Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Inegi Reiki Symbol and Archangel Healing Key

Have you ever felt the need to hold up your hands and call a 'Time Out' in everything that is happening in your life?

If so, this is the symbol for you.

This is a hybrid symbol, and although I call it 'Reiki' it will in fact work for everyone who has the intent to use it, whether they are Reiki-trained or not.

This has to do with the sponsorship of Archangel Nathaniel, who is the healer for things that are impossible.

'No job is too large--I LIKE big projects!' is his motto.

For the Healing Key:

write this symbol on your skin with a finger, crystal or pen, and then immediately after write it in the air just above the skin where you wrote it.

This will announce to Archangel Nathaniel that you would like his assistance in your life; that you would like to work closely with him.

It is like a HUGE 'Do Over' request to the Universe for All Divine Assistance to step in because you have 'had enough!'.

You will be given hints and nudges and opportunities to achieve you goal--through the intervention and watchful guidance of Archangel Nathaniel.

For a Reiki Symbol:

You MAY and are permitted to write this symbol on just about anything, or anyone. Whether it is the thing you need the help to change, or perhaps the client requests something to that effect in your healing session--on a soul level or by spoken word--and you 'feel' it is right to use it in your energy healing work.

You can't over use this healing symbol from Archangel Nathaniel. It won't break and you can't wear it out.

'I like to be BUSY' Archangel Nathaniel says with a smile.

Here is the key:

here is the direct link:

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc