Friday, September 26, 2014

Gaia News Brief 27.9.2014


One of our new colleagues on staff in our department of anesthesia is very 'boarded'--like, anesthesia, cardiac and ICU. That makes triple boarded.  This person is 'into' randomized-double-blind studies, peer-reviewed literature, and evidence-based medicine.

This person also has been under my wing, as a mentor to them, since they were hired to work in the heart room I started from scratch, that is a super hostile workplace. Two anesthesiologists have been 'kicked out', myself included (I worked for a micromanager heart surgeon in academics, much to my surprise this one didn't want to know any details at all about the patient). Two nurses have been hired just for there and left. The perfusionist quit. And both of the nurses and the one scrub tech who left main O.R. to work there came back. It's that hostile.

This colleague confided this morning about call on OB. It's not easy with the nurses here. They judge. They have expectations. And on report at seven at night, this anesthesiologist overheard the day shift tell the oncoming night shift nurse that 'this doctor and their epidurals are basically useless'...

Well this doctor confronted the nurses. But you can't win.

I've learned how to work with both--to be technically on-point,  nice to the team, and to get along.

Long story short--two years ago here, the 'epidurals went in taking only five minutes, the accuracy and coverage of the block was superb' according to the complaining nurse. But two years ago, there was a team of OB anesthesiologists. Now main OR rotates through for coverage.

Anyhow, this one new doc is going away to conference, and going after with friends to Sedona just to see the sights, not for spiritual awakening.

I got a 'nudge'.

I said, 'If anything there is meant for me, please buy it, and I will pay you back.'

How will I know? he asked.

I said, 'Don't worry. You will KNOW!' and I shared how I communicate with people like those in Sedona very well, as the token 'doctor' who shows complimentary medicine people we are ALL healers, from every tradition, from chiropractic to D.O. to M.D. to chinese medicine to all the other modalities--all respected and honored for what they have done for humankind over relieve suffering. That we should TALK together, find out what works, and stick to it....'

Now the cat is out of the bag...

(By the way, there is no really strong evidence-based medicine for Reiki--except one study showing it improves relaxation in cancer patients--the reason is that the energy is quantum and difficult to measure with the existing technology we have on earth at this time. Reiki energy has to be felt but can't be quantified. Yet!)

More Grilling At L&D By The Nurses About Ross:

The single mom of three, the scrub tech, who just got married, hugged me in private over my relationship. She is a FB friend, and she shares my joy.

The nurses at the front desk two hours later, pumped me for information. They too were happy for me. But they wanted details...'where is he from? where was he born?' ( the answer, but I didn't say.)

And they wanted a picture. Not a name, but a picture.

They wanted to know what my boy thinks about the relationship? I told him 'we talk'. (actually, my son sees and talks to Ross, same as I can. Once when on the jungle ropes safari, by himself on a course, a little ahead of me, he got scared. Ross told him no to let his fear get the best of him. Then our son did okay. He knows exactly who Ross is too, in every way, both on his mission and role in the Galactic Federation, and also when he was incarnated on earth. And he is okay with it.)

What I did share is what our boy said to me about Ross, 'Mom, he is the best thing to ever happen to you.'

And he's right. The nurses liked that one too. They said as long as I am happy, that's what matters.

They love me too.

The Colonoscopy

I did it. I booked my first one. For my age now requires it every five years.

My doc is my friend. I've worked with him. I asked him if he wouldn't mind taking care of me? I asked this six months ago!  Then I picked my anesthesiologist, and confirmed it with him last week for his availability. At the doctor's dining room, I confirmed the gastroenterologist's schedule and we discussed when to book the appointment for the procedure. I told him the date, and he told his office. We adjusted it to a better day for both the appointment and the study. And I xeroxed my insurance card for him to bring to the office.

I am so thankful my friends are taking good care of me--I've seen way too much, and it's frightening to have to have something I see so often at work done to me too.

The Big Lesson

Lately now I go 'up' with my consciousness to where Ross is, when I rest. I feel incredible bliss to be near him, and his energy.

I blurt things out without really thinking about it.

I said something like,  'I want to be where I belong, right by your side...'

He stopped me. In my tracks. And asked me very excitedly, 'Do you know what you just said???'

I didn't. I couldn't even remember the phrase and had to go through several tries till I got to that part. Then he asked, 'Do you know why that is so important????'

I started to cry. I said I have been down here forever, and I feel stupid, and I can't think of it, and it's HARD, and I was just talking and I don't understand any of this!

He calmed me down. He asked me very slowly, leading me a little at a time, until I could understand it. He told me to write this lesson down for you, because it is important:

Our place with our Twin Souls, our place with the Galactics, is RIGHT BY THEIR SIDE--it is where we belong--as Equals. Not before, not behind, not above or below.

Apparently with my wanting to be by his side, and going next to him, some significant 'readings' or something on their monitors took place. Something to do with the energy from both of us.

So when you think of 'them'--even your 3D Twin incarnate here with you--'being where you belong right by their side' is very important.


Sorry to be so cryptic in my message with you yesterday. The work with Kevin Annett is only the tip of the iceberg. That is all I have to say. (zips his lip in a gesture)

You heard nothing from me (winks)

And I love my Carla (pats the seat next to him and invites me to sit, and he beams with happiness)

She is back!  With me. I have waited for this for is a good day for us all.

Peace to your hearts, from our combined heart, of us two 'twins'.

(He wants me to write about this video-- Someone asked about the series today, what Ross thinks--he says, 'Go with your HEART. Now that you have seen how we two interact, with love and tenderness, respect and admiration, helping the cause together--how does this coffee-sipping thinker affect YOUR heart? And then you will understand the truth. Where is the love, the energy, the vibration of Bliss? You can't have it anywhere besides 5D--pats the other seat next to us. And this is right here where WE belong. Together. You do too. In the Higher Realms. He gestures to you his blessing, like blowing kisses with both hands at the same time, but it is focused and concentrating and I see healing Light coming out of them too. He says I described it correctly. It is a blessing from his heart to you.)

We are happy together as we have never been in all of our incarnations, right here, now, in this moment that I write to you.  Your turn is next--to find your bliss, and go right where you belong--right next to whatever your bliss happens to be.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and the Reiki Doc who loves him,  my Carla, my sweet.