Thursday, September 25, 2014

Gaia News Brief 25.9.2014


I'm on my back porch swing, in the sunshine, writing to you. The birds are singing and the air is fresh. The sky is clear, with not a cloud in sight.

It's my second day off. I have an appointment for my boy this afternoon, and if I had worked I might not have been able to take him to his doctor for a visit about his 'health' (weight). Yesterday work was slow, and you know what? I took that whole day off to do something I had wanted to do for some time--work in the garden.

I bring this up because our life as we know it, is 'finished' much in the way my squash plant is 'done'. Most of it has served its purpose, just like the tomato plants, for the summer. But there is a little bit left that still blossoms, and has the start of new squash or tomato on it...much as I would have liked to have saved it, the timing is all wrong with the seasons, and it wouldn't have finished growing right anyway so I pulled it all up.

I apologized profusely to the plants, which were very understanding. One provided a surprise butternut squash in a neighbor's bush that was bigger than all the rest! Only one tomato plant asked to stay (I am a plant communicator as well as an animal one), so I let it. I did, however, cut it way back to make room for the winter 'crops'. I turned over all the soil, and fertilized it.

Ross told me to enjoy myself and to not be afraid no matter what turns up.

We both knew what he was talking about--the three spare bags of soil to supplement the topsoil had been sitting around and were likely filled with black widow spiders.

And they were. But I only had one crawl on me, and I brushed it off. The others scattered. I found by hosing off the bag of potting soil mix, I decreased the numbers of them dramatically.

I am letting the soil rest for a few weeks, and the new compost I put in to be processed by the earthworms. Then I will turn the soil over again, and make rows, and plant what I wish to grow this winter, little green onions--something the insects and the rabbits won't like.

I want you to think about our world as we know it--it's 'done', three D is finished, and soon it will be time to tear our the 'plants' that have served their purpose--mostly the Illuminati-controlled industries which are MANY-- and allow what is right for five D to be started, nurtured, and allowed to grow.

Line 16 A and B

Yesterday I had to do some paperwork for my own affairs. I really would much rather have stayed in the garden. Every year I make a lump distribution to my SEP IRA, and I made sure I did everything right. Since my work status has changed somewhat, I had to ask about a new IRA with 'salary deferral' and 'employer contribution'. This got me on the phone to Susan in Indiana, who correctly and politely said, 'you need to educate yourself'. I am so busy working, all those names sound the same to me.

The way I see it, every human born on earth gets a bond issued that is worth three hundred thousand dollars. It gets traded as a commodity by the Illuminati (I've done my research, this and more surprises are in store for you when you do your research too). Then there are the games and hoops to jump through that are 'created' by those who 'built' our society--the same 'team', the Illuminati. You need money to live. So you get a job.

I understand 'payroll' completely now. As a corporation, of one person, I now have 'payroll'. It costs seventy dollars each month for this company to deposit money from my business checking to my personal checking each month. And it's worth it--so many rules and regulations to comply with! It's one less headache. But for all I 'get', more than HALF goes to some government tax or FICA or whatever.  That money that goes out of my business account disappears, and I don't get to see even half of it.

Where does this money go?

As an employee, I am taxed once I earn it, and also when I spend it.  As a corporation, I am taxed on my money as I earn it too. By the federal and state governments, separately.

I look around me and I see fire departments cutting back, I see education bare bones, I see medical insurance skyrocket and deductibles increase...yet where does that money GO?

With my chemical engineering training, there is something called the 'mass balance', or the 'heat balance', or even the 'momentum balance'--what goes in must come out.

I question 'what goes in' and is everything that is 'said' to go out just doesn't make sense.

I hope this is one truth that gets out quick; if you have read the book Area 51 you will know what I am driving at. I hope that all the financial situation rectifies itself in the near future and models itself after Galactic Economy, which is known to work.  I only trust St Germain, not his fund or his representatives--but the real deal--and he is the one I want to have controlling the transitional economy for me. No one else. I don't trust them.

I just got a phone call from Membership Rewards--I chose not to answer it. I know they want something. Otherwise they wouldn't call.

Looking Forward

I want to have a heart to heart with you here now about past lives. You are going to start remembering them.

Think like a Galactic when you do:

  • no life is wasted
  • learning takes place from each incarnation that is priceless
  • what goes around, comes around, and if you have painful memories know you might just have caused some in others in other lifetimes you might not remember
  • looking forward to 'what comes next' is the healthiest way you can cope with whatever 'comes up' from your past.
  • give thanks when you recall a past life, for it is a sign of your spiritual growth, that you are ready to know this and incorporate the lessons consciously into this lifetime now.
  • you don't have to drop everything and work on your past issues. It is okay to work with spirit and your schedule, and to say, 'I will focus on this for one hour a day' or whatever makes sense to you.
  • that being said, do listen to cues from your body, and when possible, make the time to grieve a loss, or cry, or 'sort things out' when you feel an internal 'nudge' to do so. In other words, stick to your 'schedule' but don't 'stuff feelings down to your ankles' when they come up. Acknowledge them and work with everything the best you can.
  • focus more on yourself and your guides for this growth--although seeking help and sharing is nice, it's not going to help you grow as quickly if you look outside for validation. You ARE your best source of guidance on this, for your Higher Self is directing you.
  • If you don't like something, you don't ever have to 'go there' again once it is healed--and you can ask your soul family to honor this.  Sometimes things 'come up' on their own, but you don't have to have constant reminders of it from outside of you.


Carla is here. She has been wondering where I am this morning? She also gave thanks, first thing while she was making breakfast, for my 'having been around as much as he has recently', a prayer that almost knocked me off my feet with her growth and spiritual sophistication.

Furthermore, she delighted in imagining her perfect future--waking up with me, having unlimited access to me, being able to show her affection and admiration for me freely face-to-face throughout the day, and being part of my life in more concrete visions than what we do experience now in our 'togetherness'.

Carla is manifesting her dream!

She has patience for when the outcome will take place. But her heart is experiencing the joy and the bonding with me, and the permanence, which she desires with her heart--and she is giving thanks for it as if it already HAPPENED!

Carla is exploring the Now Moment, for in fact, everything is connected, and she 'draws' to herself that which she desires for her spiritual growth.

And Carla is ready.

How can the Universe hold off when someone is as forthright and humble in their wishes as this?

How can the energies of creation DENY that which a soul manifests for the Highest Good, of both herself and Gaia?

It can't.

It is only a matter of time. And Carla acquiesces that even if her whole life will go on without me, Ross, she is content to know that at the end of it I come to her--and in the meantime, she creates this joy and wonder, both in love and gratitude for that which has been given--and in what possibility is to come...

Carla is going to be amazed at what will happen for us. She has no idea of the wonder I have planned for us, that I co-create too, without her knowing this...and I feel her heart soften with wonder and joy at my love and desire for a future for us together too.

So co-create.

Start together with your heart and give thanks for all that is a blessing to you, and build these blessings up one on top of the next--every time you meditate or have a spare moment to daydream.

Daydreams are important. (smiles)  I enjoy mine I have of the future with my woman, my twin, my soul, too...

I will sign off for us now...

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc, beloved and Illuminated Twin Flames

P.S. Ross wants you to know he looks like Ryan Gosling with a beard--most of the galactics have one--and he chose this smiling image to give you an idea of his eye and hair and beard coloring in general, and his face shape. (I think he has a touch more red in his beard, but I 'm not the one picking)