Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Brief Mention About Doing The Work


Archangel Uriel mentioned yesterday about Free Will and how we each must 'do our own work' to Awaken into the Higher Realms.

All help is Divinely given to assist us in this process.

Briefly, here is my 'story' of my own 'work', for your example:

  • My life has always been 'mystical', with messages from above, desire to learn wisdom from my life experience, to be close to God. I am in fact, born into a legacy of psychically-gifted people.
  • In 2009, I had a 'spiritual crisis' of sorts. I wanted help figuring out why Creator made me like this--if I was given a 'gift' how was I to use it to help others? I saw Medium Tim Braun for a few sessions.
  • This led me to Anne Reith, whose Reiki instruction and psychic development classes helped me to gain perspective on 'this gift' and also what my goals are as a Reiki Master. I wanted to bring healing with energy into mainstream medicine, and to help bridge the gap between 'alternative' and 'traditional' healers.
  • I also met Margaret Mc Cormick, an inspiration. Her Gunter books helped me to raise my vibration immensely over about three months.
  • I also learned Divine Peace Healing from her. On a special DNA healing project, I felt my soul for the first time, say, 'I want to HELP (others)'. I realized there was more to this than I had ever  thought.
  • I worked at opening my heart, raising my vibration, and sending Reiki out.
  • I started my blog. It was a slow, very slow start. My biggest fan was Dani, and I am so thankful for her enthusiasm and encouragement.
  • The past lives started coming through. This is a HUGE part of 'the work'--remembering who you are. Sometimes they aren't pretty. An Akashic Records Class through Edgar Cayce ARE with Kevin Todesci helped me gain skills in this process (one is starting this month with him soon, online courses. I highly recommend them.)
  • Others started coming into my life who are incarnations of people from 'Home', where my soul signature is from.
  • I started making connections.
  • My guides helped me to let go of some thought patterns that were holding me back from my Highest Vibration.
  • I practice daily meditation.
  • I look for the best.
  • I practice manifesting love and abundance in my life.
  • I do everything I can to help others who are in need of hope.
  • I thank Creator for everything.
So, just like with Byron Katie--I love her!--doing 'The Work', this type of 'work' isn't heavy labor or much complicated thinking. It only has to do with a willingness to open the heart and take a new perspective into things, if it 'feels right'.

I must go. It's time for Tea and the Empress Hotel. My boy has been patient enough with me already.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc