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Perspectives On Transiiton Of Diane 25.9.2014

When a child is born, there is a lot of preparation and saying 'goodbyes' in the Higher Realms as one embarks upon an incarnation here on surface Gaia, as a human. I 'see' with my third eye this process as if up above is a great hole, and I 'see' the others standing at the edge, and the soul of the little one descend and going in as the baby takes its first breaths. This happens in every c-section where I am present. (Today, after everything, I saw Ross standing by the door to the sub sterile room, smiling and quietly waving to me. He is always present, too. Together we celebrate every birth, and welcome it to its new life, and bless it. I give the Reiki Transition Symbol at every birth where I am present.)

Conversely, I have helped many a soul transition back Home, which is the opposite, where there is great anticipation and welcome up at the end of the 'tunnel' as the soul moves up and out of the body, and returns to where it is from.

I can only go up to a point, then I must turn back. But the spirit moves one, much to their delight.

There is always an angel accompanying a soul at all times--souls do not simply 'go to the light'--they are carefully guided every step of the way, and watched and protected with love.

Recently, a reader shared with me a request for a friend, Diane, who was facing Transition. Our messages will allow you to 'see' indirectly, what I 'see', and what her loved ones 'saw' she went Home.

Dear Doc,
Would you have a symbol I could use to make my friend's (Diane) transition easier for her? She has a hard time to let go...
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  • Doctors With Reiki
  • Doctors With Reiki You are attuned as of Yesterday--if you accept it--and this symbol will work:

    I have also just sent it to her now.

    In doing so, I helped her cross over to the Light. (People go back and forth a bit, and it takes a while for the body to 'catch up'). She wanted to see her mom. As she was walking with me, she looked over the shoulder and thought of you! I told her I would tell you her messages, and not to worry. She said, THANKS! Then, gently, we walked to her mom, who was waiting, and also Blessed Mother, my mom, was there too. She asked me, your friend, asked, 'Is this It? That's all I have to do?' I said, 'Yes' and She hugged me and cried tears of joy and relief. I told her she had lived a good life, lived it well, and I am sorry for her pain. There is no more pain where she will be now. I asked if she was ready for me to go, and she said, 'Yes' and greeted her mother.
  • OlgArt REIKI Studio  Thank you so much Doc!! namaste.
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Now here is the fascinating message I got today:

My granddaughter of almost four years age saw the crossover sign I used yesterday in the hospital when I gave Reiki for the last time to my friend Diane, who passed away early this morning.
I got the sign from Doctors With Reiki.
Sofia said: "I know what that drawing means: that's to crossover: you stop and then you can go..."
She definitely is an old soul and I respect her visions and wisdom very much....
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This message is helpful in so many ways:

  • Diane transitioned peacefully
  • The Transition Symbol was given
  • I have opportunity to share my assistance with Diane, on a soul level, in real-time
  • We learn of Sofia, and her recognition of the Transition Symbol as a young girl--we see Sofia's angelic knowledge from Home is still with her--as well as her maturity as a soul in this situation
  • We can document this here for you.
Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc