Sunday, September 14, 2014

Gaia News Brief 14.9.2014

Speak Of The Twin Souls:

Twin Souls are originally ONE soul that split into a masculine Light Body and a feminine Light Body. They complement each other in absolute perfection, as originally, they were once one complete soul.

This was before they each set off on a course of Life Experiences, incarnating and reincarnating separately.

Do you think they still match perfectly now?

Of course not. So the attraction and pull to be together is still just as strong as ever, if not more so. But when they connect? Sometimes energetically it is like gears that 'slip'--that awful, metal-on-metal horrible sound of scraping against parts that don't fit.

This is why there is a push and pull effect between the pair of twins. There is a lot of work that needs to be done to smooth out the fit by each partner working through and releasing all that does not serve the Highest Good.

Often times there is an energy imbalance, as well, so that the one with the more spiritual development has a higher natural frequency to their Vibration as a soul than the other twin.

Here are some tips on what to do in this situation:

  • Hold The Space--by working on yourself, you twin, through the unseen energy connection between your two souls, gets a 'transfusion' of Vibration, as the other can accept it. Sometimes this is very slow, and hard to notice, but it happens nonetheless.
  • Drop Ballast--by working to drop that Which Does Not Serve The Highest Good--emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, your soul works away at the balance between your both, lightening the load for the combined twin pair.
  • Let Go Of Outcome--Focus on NOW. This is the only place where you as an individual have any control. Drop the 'what if' and 'then when we are together I can...' thinking, where your focus is 'down the road'. This takes the pressure off the other twin, and you, and what is meant to be, and natural, within the Life Plans in your Life Contracts--can benefit from All Divine Assistance.
  • Keep Your Standards--even though you are Twin Souls, you need some stability for your physical vehicle as long as you are in your body on Earth. So make a list of attributes of your perfect partner, in your heart, and also a list of Red Flags that you cannot tolerate in ANY--even a Twin--relationship on Earth.
  • Maintain A Sense Of Mystery--keep your intuitive guidance to YOURSELF.  You may share it with like-minded others. But between you and your Twin, remember, you can't wake anybody else up! They have to do the work. Support them by focusing on Your Spiritual Development first, and they will respond. Their aura interacts with yours 24/7, and the healthier yours is, the less resistance there is on the part of the 'one who falls behind a bit' in their Spiritual Growth.

My Cousin Who Is Not Named Vinny ; )  

I will never forget the Fourth Of July in the late 1970's. We were at cousin Diane's community pool. My cousin Debbie was pregnant, and went swimming! Nobody in the family before had ever worn a maternity suit. And I saw her jump off the diving board--feet first and having fun--with her baby bump.

It was like time stood still, and there was a great flash of energy from that bump. I knew someone very special was inside.

I had no clue until recently just how special and strong spiritually that soul is, my cousin, who is 'not Vinny'.

Debbie has always been extremely Christian, to the point of making me feel uncomfortable for being Catholic, like she and all of our family was raised. 

I felt heathen and kept my mouth shut so as not to rock the boat. Because I have a severe allergy to cats, and Debbie loves them, I haven't seen a lot of her since we both grew up. But we love and admire each other for our courage, with our hearts, and she is the closest one to me in the family since her mom--we were extremely close, us two--passed about five years ago. When I had surgery, Debbie drove for hours to see me and wait with me in the pre-op holding, along with 'Crazy Uncle Dave' her father (he introduces himself as that.)

Well, 'Not Vinny' is a spiritual POWERHOUSE! He survived the upbringing, discovered Reiki, and is healing. Plus he is being a continuous source of Reiki to the family--while keeping his mouth shut.

He is a father, and married, and is also bringing this spiritual growth to his home, making it more stable and welcoming spiritually and emotionally, and to his work, where his intuition is guiding him to make the most use of his spiritual gifts.

He follows this page, and also on Facebook, but he can't 'like' or 'comment' because of the perception of his parents. But we talk. He also is a tremendous support to my boy, who has been recently bullied, because in his school 'not Vinny' was bullied too.

The learning point is that 'not Vinny' is not able to find the time to watch the Healing Keys and the Videos. I learned this on the phone, and was surprised, but felt the energy behind it and accepted it for what it is...

This is because like Reiki, the information available through Doctors With Reiki goes where it is needed and does no is like the water and sunshine and air a plant takes in to grow from a seed to a beautiful mature plant.

With Reiki, we take what we need  and no more.

it is not possible to wake another person up, or to accelerate their spiritual growth and development any faster than it already is.

When cousin 'not Vinny' is ready, the keys will be there and waiting for him, at the perfect time, and the perfect place, for his own spiritual growth which his soul directs automatically.

When I realized this, I was pleased, as cousin 'not Vinny' showed me a valuable insight to my own spiritual growth as a Reiki Master Teacher, which I am.

On The Resurgence Of The Divine Feminine

I had a burst copper pipe in the ceiling of the garage, right next to the kitchen, that flooded the bathroom downstairs too. Four rooms, kitchen, garage, bathroom and laundry room, were gutted.

Ross told me to 'have patience!'

I did. The owner of the company was wonderful, and the water mediation team was top notch.

Then I met Chris. I don't know why, but all of the crew who leads the rebuilding of the damage 'team leaders' are named Chris. The last time there was water damage in my home, I never finished the damaged bathroom with the company and had my father do it. Because that Chris was 'not right'--totally out of touch with me, my needs and my home.

History repeats itself. I came home and saw the garage was not completed to my expectation, or those of the insurance claims adjuster. The paint on the walls of the garage were not normal, and the ceiling was only halfway repaired (the adjuster was going to make the whole garage match, and they didn't cover the old pinhole leak restoration from a few years ago.)

Chris--and that is his name!--said menacingly on the phone to me when I called to say thank you but would you please put in the mirror, the toilet, and finish the garage?-- he said show me the documents from the claim.

I didn't. I looked at them and did the math. Two hundred something square feet, and the ceiling was like, one hundred square feet done. They didn't want to move the car and belongings from the other half of the garage, apparently.

So  Friday night, I come home to their truck in my spot, to find my front door wide open, with me saying a tentative, 'Hello?'

Downstairs I saw them men installing the mirror, and gluing the ugliest wooden frame I ever saw in my life that completely matched the old one I hated, on.

Why didn't you ask me? I hated that!!!

The glue wasn't dry, and they took it off, and touched up the paint.

I told the team that I was not able to work with Chris and I want the owner to get for me a Christina, who would understand the importance of asking me how I want the work to be done because it is my house, and I have to live in it. Further, a CHRISTINA would tell me the schedule of what to expect rather than people randomly coming to my house (there is a lock box).

You should have seen Max's face when I said I need a Christina! I could tell he did not like Chris, too.  I didn't get the garage done, and I signed the papers like an idiot because at this point in my life, it's just not worth it. I did mention that I have a lot of work to be done in my house, and I need a painter I can trust. As you can see by the cars I drive, I shop at Nordstrom, and I want to be treated with good customer service in everything I do. 

Max agreed the pain in the bathroom came out too dark. They had brought in some wallboard with paint on it, done a 'nine point match' and the paint supplier had mixed it incorrectly.

Will I hire them for projects? Only if I work with the owner or Max directly. They are good people, who are caught up in the 'construction game'.

And I called them on it for Chris being the insensitive over-aggressive masculine-only person who made me cry once in my house already, when he argued with the claims adjuster in front of me over having to pay for the mirror they broke when they took it off the wall in the bathroom. 

I wanted my father. He was dead five years and unable to help me in this situation where a man was so clearly needed to defend the needs of the woman of the home with these two men! I burst into tears openly and said, 'I do not want ANY arguing to happen in my HOUSE! I will remember the conflict and not the repair. I want PEACE!' 

The claims adjuster, clearly had seen this type of reaction in an insured many times before, and comforted me with a hug. 

Chris did his job to represent me to the adjuster, talking shop. And he finished the job in my house--well, the toilet isn't re-set yet--it's in the yard but will go back on Wednesday. 

But I did my part in saying that's not enough. I want there to be heart. trust, and accountability present in everyone who I do business dealings with, especially in my home.

My life now is fully in 5D--no exceptions--and I seek others who are like-minded to work with me for the rest of my journey on earth.

A Word From Ross

I have done an incredible amount of work on Carla. She is ready. For what comes next. If she was a boat or ship, she would be sea worthy and it would be time to Christen her with that bottle of champagne they smash against the bow of the ship.

Tell them about your Light Box experience, Carla. The one you had this morning...

In my meditation I was brought to Agartha. I could tell just by looking at it, at the land and sea, and feeling the energy. I saw a big white thing that looked like a tanning booth or a very large hard case for sunglasses--it opened on hinges for me to lay inside. It was white outside and in. 

I eagerly went in it, as I have been inside them two or three times before.

As I went in, I kissed those guiding me goodbye. I asked who was tending to it/running it? It was Adama, and I thanked him too.

I asked 'is it comfortable' for this is the first time I thought to ask. And yes, I was shown there is a little layer of foam mattress in there. And a pillow. 

The temperature is pleasant and there is no need for blankets.

I asked, 'what should I listen to? Is there music?' I was told there could be, but most people don't take it, so I chose silence too.

They closed the lid, and I had one more question, so I knocked and they opened it up. I asked, 'For the best results, what do I think about?'

They said, 'nothing. you want deep relaxation, just like if you were getting a nice massage.'

So I let go. I was in there about ten minutes. Then I got up and out with my Light body (my earth body was lying in bed before I woke up). I was given a Reiki sign and key to share with you. I made sure I understood it. 

Then I woke up.

What Carla is experiencing now you may find in your meditations will begin to happen to you. The device, for lack of a better name, that we call a Light Box is an advanced form of healing for the spirit that is alive, and active to your very-your 'what puts you together in all things'. By healing the spirit in the Light Box with energy, we undo a lot of imbalances and processes that show up in physical ailments, mental conditions, and other emotional or spiritual maladies. We start with the core of your essence, your DNA (you have a DNA of light that connects to the very DNA in your physical body), and heal on the etheric or astral form of YOU. And with the energies of Gaia being what they are, they work their way down into your physical body.

Carla, tell them about the shot. Your flu shot.

When I was in line on the first day of mandatory immunizations at the hospital, in the conference room, I saw boxes and boxes of doses. I KNEW on some level, there was 'trouble' in there--even as I walked with a nurse who commented how 'every time I get the shot I get sick, worse than when I didn't? I wonder why? Does this happen to you?' and had no clue of the scandal of immunizations like what happened in Liberia that was announced on the front page of their newspaper in Monrovia yesterday (see yesterday's news brief in the P.S. for that link).

So with this 'sense' I called in Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Ross, and Merlin to assist in my healing. I saw a hole open up in the ceiling and their feet at the edge with all of them looking in.

We sent healing to every flu shot on earth, including those yet to be manufactured. I saw the grid. I saw the light. And I let go. I was told not to tell a soul of what we did. So I didn't, until now (except my spiritual mom, of course, I asked and they said it was okay to tell her).

For my own shot that was to be given to me, I sat  in a chair and asked the nurse who accompanied me to hold my hand. And I asked the nurse in charge of the shots for her permission, which she gave, and I took one moment to 'bless' my shot. I made CKR over it, as it rested on the table in front of me. I felt a large ZAP go through me to the injection.

Then I let her give me the shot while I winced and my friend held my hand. And it was done.

I was told that the 'bad' had been neutralized in all the immunizations, and the rest would be as harmless as water for me and everyone who took the shot.

My arm hasn't gotten sore and I have had no fever or malaise since. And this was on Thursday. I would have had a knot in my arm by now, that is when to expect it.

Louis Pasteur on his deathbed, said, 'Disease is nothing, it is the terrain!'  as his last words. He was implying that the body and its resistance to disease is what keeps a person from getting sick.

The higher your Vibration, the 'eggshell' of energy in your aura is going to keep you from getting sick. That might be what happened to me. It also might be that the Archangels and Ross and I really did 'something' to the actual vaccine itself.

Either way, I am happy with the result. Now my patients get to see my face all winter too, and not the mandatory mask for all who abstain from the vaccine.

(Ross is looking at you intently.) Thank you Carla, I have nothing more to say.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc