Thursday, September 18, 2014

Gaia News Brief 19.9.2014

Great Spirit

This morning I was guided to take a bath before work. I had only one case, practically a day off--I only had to drop my boy off. So before breakfast, I drew a bath and was guided to add one handful of real sea salt to the water.

I got in and the effect on my energy was calming and I instantly connected very strongly with Source.

Much to my surprise, and as a total honor, Great Spirit came to me for the third time in my life. Just once is amazing blessing.

He gave me a gift, an ermine/mink like 'lei' that was worn to hang open in the front. It meant something good but I didn't understand it. He spoke with me and gave me a message to pass along, which I did.

Next, we danced a native dance together. I felt myself chanting and singing and moving, and He did too. I shook rattles and stomped my feet rhythmically. So did he.

I saw a vortex open up, and all these Totem Animals came spilling down like rain! So many, who are destined for their ones whom they have been sent to guide! I asked Great Spirit who is his totem? He said, 'BEAR'. I shared that mine is Hummingbird. For the next three days, you are to be on the lookout for your animal medicine guide, a First Nations tradition. It may come to you in meditation, in dream time, or running into it out of the blue in the day.

This was a very beautiful way to start the day.

It's Science

There was a health-care worker, male, who recently presented with pancreatic cancer. A friend notified the FB page for healing prayer.

I was surprised at a lot of things:

  • on a soul level this healer was terrified of both the diagnosis and the treatment
  • he and his support network decided to 'heal this on their own'
  • it was like a menu of 'this is okay' and 'that isn't' in the treatment plan
  • the decision was made on their time--not the cancer's
  • as an anesthesiologist, I have taken care of many having a 'whipple'--the cancer has it's own agenda, so to speak. Sometimes we go in and it's a 'peek and shriek'--the cancer has spread everywhere, and we simply close the patient up
  • pancreatic cancer is really painful, one of the most painful ones that there is
  • now there is intestinal blockage, and another request for healing
  • the man is ready to 'explore his surgical options' now. Chances are they will be for comfort, and not for cure, as the disease has progressed in the interval.
I cannot communicate this to another. Largely because it is based on experience and intuition, and words just don't work with someone who has their mind set on their own choices...

Here is why I bring it up:

small energy imbalance if caught early, and healed, there is no physical effect

large or longer-term energy imbalance    creates physical manifestation of disease, often as a message from the body to the soul/conscious being within--of an important message or lesson. This might be able to be healed, but it takes more effort.

physical disease  this is the result of a long-standing imbalance or weakness in the aura. It might be past the realm of cure, it might be treatable. It might be in the Life Contract, it might not. Whatever it is, it's going to take a coordinated effort and probably many disciplines to heal it.  The 'medicine less hospital' with Qi Gong in China that closed actually shrunk tumors on ultrasound video for evidence. Their technique was with a coach--inpatient for six weeks to months--with intensive body, mind, and spirit work daily.  I recommend in this situation Masaru Emoto's work--to use a little bit of everything to heal--traditional and HADO and whatever else.

So in the diagnosis of cancer, this is the result of long-standing energy imbalance. And at this point, it doubles in size every certain length of time, each cancer has its own rate. For example, prostate cancer is very slow growth.

Are miracles possible? Yes. But are they probable? That is where you stack the deck in your favor, and do everything that resonates with you. Be sure to take 'fear' out of the decision-making process. Ask questions and learn facts about the situation, even calling a patient who your doctor treated before you...

Smiles Are Angelic

Today I asked my readers to kindly share a photograph of their smile with me. The results was off the charts amazing! And the energy was super intense for the Light. be sure to scroll to the post to catch the energy of our decidedly angelic and incredible healers on our Doctors With Reiki team.

The Setback

Remember how Ross said I was 'unsinkable'? Well, I actually have one achilles weak spot. And it got hit today, by accident. But I was in a tail spin pretty good. 

Ross was upset. Really angry. Not at me. But for what happened to me. I heard him talking with others. And I just got to where I was rocking in spirit, and saying over and over, 'All is well, all is well, all is well, all is well, all is well' even though I really didn't believe it.

Divine Father called me up to talk with him. And I said, 'I am sorry Father, I just can't open my heart enough to be Galactic and have this not bother me. I wish I could open my heart more. Please forgive me.'

He was deeply moved by my simplicity, embraced me tight, and looked at me, and said, 'You are HUMAN! That is why.'

I was reduced to a very childlike level in spirit, and asked to 'be happy please? Happy please? Let it stay? Don't make it leave.  Stay. Stay happy please? Please?'

The same time, my 'observer self' was active. I asked for all of my Divine Help to assist me. I also asked to be permitted, while I am incarnate, to FORGET this ever happened. 

Mercifully enough, as I lay down with my son at bedtime tonight, I felt them working on me, in spirit. And try as I can to remember the name that upset me so much, I can't. I can't come up with anything close. It is GONE. And I am thankful. I was giving praise and thanks the whole time I felt them work.

I know without a doubt the love is strong with everyone involved. I know my Higher Self planned for everything to happen the way it did in Divine Perfection. I TRUST in all that is, and that is was for the Highest Good for everyone involved. I blame no one. I accept all. Even the pain it once caused to me.

But for this last 'set back'?  I have full understanding it is due to my being incarnate, this reaction I had, to the reminder of the situation I wish I never knew happened.  I sought Divine help, and it arrived. My memory is totally scrambled on that emotional trigger, and it's allowing me to function once more.

You Want To WHAT?

My aura is strong, my energy. And it is healing. People are starting to reach for it more--to hug, to kiss, to pat my shoulder...they do this without thinking.

One of the meanest 'ones' in my entire career, ran into me in the stairwell today at work. I wanted to run, but I couldn't. 

She was all smiles.

That frightened me. I was waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Nope. She admired my hair. How long it is. And she TOUCHED it! Like, ran her fingers through it and talked about how nice it is. 

I froze like a rabbit. Was she looking for extensions? That would be a total alignment with the personality.

But she WASN'T. I knew. She was being friendly, oddly enough. And sincere.

I think she must be a Walk In.



I want to talk about what happened to Carla. It was a name. Of my lover, my ex-wife, in another incarnation.

It tears her to pieces, the mention of it. Even though I was dead, and it was 'okay' in both spirit realms and earth, for me to do what I did.  Our connection as Twins is so strong, she actually felt it--the absence of me when I went--and it caused a pain so deep she never really recovered.

It was as if God rejected her, and went away from her forever. 

For her rank and level of growth, this was the unkindest suffering possible--to be cut off from my soul in her heart.

I got upset tonight because it keeps happening. I was frustrated and angry and it took some time for those who guide me to get me on the right track.

I am love in everything and in all things. Except for my Carla. She is my other half. Literally. And I almost lost her. She almost destroyed herself as a soul--as my Twin--in reaction to the set of circumstances she agreed to in her pre-birth plan for that incarnation.

I have sent flowers and roses and love songs.
I have spent hours and hours and hours with her, one on one, to heal what has happened to her and what has happened to us.

And then one slip and all is lost in an instant! Carla is resilient, up to a point. But she has her breaking point, just like all of us do.

We see, quiet clearly, in spirit, what happens.

I want my Carla back. My other half of me. I want it more than anything I have ever done or saved or encountered. I am generally humble, and of even temperment.

Today my heart took a strong hit, out of love for my woman, my soul, my Twin Flame, my heart.

I love her.

I will run to her faster than she shall run to me. And I will keep her at my side. 

For eternity.

She is better now. I shall watch over her while she sleeps. She is my rose. My faery rose.

Good night.

Ross--I will sign off for her--I want my Carla to rest.

With love to all,
we openly share our problem, so you may be more patient and understanding and gentle on yourself when you have your setbacks too, both as an individual, and as a couple.