Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Archangel Samuel Attunement Key

This is the real-time record of the birth of this Attunement Key.

Archangel Samuel is guiding me to share it. (He also selected the picture).

Kellie has given me full permission to use her name, too.

Does this mean anything to you ? I was in ojo caliente last year in the hot spring pool and when I would close my eyes this is what I kept seeing. I don't know reiki. Taking my first class Oct 4/5. I wrote it down and saved it. Just came across it in my desk. Feel free to post or pass along !
It might also be upside down. Can't remember
This is a healing attunement key from Archangel Samuel. He told me. Soon everyone will be getting signs and symbols as the vibrations increase. I think he is your Reiki guide. When I share how may I say who you are? It's the internet and I know to ask first : D
Wow. What an honor. Oh my. I'm in tears. So glad I wrote it down. You can use my name. Thanks doc
What does the key mean ?
He wants to work with you Kellie. Draw the design on your skin, then the air above it. He will do the rest. Meet your new Reiki and angelic Healing Guide, Samuel
Don't look him up on wiki ok?
I have the chills and crying. Thank you. I'll do it now.
Don't look it up yet. Wiki has mixed. I would trust Doreen Virtue on who he is and what he does.
Ok. I won't look on wiki. I drew it on my arm and in air. Then got chills and cried more. Not sure what to do I felt him. I am so new to all of this. My hands got really hot
Start a journal, so you can enjoy and treasure all of these experiences that are new. Divine Mother, Divine Father, and Archangel Michael, Ross and Archangel Raphael all say that Archangel Samuel is a GOOD angel and from the Light. I will find out more on him later, in my own spirit work. You have a green light to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!
This is so exciting. I feel So blessed.
Here is the first part
Doctors With Reiki: Gaia News Brief 11.9.2014
A physician who is intuitive and a Reiki Master/Teacher discusses healing from 'the front lines' of the mind-body connection in the hospital setting.
Wow. I'm pretty blown away bye all of this. Lots happening to me right. Ears ringing. Headaches. Spinning feeling. Confusion but not scared
*right now

This is the information on Archangel Samuel I got from this web page by Violett Flame

The Archangel Samuel, is the angel if light, who works with us in helping us to see things clearly. It depends on where you are in your life, you can call on this Angel to shine the light on the matter at hand, to bring about the truth of the matter and to help you gain clarity and insights. Archangel Samuel, is the light way shower, only giving you guidance into the areas of your being and life that may seem to just not make sense. If you feel as though you have hitting into some walls or just can't seem to bounce back. Asking Archangel Samuel for assistance, can give you the remedy you need for making the proper decisions.

This is the symbol and how to draw it:

This is the direct link:

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc