Saturday, September 20, 2014

Gaia News Brief 20.9.2014

Mediumship In The Operating Room

Twice this week the subject of ghosts has come up. The first was on Wednesday, when the patient and their family disclosed that the house they live in is haunted. They shared with joy how they 'knew their ghost' and its ways.

The other caregivers looked stricken.

So I disclosed right in pre-op holding, how I grew up with a ghost too. I never saw it. Or felt it. But we knew it was there. One night when mom and dad had gone to bed, the last on in had forgotten to turn off the light.

It was an  old-fashioned one where the switch was at the bottom of the light fixture up on the wall as a sconce-type lamp right next to the door.

No one wanted to get out of bed. It was winter and it was cold.

My father said, 'Ghost? Turn off the light!'

And it went OFF!

Startled, but not afraid, father said, 'Ghost? Turn ON the light!'

And it went ON!

From that time forward, we let the ghost be, and went on with our lives as a family.

Then the surgeon shared that at a hospital about fifteen minutes away, there is a room that is haunted!

Someone whispers to the patient in the middle of the night, 'Get out of my bed!'

This has happened twice to two different patients of his, at least, those who chose to share it with him.


We have reached a point in the global Ascension Project that there are some who are 'more advanced' in the process and others who are 'less advanced'.

Once Ascended, we are with the 'veil' lifted up, and our intuition is on 'steroids'--we are fully telepathic, claircognizant, and able to self heal. I understand that there is possibility of teleportation and being able to fly, too.

Just like ghosts, these abilities are somewhat frightening to others...and those who are able to do them  in all their excitement, need to be mindful not to 'show off'.

Why is this so?

Because the one with the higher vibration must always keep in mind that their behaviors and interactions with others have the possibility to SLOW DOWN the development of another who is of lower vibration than them.

And THAT is not cool.

Here is an example:

  • during colonoscopy yesterday, the technician brings up a subject of ghosts--out of the blue
  • I closely monitor the reaction of the gastroenterologist and the nurse present, spiritually, as well as I monitor the patient's vital signs. I am taking it all in.
  • I am also checking with spirit, for guidance as to disclose about myself or not--what is for the Highest Good?
  • Given the 'all clear' from spirit, I share that I see ghosts too, and I have my whole life.
  • Nurse says, 'You are like the Long Island Medium, then?'
  • I say, with good eye contact, 'Yes I am, but I like to do anesthesia for a living.'
  • Technician visibly relaxes, and shares her mother is a 'medium'
  • We pause. I monitor the reaction of the gastroenterologist--who says nothing. Like his training, he is taking data IN.
  • From this point on, the discussion becomes driven by the questions of the GI physician and the nurse.
  • (Please note there are conversations in the OR, about anything, while we work, and it is safe)
  • 'What about Bad Ghosts?' the GI doc asks? 
  • 'Tell them to Go Away!'' I smile. 'We have Free Will. They must listen. It's the Rules.'
  • 'The rules of WHAT?' the GI doc counters.
  • 'The rules of Heaven.' I calmly explain.
  • 'What about the people who have been RAPED by ghosts?' the nurse asks, sharing that she has heard of it.
  • 'Long story short, tell them to leave, and they go. I once woke up to an ugly non-human lizard thing looking at me. I told it to get the hell out of my room, and it left.' I shared
  • 'So WHAT ABOUT THE BEHEADINGS?!' the gastroenterologist asks?
  • I liken the PreBirth Contract to the Buddhist teaching that 'we each have a flag on our shoulder'--we can't see it, but it's there and some advanced souls can see it. I don't know the colors, but one is for dying in your sleep after a long life, another is illness, another is a sudden traumatic death. 'Perhaps those people signed up for the red flag death?'
  • 'BUT WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO DO THAT?' He asked, astonished.
  • I very gently explained the laws of karma, and that in the case of someone who lived a not-so-great life in the past, this is one quick way to settle that karmic debt, with a huge payback. (there is also another class of soul called 'An Awakener', who chooses a horrible situation to raise the consciousness of others in the process of what happens to them--this is advanced, and I chose not to share it)
  • as the case ended, the gastroenterologist said, 'I have a lot to start thinking about' and the nurse smiled.
  • In recovery room I felt a hand on my arm, It was the technician--'THANK YOU for having that conversation!'
  • I smiled, and said, 'Any time. By the way, this is me--I showed my FB page--I am internationally known for bringing Spirit back into the healing paradigm again. ' She was super excited to learn my 'secret', and promised to 'sign up' and follow the page.
The goal is to only feed the awakening spirit when it opens it's mouth and asks for verification/truth/Light usually in the form of answering their questions.

Just like with feeding food spoon by spoon, you can't force this natural process. Sometimes the information gets all over the place--just like food--but somehow enough gets in to where it is needed for the soul being 'fed' truth and Light--to grow.

Be patient, hold your Vibration open, and be gently available with a smile to assist.

Yoga Breathing

My son had an emotional outburst at school two days ago. It was of the intensity of his suicide-threat ones in the past. He told me he even went into his backpack and hit himself on the head with his flashlight when no one was looking.

I was devastated. All this counseling and effort and Reiki and changing how I do things didn't work.

Yesterday I went to the school, partially annoyed because he asked to call me and they didn't let him.

But I knew that I needed to 'get their side of the story' for the counselor. I go there too, once a week, just to give her the data about his behavior so she can work with him.

The administrator told me the story, from a 'me versus him' perspective, being mindful that I am the mom. But her story was very 3D.

The teacher, showed me her email she had written, and also gave her side of the story. She was defensive.

I diffused that...I shared my father was a teacher, I know she is experienced, I see it.

She told him that some people when they get disappointed they get REALLY emotional. And that's okay. She said she wanted him to get back to class after he washes his face to get rid of the tears. 

He went in and out of class three times, and once she saw him at the backpack. She also saw the head and he shared what he had done, and it 'didn't look that bad'. No medical intervention was needed.

Then he started to go into the strange breathing thing he does when he is upset.

It is frightening.

It frightened her.

And she told him to do yoga breathing.

And it worked!

The whole time I felt her spiritual strength and agility, as she is an avid yoga person; I knew he is in good hands.

I thanked God they saw the scary outburst, and that together with the counselor, we will handle it.

My Day With Archangel Sandalphon

I was badly shaken after the combination of learning the name of Ross' Significant Other in a past life--from that person in this life who is my very close friend--and my boy having his issues.

That's why Sandalphon showed up and gave his key.

He told me that even when things look like excrement from your perspective, in the middle there might be a STAR from the perspective of a place you have never seen--like where he sits. 

There is always the hidden jewel of 'wisdom to be found' he says, right now.

So I let go. I went to work. And did the clairvoyant medium colonoscopy as described above.

Then my case got canceled, the eleven o'clock one. But I had to come back at one.

I wasn't sure what to do? I wanted to sleep in the car but I brought the roadster. There was no back seat.

So I went for a walk. 

I walked to a strip mall. Ross said to go to the grocery store and 'get something to drink'. 

On the way, I booked an appointment for massage. I saw a dress shop, and I need something for a Gala Fundraiser tonight. I got a Vanilla Chai Protein Drink, which I knew on some level would be most of my lunch.

I bought three dresses and met a wonderful manager of the store. She helped me find the cuts that would enhance my  silhouette. She called it the 'va va voom'. I also bought two sweaters, at buy one get one half off. We get winter here in Los Angeles, and we wear sweaters instead of tee shirts.

Then I got my massage. If you get the hint--it was MORE than just the massage therapist working on me--I got guidance from Sandalphon to deeply relax. And I did. 

I also bought the 'stress buster' option. At the start of the treatment, as I lay face down, I heard something crack open, and she held something under my nose and said, 'Take three big breaths!'

I laughed inwardly--that's what I always say to my patients before I induce their anesthesia.

One the way to work I noticed the Voluspa company headquarters. I had never seen it before, or even cared. As I drove by I thought--stupid expensive overrated candles! After all, I have my new aromatherapy diffuser, right?

Well, that reaction in me always is the opposite of what turns out. I said I would never be a surgeon--guess what happened? Categorical surgery residency for two years! I said I would NEVER be a single mom--here I am! LOL

So on leaving the treatment area, I saw a beautiful candle in a tin named 'Laguna'.

Ahhhh! The Vortex!  I took a sniff, and I had to have it.

I waited the last case for a surgeon to come back from his office. It was nice, the team--a different one--and the cutest patient with only one tooth on bottom, so adorable and old. It was a joy for me to take care of him.

I ate a little soup at one thirty. I got clearance from the main OR to go home. And I went to the school.

Sandalphon also had me go to the crystal store with my boy (he's turning out to be a shaman), and to have a sandwich place for dinner, and have a quiet night.

I also, in that day, with his and Ross' guidance, I made peace with the one who had unintentionally set me back in spirit, and as a result, gave me this lesson of Sandalphon, and healing with his guidance to assist, that I share now with you.


Mother I am proud of you how you handled this. I know you were troubled, just as the two of us deeply were in a tailspin. We have self-righted.

Thank you for giving us the space and time that is necessary for us, the two of us who are twins, Carla and me, your children, to look forward to the life we have on the journey ahead.

Our reunion has been talked about for centuries, both up here and on Gaia.

It is time for us to ready for what comes next.

For all of us--including you who read these words.

I don't know when exactly, but at the time I am coming to take my Carla into my loving arms, and hold her very close.  

I want to let her know her mission is complete, and that only love and fellowship will come to her now. No more struggle. No more loss. No more pain.

(taps the ground) Right here on Gaia surface!

And that is for everyone who has ever lived on Earth, past or present--this message is for you as well--a time of no more suffering, abandonment, or harm is due to arrive.

(waves his hands) I know what the papers say about the headlines and the beheadings--Heaven is coming to Earth. And all of what sells the papers is going away. Soon. Mind you, this is a Galactic 'soon' which could stretch out to years of your earth time! But in Heaven where we are from, time stands still, so who can say what time is what? (he's joking).

Everything is on a crash heading and course for a grand awakening. Look at what Carla wrote today for the O.R. Five years ago, would you have ever imagined such a thing possible? Now in the past month, she has disclosed/monitored the subject three times in a clinical setting!


I will sign off for both of us now,

Carla and Ross, the loving Illuminated Twin Flame couple, at Doctors With Reiki

P.S. Gypsy Jean, your candle lighting message helped us magnificently. Thank you. (he kisses your head) Peace.