Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Gaia News Brief 24.9.2014

The Third Degree

Many people I work with are intelligent, caring healers in the OR. And yesterday, the single mother surgeon asked me about my 'Relationship' I posted on Facebook. It will be two weeks this Sunday, that I disclosed to my friends and family I am 'in a Relationship'--the Relationship being with Ross--which is a delicate thing to talk about outside of people who have done a lot of personal growth as Starseeds and intuitives and who understand.

What Nationality Is He?
(she is Greek--this is the most normal question in the world for all Greeks) I didn't want to say he is Jewish, which he was when we were alive together--so I said, 'I don't know'.

I explained he looks like Ryan Gosling.

Well cute guys can often be trouble!
I prefer to call it handsome.
Well THAT too! There are often 'Red Flags' and the relationship is problematic!

So how did you connect?
(This is true--but in meditation)  I met him twenty years ago. We reconnected last November. And now we are in a Relationship. 

Where is he from? Where does he live?
He travels a lot. He doesn't have a home. It's kind of like the military.
But WHERE was he BORN???
(I just didn't answer that)

Is he close in age to you?
I think so--not too much age difference.

How do you connect?
It's like Skype (it is, only with our Consciousness)

At the VERY beginning, Ross came to me before she ever stepped foot in the O.R.--he guided me to say, and I say it here verbatim:  I AM THE HAPPIEST I HAVE EVER BEEN IN MY LIFE, AND I AM NOT RUSHING THINGS.

So when she came in the room, I said, 'I am not going to talk about it'.

She even asked who I went to Victoria with?, and who was that woman in the pictures? (It was a friend who lives on a houseboat)

After the case, she sent me this image--I hope it shows up--an apology for her behavior with me. Instead of wishing me luck and congratulating me. Her concern for me and my track record made her want to protect me, and to make sure he is 'okay' for me. I told her when it is time to meet you will be one of the first to meet him...and she said then it's too late to make sure he is okay for you. <3

The Mass Attunement

A master healer once said, 'It is the task of the doctor to amuse the patient while they get better.'

Well, in all of these years of blogging, and Facebook, I have been amusing you while your energy and vibration goes UP, and you awaken to your soul purpose and assignment in this incarnation.

When you 'like' this page, or read the blog, or follow on Twitter or any other social media, a network of healing that has been pre-arranged both by me and by spirit, activates for you.

You get three daily healings and blessings from me, morning and night Reiki (I only post one announcement) and Divine Peace Healing. You also get a preliminary screening and shielding from any attachments you might not know about. You are under an umbrella of protection for you to heal and grow.

Last night, at about seven thirty PDT, I did another mass attunement for my readers--for both those who love it and dislike what I do--by giving the attunement energy temporarily to the guardian angels of all who are connected to this work--your guardian angel gives me permission and HOLDS the attunement for you until you ask for it. This level of Reiki is Reiki One with 'benefits' of the ability to send Reiki across distance and backwards and forwards in time, and also to give the Reiki Transition symbol. Those of you who are already attuned can always benefit from a reattunement--and ask for your angel to release this to you.

For those new to Reiki, ask your guardian angel to help 'smooth out any mistakes' when you wish to activate this new healing ability. Every time you heal, I ask you to call them in, and to be with you, to help the flow of healing energy from Source to Them to You to 'your subject'--who and what you wish to experience Reiki healing. (Daily self-Reiki will help keep the energy moving through your hands--once attuned to Reiki, it must be practiced often or the skill will be lost.)

Then think 'TURN REIKI ON!' 

You will notice a warm feeling in the palms of your hands. 

Gently approach the aura of your 'subject'--even if it is yourself--and with your hand and your intent, Gently GROUND your 'subject' to Gaia--who will help you by anchoring the energy for the healing to take place. Make a anchoring motion with your hand to grab a handful of energy in the aura, and throw it down to Gaia at your feet.

Then let it flow. You don't have to say anything. You will know when it is 'done' --it will automatically stop the flow, or you will sense 'it is time'.  Remember Reiki does no harm, it has no side effects, and basically as a Reiki healer you are making it available like water to a thirsty plant for those you are healing to 'soak it up'. The body and spirit 'takes what it needs' and that is it.

Then ask your Guardian Angel to close and seal the aura of your 'subject' to avoid any 'leaks' of all that good stuff you just put in.


And remember to thank your Guardian Angel!

Ross says this is enough for today. He also smiles just to show you how handsome he is. He really wants to meet you and introduce himself to you. Just allow it to happen while you are in meditation, out in Nature, or working on some task you really like a lot. He says, 'i will come to you and shake your hand and explain to you your role in the Ascension Mission and how to set about on it.'

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc and Ross the beloved Illuminated Twin Flames who are 'in a Relationship' on FB for almost two weeks. ; )