Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Memories Of Atlantis

This is a page for my readers, a place to be heard.

You are awakening; your soul has a story it wishes to share...and this is the place for it to happen.

Here is a healing song for you:

Here is the direct link: Sean Na'auao playing Ka Ipo Lei Manu

Here are the first Atlantis Survivors to step forward to the Healing Circle and the Light:

  • Regarding the Atlantis Key.....I had it drawn well before the video started, something clicked inside. I wanted to tell you that many years ago, over 30, I was told by strangers that I was the voice warning people to leave Atlantis because the place was going to blow up. A voice that kept telling people to evacuate and many chose not to. When I was 12 years old I started reading books about Atlantis and I have not stopped. The agony of it all and the healing have taken place in this life. I was a crystal activator there also! Your blog triggered so many thoughts, I wanted to share them with you but not as a crazy person but as someone who gets it. Thank you for your bravery and your kind heart. D
  • Thank you for providing this key. I used this symbol on my self yesterday, when it was first given. I feel inclined to do it again, since receiving your write-up provided here. My memories of being in Atlantis consists of being in a cave where everything was made out of clear quartz crystal. B
  • My soulmate has morgellons and we are aware that Atlantis Is involved. Please help if you can influence the release of these codes. Of course if it isn't posdible we will understand. Thank you. J
  • I had been carrying that Key for almost two years. It first came to me in meditation when I was attuned to Atlantean Reiki. I had been sparsely using it as a Reiki symbol because it also works that way, and then it opened in front of me: I was standing in front of one of the temples, near a waterfall, and I was toning to help raise the healing energies since there was a healing taking place outside. I was also facilitating DNA repair, in a deep trance, when one of the High Priests (Later to be Thoth) grabbed me and we orbed out in a fiery opal spiral. He didn't say why until we were in Egypt, but in my Heart, I know that something terrible had happened. I beat myself up for many lifetimes over abandoning my people. When that Key came to me, it filled my heart and soul with so much Hope for Light to prevail even in the most dire circumstances. A cup of light and love that is ever flowing, ever full, and ever to be shared. L.
  • Q: Carla, I am wondering now, in your opinion or Ross' s, was Thoth a good guy or one of the bad guys that escaped? (One of those animal helmeted slope skulled you-know-whats) J.
  • A: Ross says not to even think about it. Enjoy the view for what lies ahead. The Galactics will put all that stuff to rest. Don't worry over it. C.

  • Atlantis
    I had no memories or emotions related with Atlantis.
    Not long ago when I was talking with a wonderful friend, she is an Archangel and my daughter home, I told her that I feel lost, blocked in a cage and unable to find the door to walk out. We discussed this and then I pondered about why I am blocked and where. I found it. I was following my thoughts and landed in Atlantis. I was afraid of using or even getting access to the full power, knowledge and abilities I have as the Goddess I AM. That must have reasons and it led me to Atlantis, it popped up in my heart's mind. I must have done something terrible there that was the reason for this blockage. I was correct. My Higher Self confirmed that I was responsible for the blowing up of Atlantis. I had an incarnation there out of my being the Mother, I was incarnated as a scientist not as Goddess. I had only a part of my power and abilities available and accessible and knew about the risks of my experiments. I was fully aware that I would blow up the continent when my experiment would go wrong and the risks for that were high. I did it anyhow and with me so many people and Atlantis were destroyed. Okay I was told later from Michael that I wasn't alone in this but I had done it.
    The passing of my beloved dog Bobby on 1st of July was so painful for me. He was sick and had anemia and other things. I tried what I could to help him. It seemed to get better and then one night after I was told we would go home that night and we were still here the next morning, he refused to eat. He had already lost so much weight and I knew he had decided to leave. Bobby wasn't a normal dog, he is a Sirian soul, an elf, my firstborn with beloved SaLuSa as all my animals are my children with him or with EHaSa. They incarnated to assist and protect me. I hold Bobby in my arms or he was lying on my belly or at my side on the bed. This was more comfortable for him than my sitting with him on a chair. Bobby had asked to go without a deadly shot and I agreed. He needed two days, in this beautiful days, as he had the possibility to say farewell to us and then to leave on his own decision. He was peaceful although breathing heavy due to his anemia. I made so many pictures of him and his small lovely face and his body were peaceful and calm. He passed in the early morning hours.
    The pain about his passing was so overwhelming that it broke the blockages in me about Atlantis. I cried so often and refused to talk with my team as I accused them to be responsible for this. They had said we would go and then nothing had happened as so often. I couldn't understand anymore. Then one night I went through a healing, a healing given to me by my beloved Archangelic children. I was told that they had healed me so often in past lives with no lasting effort that they had to send me through this pain of Bobby's passing. Only then could
    they heal me completely and also rescue me. It seems as if I was nearly lost to the dark side in
    my preparation for this one actual incarnation. I don't understand all as I have not enough memories of this but I believe them.
    I know with absolute security that I would never again misuse my power and abilities. I have learned my lesson out of Atlantis and I accept receiving my full power, knowledge and abilities back to use only for the highest good. - Isabel Henn (excerpt, with permission, from her End Of Mission Report
  • Doc I used the Atlantis key last night and the whole night I kept hearing 2 words, Larimar and Orgonite. I went to do a search this morning and saw that one of the names for Larimar is Atlantis stone. How cool uh?? I'll be looking for that stone to carry with me. Thank you Doc. Much love to you and all here. J
  • Here is my story--

I look forward to adding YOUR memories to the share.

Aloha and Mahalos,

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