Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Step By Step

There is no time in Heaven. That is where we are from, a place where there is no time. The only place that time exists is here, in the Matrix, of what we call 'Duality'--me versus you, us versus them, limited resources--all is perception and is not reflective in any way of What Is back Where We Are From.

Heaven is coming to Earth.

This is an 'Upgrade in Vibration' so to speak, and spiritual teachers liken it to a propeller on a plane, or the blades of a fan, revolving as a speed so that one can't SEE the actual blades but they KNOW it is there.

Heaven isn't here yet.

Time is speeding up. People are getting nicer. Everything is 'heading on course' from what I see and hear in the channelled messages.

But there is also a lot of resistance from those who are losing their power base.

These people have access to all sorts of technologies that are not good for us--I won't go into them at the moment, but I have no doubt in my mind that at some places they are pointing them straight at us, and trying desperately to keep us down and hold us back.

How do I know? Because energetically I am sensitive and I feel it.

I also know that there is a delicate balance with those who are throwing the Light onto Gaia, and raising the vibration through us Ground Crew as anchors for the new grids...and they 'cut back' on it every now and then. This strongly affects me. I used to go up with my consciousness and argue--to fix it! (The Higher Vibrations seem 'normal' to me--my body and soul feel better)

So why am I writing all this?

What does this have to do with the price of a pizza in BC, Canada?


I am miserable.

Today I faced another lesson--through the publishing at Spirit's request of the Channelled message from Archangel Lauren (an incarnation of Ariel) by Archangel Haniel, that was given from her to me for you.  It is a message of hope and grounding and nature and Heaven for most. But not so much for me. I wanted a house with a white picket fence, five kids, and being a mom.

That was not to be. And now it is much too late for me to have children. My ovaries are useless. It's poignant, really, fertility. So all day I have been between giving thanks for motherhood as it is--to one--and saying 'God you are right. My heart is broken but I give up to your choice'.

With this I mean 'God as in my Higher Self--or whoever called the shots on my Life Plan when I incarnated this time.'

Ross is really quiet, so I know this must be a lesson for me. And also, that he has a lot going on up there in Spirit Side.

It's lonely sometimes, being a Lightworker.

And it's not always fun.

This is why I am who I am in Spirit, and this is where I just put one foot in front of the other, and work my way through my challenges--across all dimensions, and all vibrations, and all memories, hopes and dreams that come up from all the lifetimes I am remembering.

You see, in Victoria, I was a Chief's daughter in a past life. I was denied education because of discrimination against women, although my father taught me as much as he could on the 'down low'. I had a horrible experience--my husband whom I loved died before I delivered our baby, who died in childbirth, and I almost died too if it wasn't for the quick thinking of my father the Chief. Apparently everything 'came out' and he found a way to stick it back in and stop the hemorrhage. Because of this, I was never able to have children again, or marry.

I didn't know this three years ago. I just wanted to see orcas in the wild. And I had to choose between Vancouver and Victoria. When I saw the picture of the hotel, something 'clicked'. And sure enough, it's on Songhees point, the cradle board rock.

So when we came here for a short four day vacation, I saw this Indian like, ghost, in our room, WATCHING. All these feathers on the headdress, and super quiet, just hanging around.

My son saw it too. Gradually we learned the story, and did a closure as guided by Dad--Chief. (My son was my best friend's son in that life, and he chose to come back to me in this life 'because you are nice.')

As we work through our lessons for Ascension, we get to deeper and deeper layers of things we thought we had 'finished'.

And this is a good thing, because it helps us to discard all the perceptions and memories which do not serve us in the Higher Realms. It helps us to Lighten, to shine brighter, and to increase our vibration all the more.

I hope this helps you to understand why you may be experiencing things that seem like 'going backwards' in your spiritual path.

They are not 'backsliding'--it's like going over your soul with a fine tooth comb a second time, and possibly a third--taking out all that you no longer need.

Every day is a new chance, every hour, every minute, to grow and heal.

Good things are waiting for us, and sooner or later, we shall arrive to them. So keep plugging away, keep walking, and know that this isn't forever, this process we are each enduring right now.

And you are in good company with the rest of us! LOL.


I want to say something.
I know it might seem cold and calloused of me not to hold my Carla in my loving arms 24/7.
That growth is HER lesson.
Only she can do it.
I did 'tough love' on her at this time.
I wanted her to go through it the fastest she has ever done and with the least disruption to her soul's natural vibration.
She did it. 
She did it on her own, by herself, with no tears and no angry outbursts at her boy or anyone else.
She was frustrated today, not only by her being asked to relay this message to you from Archangel Haniel, but by not being able to plan and to carry out her day.
She found a nice balance between opportunity and planning.
She was able to play racquetball, a game she loved in her youth, with her son--having forgotten the rules.
She played two board games with her son at the laundromat--where she had forgotten entirely the rules of backgammon, one of her favorite games so many years ago...
She bought milk, fruit, and yogurt at a local market, against her son's protests to stop at the store in the first place (our boy, he protests a lot, and very often. he is the spitting image of her in this way, and it makes for fine leadership in his future but it is terribly hard on the mother on raising ones like this, as we all know)

So where am I in all of this?
Guiding her Home.
For only she can find it (taps his chest) in her heart.
And I shall have the light on and be waiting up for her, with a warm cup of tea, and a hot bath, and a warm welcome, when she figures her way out of Duality, one last time, for all eternity.

Aloha and Mahalos,

From both of us, Ross, and Carla-Reiki Doc