanu Filippo stops by when I had a root canal and am missing my son. click here

Chapter 42:  Another organ donor comes through with a message for me, this one is a warning. click here

Chapter 43:  The Higher Self of my patient comes out during complex cardiac surgery, and stands three feet off the floor, at the foot of the bed, with Blessed Mother. Her message is for me, about my future, in love. click here

Chapter 44:  I am an empath. There was a suicide in the area near my work, but I didn't know it. Not once but two times, I felt an overwhelming urge to hurt myself, which I knew was not 'me'. The spirit of the one who shot himself in the Crystal Cathedral, came to me, with a message:  click here

Chapter 45:  A friend puts out an emergency request for prayer over the loss of his friend of eleven years, Maya. She comes to me in response to my prayers. click here

Chapter 46:  A rookie pitcher dies after pitching the best game of his life, with his father visiting from out of state watching his first major league success. It made local headlines. The real news is what he has to say to me about his experience with death. click here

Chapter 47:  The pitcher comes back with one more message from Heaven. click here

Chapter 48:  I lost my job. I am a single mom and sole support of my family. Mother Mary, whom I call Blessed Mother, has a message of love and support for me. click here

Chapter 49:  My father's death, from the phone call, to the Transition, to the messages for me 'it's not goodbye' and for my sister. I saw the Gates of Heaven, Angels, and my father go to Blessed Mother as he died.  click here

Chapter 50:  Ten days after my father passed, he comes with a message that is sophisticated metaphysical teaching--I only understand what he is saying now, five years later--after studying Reiki and mediumship, and Healing. click here

Chapter 51:  This is the first message from the entertainer, Michael Jackson, after his death. click here

Chapter 52:  This is a much longer message from Michael Jackson, and also, a brief message from Michael to the world. click here

Chapter 53:  My father died one month before. Now he comes to me when our family traditionally celebrated my birthday, with a message of love and hope. click here

Chapter 54:  A drowning victim comes from the other side with a message. click here

Chapter 55:  One of the anesthesiologists who was laid off on the same day I was, got me a job as a Nocturnist working nights at the SICU at the VA. There was a terrible death, and I worked very hard that one night to help, even having security unlock the OR so I could get a swan-ganz catheter for my patient. Here is the patient, who did not make it, with a message. click here

Chapter 56:  At my new hospital, my 'day job', I arrived to a code blue only to see the patient moribund on the floor. Here is her message, after the code was 'called' and she didn't make it. click here

Chapter 57:  I reconnected with my childhood friend Linda when I felt a 'nudge' to find her. I saw her FB photo had her with her dead son in ICU. He also is the subject of her blog, Because He Breathes that made the Huffington Post some time after his passing. Here is his message. click here

Chapter 58:  Another message from the entertainer, Michael Jackson. click here

Chapter 59:  I was driving home one night and passed the wreckage of a fatal accident. The driver's spirit came to me shortly after with this message. click here

Chapter 60:  This random 'Uncle Charlie' came through the morning of my first mediumship session with Tim Braun. He never showed up for my session. Instead, he came to the session BEFORE mine, and Tim kept asking the client about 'who is this Uncle Charlie?' Message is here. click here

Chapter 61:  Uncle Charlie explains why he came when he did, instead of to my appointment. click here

Chapter 62:  A different veteran who died in ICU during my nocturnist shift has a message. click here

Chapter 63:  Actress Brittany Murphey, recently deceased, has a message for me after seeing me with my son in San Diego, at Sea World Holdiay. click here

Chapter 64:  Ryan from Chapter 57 comes back to share his views on homosexuality. click here

Chapter 65:  Margarito, one of the environmental services workers in the O.R., passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack. Here is his message. click here

Chapter 66:  The man who forbid his daughter to see a Muslim (the family was Hindu)--ended up being burned to death in a fire that was caused by the ex-boyfriend. Message here: click here

Chapter 67:  Elaine Kotsiris was the mother of a friend in my ballet class, and also my patient. She succumbed to her lung cancer. One day she came with a message to me while I did ballet exercises. Click Here

Chapter 68:  A much older distant Italian cousin met me only once, at a wedding, when I was nine. We had an incredible connection. He came back to me, out of the blue, with this message: click here

Chapter 69:  Father Al, the priest at Newman Hall when I went to UC Berkeley, drove all the way down to Southern California to marry me to my college sweetheart, my first husband, Mark. He came through with this lovely message for me, that was just as helpful as ever. click here

Chapter 70:  Dawn Brancheau, the Sea World Orlando trainer who was killed by Tilikum, speaks from beyond the grave, shortly after her death. click here

Chapter 71:  This is Dawn's message to me. click here

Chapter 72:  Lily the gray whale was trapped in a net off Dana Point Harbor, at the State Park Beach. My son and I went to go give her support and pray for her safety. She died. I saw it. Here is her message. click here

Chapter 73:   A colleague who passed has a confession for me from beyond the grave. click here

Chapter 74:  The same colleague in Chapter 73 comes back with another message. click here

Chapter 75:  One the one-year anniversary of my father Richard's death, Our Lady, whom I call Blessed Mother, has a special message for me. click here

Chapter 76:  A woman named Cindy, whom I have never met, came to Psychic Development Circle. My father also showed up for the first time. Here are their messages. click here

Chapter 77:  Ryan, from earlier chapters, comes back with another message. click here

Chapter 78: Karen was an O.R. nurse I have known since residency. During my time as an attending, my locker was next to hers. She passed from breast cancer. Here is her message: click here

Chapter 79:  Karen came back, and brought with her Darren, who had hung himself and was related to someone dear to me. click here

Chapter 80:  A surgical technician I worked with killed himself in the car with carbon monoxide. He came back with a gentle, beautiful message. click here

Chapter 81:  My father Richard comes back around his first anniversary where he wasn't around for mom. Here is his message. click here

Chapter 82:  Jon, the chaplain at my old hospital, passed. Here is his message. click here

Chapter 83:  I took my son to enjoy a day at Griffith Observatory. I got this message from the man who built it, Mr. Griffith himself. click here

Chapter 84:  Mark Taylor humors me with 'advice' on my latest 'crush'. click here

Chapter 85:  Mark Taylor comes back with more advice--not about a crush. Actually, he says he's been trying to get my attention for some time but I wasn't listening! click here

Chapter 86:  A teen who died in a freak accident tells me he died a virgin, and that he didn't miss anything, compared to Heaven. click here

Chapter 87:  Steven Jobs--yes THE Apple founder--came to me at Aulani on Spring Break 2012, with a business proposal...for me. click here