Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gaia News Brief 17.9.2014

A Day Of Forgiveness:

I stopped by the school early to pick up my boy. The temperature was one hundred eight degrees Fahrenheit, and it was too hot for him to play after school.

I also stopped by early to see the teacher, and let her know I couldn't make it this week to Back To School Night, but I am interested and I care.

Because class wasn't over, I asked each of the administrative staff to buy an iced coffee or beverage of their choice, since I was going there myself until class got out? My treat! One wanted ice water.

I ran into the teacher who in a.m. daycare before school told my boy Santa was One Big Lie--and crushed him emotionally--one holiday at a time--all the way down to the Leprechauns for St. Patricks and the Tooth Fairy. She was one of the ones who led him to such emotional distress he threatened suicide.

I hugged her and forgave her and asked her if she wanted a coffee?, even before she had a chance to say, 'I'm sorry'. I made sure to give her lots of Reiki when I hugged, and I sensed her vibration was very low, but not without chance of improvement.

Then the third grade teacher came by, the one who made my son's life a living hell, and is so mean that a little third-grader Madeline has refused to go to school all week. How do I know? I saw her on the chair by the admin desk and listened to the call as she frantically tried to reach the mother to get her daughter to go to that class. The girl was smart--and followed her instinct.  It turns out there has been a long line of complaints against that teacher, and bless the child's heart for staying true to herself!

Anyway, I hugged the teacher from South Africa, the runner, the one who labeled my boy 'defiant' and 'spoiled', when no one before ever had, words that drove deep to his heart, and led him to threaten ending his life. She is too thin, and did not tolerate his weight on weekly running and class excursions. She made him 'hurry up!' and he felt awful because he was in no shape to do these things.

I forgave. I offered coffee. I smiled.

It is the only thing to do.

At the coffee shop, I saw two priests in strange garb--Orthodox Catholic. I asked humbly for a blessing. I always ask for one. It turns out they were Koptic. One is BK. The other is Michael from Corona. And...they both knew my boss!

They asked me do I go to church? I said, I used to, but I researched the very high level of the Roman Catholic Church, and found out what goes on, and haven't gone since. They said I am like gold--always of value to God--and can return any time.

I hugged them too, made sure they knew my name, and waved goodbye after I got my icy cold beverages for the school.

My son loved his the most, a cream base chocolate frappuccino with no coffee. He hadn't had one since June, and today was the day for it.


Out of the blue, a quick moving storm arrived. The temperature dropped one degree at a time until it hit ninety nine degrees, then the big drops started to land.

I love rain.

It's been forever, but I went out in the rain in my clothes--shoes off! they take forever to dry!--and enjoyed being one with Nature.

I encouraged my son, who enjoyed it too, our feet hot on the pavement and the cool rain falling from above.

At the first thunder, he went inside.  I filmed it, and enjoyed the water just a bit more, then I grabbed a beach towel from the car, and came in.

That moment of being in the elements was priceless and I shall always remember it.


My neighbor is an electrician. He came home from a long day at work. He climbs in attics and on a day like this it is brutal. I welcomed him, and asked about his day.

I meant it.

I also asked him for his advice--many plugs in my home were not working. And the circuit breakers were all lined up. Could he see if this is a little job or a big job where I have to call insurance please?

He saw one breaker was broken, and didn't re-set. He walked all the way to his truck, got a new one, and switched it out, for free.

He has helped with a new plug for the Christmas Lights, a new thermostat, put up my front porch light that looks really nice that I bought...with so many things.

I am lucky to have a neighbor like him. His mother lives with him--they are Persian and escaped in the late seventies to here.

I asked them my dumb question--on a day like today--hotter than ANYTHING I've ever seen here...what's hotter--Iran or California?

They both laughed and said IRAN!!! But it's a dry heat, not humid, like here...

My Sanctuary

Ross showed me to place my meditation pillow--it's real Buddhist style--and all my tarot-like cards in the empty closet in my room. It is so empty and peaceful. I really like the thought of having a place to meditate and go just for me.

My swing, my porch swing I built in May has been my place like that, where I go, just to be.

I never expected or dreamed of anything more. I meditate anywhere, anytime, even in a busy Grand Central Station I could...LOL

But a little corner, just for that?

I really like it, very much.

selfie in the rain <3

A Note From Ross

Thank you for your warm response to the Security Reiki symbol. I am noting people using it. It is making readings on the energies that I monitor on my ship. I can trace the path of 'enlightenment' and a lively little pulse came forth from that!

More shall be coming.

There IS life after finding your Twin Soul!

That is just when the fun is beginning!

There is a whole new world of happiness for you, just like Carla, and her dancing with sheer and total delight with the raindrops.

I encourage you to try it--something so refreshing and out of the blue--no matter what it is--break your routine--if only just a little bit.

Enjoy being alive! Just like Carla did this afternoon. And pray.

Enjoy. And pray (that is my word for 'meditate'). And BE who you ARE. Namaste.

(he wants me to sign it this way)
Carla and Ross

(Ross says I want Carla to get top billing on this one.) Okay Ross! You got it : )