Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Archangel Healing Key For Homesick Starseeds

This is home.
Well, in fact, my home away from home.
This is a humpback taking a dive in the water just between Victoria and Port Angeles.
I took this picture just maybe three hours ago.
This is home.

This is my spiritual home.
It is the same for my son.
When we are here we are very happy.

We are sad together because soon we must go back to our regular lives.

We decided yesterday that if we had only one vacation a year to take, it would be to here.

That is how we like it so much.

Most people come and go through Victoria, on a tour or a cruise that docks only for one night.

We stay.
We love the people, and the water, and the whale watching.
We hope to return soon.

Today I am sharing with you a key that is from Archangel Ariel, to incarnate Archangel Lauren, to me, to give to you.

For those of you who are of a soul signature--like mine--that is not native to Gaia, but from 'somewhere else'---mine is half Pleiadian and half Sirian--this is the key to use when you feel homesick for the higher realms, for the vibrations that 'match' your own, in your soul.

It is simple to draw, but one of the most healing keys I know.

Here is the direct link:

For some reason I can't seem to find the link to feed into here directly with the video picture you just click.

Ross wants me to write something.
I will.

Someone I know, a Light Worker, is due to 'go home' or 'go back' soon. I am what is holding her back. She has been ready. I am not good with goodbyes. They have been fortifying me emotionally, my guides, in preparation for letting her go.
Today I interacted with her in her 'away' form. She looks different. There is a wedding due.

I asked her husband--who is also my father for my soul--what happens to her as I knew her here? Does it just disappear? I was told she would have access to it for a short time until her children from here--who are also 'leaving this dimension'--get used to it and adjust. I asked for her to have her accent I know, at least for the first few weeks, to help me adjust, and they said yes.

Ross came, and took me aside, and explained to me gently the difference. He said that I will look like me, in this incarnation, forever, because that is my preference, my choice. But for her, she wishes to be back as the Sirian Princess she is,  in full health, and that is how she will look. He chose his one and only incarnation, and kept that look, which I find most handsome and attractive. I am glad he chose to keep it.

When I see her in her Sirian Princess form, I feel very SHORT.  Her energy signature is the same, and I easily recognize her that way. Her word sentences are very similar. And her kindness is the same to me. Her smiles are identical, as far as I know and feel them. But she is happy and calm and content to be in this form for her.

I was also very surprised to be asked to be an attendant at the wedding, like a maid of honor! I had no clue that Galactic Weddings did this. And I was also surprised to see Ross as the Groomsman for our dad!

Then I made a fuss. I had to make sure that Ross wasn't asked because of me, and to match me, but because father really truly wanted Ross to be there for him at this important time in his life!! Everyone laughed and reminded me how close those two are, and how it is only the natural choice, and that our being Twins really didn't have much to do with the decision.

I smiled inwardly, because lately I have become so calm and easy going I had thought perhaps I had lost my reputation as a 'spitfire' who 'speaks her mind' and 'rocks the galactic boat' from time to time, and more often than anybody.

But I had good reason to speak up as I did, and perhaps, everything will balance out in its own way.

Will I miss her?


But I am happy for her to go back to the life she loves and wants. And I am reassured by everyone that we will still have contact, and everything will be okay.

As you awaken, you are going to remember more and more of who you really are. It will surprise you. It did me. I don't talk about it, who I really am, and my soul mission. I just go and do and serve in my capacity while I am here.  I hope it doesn't surprise you when you find out my truth, of my identity, and who my Ross is--where we are from, and why we don't choose to talk about it.

For us, the healing is the important part. And who is related to who, or who did what in a past life, isn't as important as healing the now--me and you, Ross and you, you and your friends, loved ones and coworkers...your neighborhoods and community. This is where the most energy healing is needed at this time. And we are here to facilitate that.

Ross wants me to share one last thing.

My boy is like, on an Insulin Resistant diet. He has obesity. It is a struggle, he once was addicted to coke/soda/pop. I say NO every day. But today, on the boat, Ross said to let him have a can of original coke. We were at Grilligan's on Fisherman's Wharf right after we docked. And I grabbed the first one out of the cooler.
I left to use the washroom while our order was prepared. And when I got back, my boy said, 'Mom! Look!' (I had told him when Ross says yes, he can have it.)

On the can was the word 'Love'. And also, since it's Canada, 'Amour'.

It made my day to know Ross is thinking of me.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla 'Reiki Doc'