Monday, September 22, 2014

Gaia News Brief 23.9.2014

Forgiveness A:

I got woke up all night on my call shift. You know, the combination of a nervous nurse and an anxious patient in the middle of the night is not good for my sleep. I get called for Every Little Thing. It is very difficult at times to remain professional and courteous due to the interruptions.

Where I work for OB anesthesia, typically the nurses like to 'stack' epidurals on me when they wake me up. I get called for one, but I end up doing one more, another more--by the time the paperwork is done, it's an hour apiece--electronic charting, my anesthesia record, and the actual procedure.

Well, one of these calls was from a nurse who had given the right drug, but the wrong route and dose on postpartum. She wanted a verbal order from me. I said, no, because it wasn't right, and I didn't want to give an order for something I didn't want the patient to get.

It's toradol (ketorolac). I read a paper that said i.v. in lactating moms isn't so good because the baby kidney is at risk. So I always write for a tablet to take by mouth, ten mg, every six hours, like the paper said. But most others anesthesia providers, and I used to just like them, give it thirty mg i.v. every six hours.

I wanted to sleep. But immediately after hanging up and going to bed, the nervous nurse called. And I knew although I treated it fine on the phone, I had to go upstairs and show my face. So I did. And the blood pressure was fine. But I treated the numbers--baby was good.

Then I saw the nurse who did the medication error. It's a huge deal, lots of paperwork. She's older. And it's not that big of a mistake. So I wrote a verbal for her. I watched out for her.

Then I remembered, the one time, on the new pumps, a labor nurse caught me switching the rate and the volume by accident on my epidural pump. I did one hundred fifty cc an hour for a total volume of fifteen ml. She caught me right away, pointed it out, and I was humiliated and thankful all at once, and changed it from the entry sequence on the old pump--which caused the number switch--to the correct way which is just the opposite order on the new pump.

Medicine is at a crossroads. Human error is a known factor in all systems. Yet at my old work, there was a zero tolerance for error--one mistake and you're fired. This goes against all quality assurance literature where you want people to experience a culture of safety, and to report near misses too, to help fix the systems errors.

At one place, they have the residents wearing google glasses, so one can monitor everything the resident looks at during the case. What the student sees, shows up on a monitor, remotely. It seems so cold and inhuman.

No wonder why there is attraction to the complimentary medicine specialties...

Forgiveness B

One teacher has it out for my son. He didn't want to let the older kids use his basketball he brought to school. on the playground in the morning before class. She called him, in front of the others, 'selfish'--both in English and in Spanish.

Later, he explained to me, how he's seen three basketballs get lost by being thrown over the fence that day--and that is why he said no to when the big kids wanted to 'borrow' it.

I am working very hard for forgiveness for that teacher.

She has a vibration that is very 3D. I am sure with the energy upgrades round the planet, she is getting increasingly aware of the new energies. They just might not be all that comfortable for her.

(Similarly, I saw Andy Bojarski post that there were THREE people who were suicidal who contacted him recently.)

Let me explain what is happening:

  • If you are a Lightworker, how do you feel when you go into a really loud bar and you feel that vibration from the people and the place? Does it make you uncomfortable?
  • Usually a difference of one dimension brings quite a bit of discomfort to both parties, both the higher (or faster) vibration being, and the lower (or slower) vibration one.
  • For very low vibration people, the presence of the Higher Realms to them is like fingernails scratching on a blackboard--super uncomfortable.
  • Why is this so? Because the Light drives the Shadows to the surface--so someone whose life is built up on 'little white lies' which aren't so little, and self-deception, and denial--are going to have to suddenly come to terms with it.
  • By contrast, someone who has been clearing and releasing steadily over the last two years or so, will have less 'weight' to bring with them to the Higher Dimensions, and will enjoy a smooth ride.

Will You Come And Get Me?

This is a story of reincarnation of dogs.

My neighbor had a dog, Sundance, whom I gave the Transition symbol to at the end.

She cried every day after he was gone.  Actually, she cried before, when the vet asked her about his quality of life? She had been force-feeding him, due to his loss of weight. She got upset because she hadn't thought about it. She prayed and asked God, 'if you can please spare him this, do so. But if that is not your Will, please make it unmistakeable to me--totally clear--that it is his time for him to go.'

Two days later, he started bleeding from the nose and mouth due to a tumor. They brought him to the vet, and that was it.

Her husband started looking for a new dog. She wasn't ready. One day, months later, he insisted she come up and look at the computer.  She saw the one. And they drove to San Diego to get it. They took him home.

Her husband that night before had a dream of Sundance, who said to him, 'will you come for me?'

Well, another dog in the neighborhood was aggressive to children about three weeks ago, so the owner called the pound, and the dog was picked up. But according to my friend, it was the sweetest dog, who had been 'cooped up in a crate' and 'the kids were not good to it'. So she did a lot of talking and got the dog out of the kill shelter.  Her phone battery died three times that day she was working to find someone to just let it stay the night so it wouldn't get euthanized. She knew her own dog would attack it, if she let it spend the night at her house.

Finally, she got Roger to take it.

Roger took the dog to the park, and played, where it was very well behaved with both dogs and children. He noticed the dog was scratching it's belly--so he took it to the vet. It had a bacterial infection, and it cost three-hundred-forty-seven dollars in vet bills and medications. Roger was going to let the dog sleep in the garage. But he brought it upstairs. He felt really close to the dog. And when the dog lay in the living room in his old dog Sammy's spot, he took notice.

When the dog lay in Sammy's side of the bed, just like Sammy used to, Roger decided to keep this dog for his own.  Roger is filled with joy over his new dog, and is very thankful for the chances that let him to his home.

My friend says that this new dog, Murphy, bit and clawed and scratched its way to get to her to get to Roger. They both think it is Sammy come back to him, just like Sundance came back to her.


I am going to keep it very simply for today.

I am happy.

Today with Carla was one of the best days I have ever had. She is confident, cheerful, pushing forward the cause with the Twin Flame Heart Mudra video --by the way thank you Lisa for sharing that with us--the results are quite favorable and many feel a power surge when they form their hands in this position for meditative prayer on the closeness and connection of your Twin Soul.

In her meditation today, I took Carla back to our first honeymoon, the one when I was incarnate. It was a happy time, and to be honest, if Carla had her way she would remain in that time forever.

This time, I threw in some talking dolphins when we were at the beach swimming.

You should have heard Carla making a fuss about the dolphins--Ross! THEY ARE TALKING!!! DID YOU SEE THIS???

There were about twelve, and they came, nose up, and I asked Carla to talk to them. And the dolphins, higher beings that they are, talked back. Carla was so delighted she practically ran across the water to make sure I saw them. 

Anything is possible in 5D. Anything. 

Even dolphins that can carry an intelligent conversation with you.

I will sign off for both of us, now, so Carla can get some sleep.
There is no one calling her out of her bed tonight! (winks)

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc, your brother and sister in the Higher Realms.