Monday, September 1, 2014

The Archangel Uriel Attunement Key


Hello! Good night! Today has been a busy day. This is the fourth communication from the Archangels for you.

I have to thank both Archangel Lauren (who is an incarnation of Archangel Ariel) and my brother Archangel Uriel, for their kindness in asking if I would rather be given the key tonight or tomorrow morning?

I said tonight because I don't like to postpone things that are important for my readers. And I also have plans for tomorrow, so it is more convenient for me at this time.

Earlier tonight, however, I took a break. It was the first time in as long as I can remember, where I watched some episodes of Family Guy on Netflix with my son, and painted my nails. I was embarrassed earlier today when I looked at my nails in the key videos--and I bought some nail polish remover and nail polish at the Bay Center Mall.

These pictures above are to remind you if you want to have beautiful nails, you need to polish them--or make the time to go to the salon and get a mani-pedi. 

They don't 'just happen' without a little effort and some self-care on your part. 

I feel so much better right now having taken a little time away from the Keys for myself and my son, and am much better prepared to finish this beautiful Key that was given to us from Heaven as a gift to all of humanity, today.

Even the archangels recognize the need to balance our time in 3D and the Higher Realms as we move gradually from one way of life to the next above and beyond in is like pacing ourselves for a run...and only we can decide for ourselves 'what is right' for us, and take a break or put forth effort as our spirit permits.

I am so happy Archangel Uriel came forward with this key, and this channelled message. You will read it in a minute.

First I want to share something I feel is very important about these keys:  they are for YOU and for YOUR personal growth and development, and not for anybody else's.

I cannot put these keys into your aura for you.  

You cannot put them into somebody else's without their permission.

There is no way for anyone to 'lift somebody up' in Spirit--because it only works if the vibration is right for the soul, and the soul does the work to support it.

We do not put the keys on our loved ones--I haven't on my son. He hasn't asked. And I haven't offered. (When he shows interest I will be happy to support him and guide him in how they are used.)

Someone wants to put these keys on a map, on a globe...and asked me if that is okay?  I say, 'use them on yourself, work closely with your guides, and you won't have to ask me for permission!' LOL. I sound like Buddha don't I? But it's true!

So before we go on any more with my 'soap box', let me get to the point and share the Attunement Key, to help you in your spiritual path, to bond more closely with Archangel Uriel, and strengthen your connection to him:

Here is the direct link to the YouTube video:

And here is the box to click on to see the video play on this page:

Sure enough, here is the message from Archangel Uriel, as promised before the key:

Dear Ones,
You have come to a point where the path you are walking is being questioned by yourselves. It is ok to question, to test, to wait. But realise it is you who must "Do the work" to continue to proceed on your journey. Neither I, your angels, guides, nor guardians can do it for you, due to Free Will. Walk forward diligently, and I will Light the next step on your Path for you. Empower yourselves to continue to walk and trust in your Heart that I will be there to light the way, whether it be signs, symbols, numbers, colours, thoughts, ideas, feelings, music, sounds, smells. Nothing is impossible. Remember that as you use this Key. This Key in itself, came as a "burst" of inspiration through my Sister Ariel as a gift to all of you. Use it well. Love, Archangel Uriel