Monday, September 29, 2014

Gaia News Brief 30.9.2014

My Happiness

I got to sleep in. I traded calls so I could take care of some medical appointments.

My son didn't complain about fasting before his labs. Instead, he watched the show he missed seeing yesterday--something with The Simpsons and Family Guy together in one episode, while waiting for the office to open.

The blood draw went smoothly--there was resolve that he had never shown in his two earlier blood tests. I actually shared how I know how the equipment works, and if you think about it, being able to test the blood is a pretty cool thing.

We had Hawaiian breakfast at a local grill. And off to school about two hours late he went.

My Healing

Thinking about the four tubes of blood, and the needle, and the suffering our boy so bravely endured, got me crying. I cried to Ross, and I said I am so sorry for what happened to him when he died so many years ago the last time we were both incarnate!!! I remembered how brutal it was, and how I witnessed it. I asked him to forgive me for never saying 'I am sorry' to him for what he went through.

I asked with my heart to have a future for all of life here on Gaia where there is no illness, no suffering, no death. Even if this means that karma takes forever--we have forever in the higher realms. I want all the dying to stop. All the killing to stop. All of it.

And a warm consolation from Ross came through. I stopped crying--I cry a lot in the car--and I was so thankful I got that off my heart and discussed it with him.

My Lost Project

For one year, I have wanted to compile together all of the blog posts from the ebook, Messages From My Patients. I worked on it. I did ten chapters today. I hit my goal. Wow!

My Surprise 

I have been cleaning out the china storage that had been in that awful corner of the dining room. Originally what had been stored long-term in the garage came in the house with the next to last burst copper pipe two years ago.

Today I opened my Lenox Monroe wine glasses out of their original plastic wrap, noted the Lenox sticker, and placed them tenderly in the hutch I inherited from my Nana Angelina. I didn't see any champagne glasses, but there were matching water ones too.

I opened my chateaux dessert plates, and put them in my cupboard for the first time since my marriage in 1988. Amboise, Chambord, Cheverny, Blois, Chenonceau and Azay Le Rideau. I love those castles! I felt the energy of the Loire Valley surge in my heart, and my family there who I love, the ones whom I named my boy after, and that they named their granddaughter after me.

Imagine my surprise when I found something hard inside a ton of bubble wrap--and it was the lid to my sugar bowl! This is NOT the 'sugar bowl' that big Shirley the urology nurse told me I needed to offer my husband to have a 'happy marriage'! LOL. This is a family blog post! ((( Big Smile ))) I looked around but for the life of me, I couldn't find my sugar bowl.  So I gave thanks for the gravy boat and creamer I haven't seen in twenty years, and put them in the cupboard in the kitchen where I can use them.

Ross said I should take two things out of the china cabinet from Nana. There was one thing on top, a photo of us with Aulani Mickey--I decided to put that away because it wasn't a happy memory. And lo and behold--on the bottom shelf was my Sugar BOWL!!!

I smiled and picked it up, went to the kitchen, and it was a perfect match with the lid! I gave away the metal sugar bowl and creamer, for the donations pile, and put my best raw sugar cubes--the Parrot brand--inside.

I felt Ross' love and sharing of my joy, that he could help me with that 'hint', and I was so happy for this surprise!

Just Like Nana

As I was getting ready for my own appointment, an ultrasound of my thyroid--just a check up--I sensed, 'bring a butternut squash to the imaging center for the person who works with you'.

I was like, WHAT?! To be honest, I have about fourteen butternut squashes from my summer all sitting in my kitchen. They keep. I found the perfect one--the 'nudge' said--'good sized and good shape'.  But it had a line on it, a blemish. So I found one similar, washed it, and put it in my purse.

As the technician Sabrina took me back, I stopped in the hall, pulled out the butternut squash, and said, 'I grew this in my garden and would like you to have it. My grandparents always brought their fresh produce to their doctor visits. I am keeping the family tradition right now with you.'

Sabrina was flabbergasted and filled with delight! Her favorite vegetable IS Butternut Squash! She eats them nearly every day, and also she is fond of beets, and even eats the tops, the leaves from the plant. She makes turkey wraps out of them.

She couldn't believe her good fortune, and was very excited to get a present from a patient, who happens to be, well, your sister in the Light, Reiki Doc!

Surprise Number 2

While rushing back to pick up our boy in time for basketball practice and dinner, Ross casually suggested I listen to the Jazz station 88.1 FM because nothing else was that good on the rest of the dial and I had been changing the stations a lot looking for something I like.

So I did. I didn't really like this song. But I listened. Then I noticed some familiar notes of a tune dancing in and out of the music.

This is the song I had never heard before, and today, I heard for the very first time, courtesy of my Twin, and incredibly awesome man--Ross...

It was a beautiful day, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to share it with you. 


(big bright smile)   I got a lot of 'husband points' today with Carla, didn't I? (blushes)

I know how to work it!  (more big smile)

I like my lady HAPPY.

Such is the same for all Twins, when they awaken. Keep doing the work, and soon you will appreciate the finer things like Carla did on this day, too.

(he tousles my hair on my head and puts his arm around me and draws me close)

I will sign off for us...

'And may all your heartfelt wishes come true'

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and that lady who is going to type the little letters off of her keyboard with her fingers, she writes so much! Carla our beloved and most sincere of heart, Reiki Doc