Saturday, September 13, 2014

Red Tide Bloom?

Dear Reader who insists on being right.

Where is your heart?

Why do you even follow Doctors With Reiki?

Gaia wants all whaling to stop.

Gaia is not stupid.

You may win the battle with the 'Red Tide Images' and Wiki.

But you lose your soul in the process.

Healing is available on this page for everyone. 

Right or wrong.

Even for those who slaughter these innocent whales for pizza and kabobs.

I embrace them with open arms, and open heart.

I also embrace YOU.

I thank you for motivating me to make this blog post so I can reach others' hearts with these images.

Love is stronger than hate.

Love does not 'win' because there is no question of competition in any way.

Love IS.

Gaia wants all killing to stop.

And it will.

All of it.


Reiki Doc