Thursday, September 25, 2014

Gaia News Brief 26.9.2104

A Gift From Charlie

Tonight, as I was putting away some of the displaced items from the huge flood I had from a burst copper pipe in my home--after the restoration and rebuild--I found a lizard skin from a pretty good-sized lizard on the floor. It was a shed skin from a reptile in my house!


All lizards in my house, in the tradition from my E.R. nurse friend Irene, who is from Hawaii--are named 'Charlie' because Irene's father named every lizard they found in their house 'Charlie' while Irene was growing up.

This was a message from Great Spirit--in answer to the light work I did today.

It is time for a new dream...

And dream I shall do!

On The Front Lines In 5D

As you may know, my son had some challenges this summer, and is in counseling. When a child is in counseling, the parent must go too. To give data to help the therapist.

I looked in her eyes, the therapist, and I knew she had once had cataract surgery. This knowing out of the blue is called 'claircognizance'--through Spirit you just KNOW.  Later she shared that she needed more light to see, because even though it's clear vision, more light is needed for her to see, due to her cataract surgery she has had.

Today I met a mother of a classmate, my boy's new friend, who is also a single mother. There is no dad. And the car has stickers to the effect of 'I Love My Kid'. They are new to the school.

When I felt her aura, her vibration, I KNEW as if her whole life story flashed by me, on an empathic level, and I understood both her strengths and her weaknesses, in an instant. The details escape me, but the total picture--I sense it. A lot of pain, that is hidden, a lot of disconnect between the family-tribal belief expectations (This is a term from Christel Nani, RN, PhD in her book,

Diary of a Medical Intuitive: One Woman's Eye-Opening Journey from No-Nonsense E.R. Nurse to Open-Hearted Healer and Visionary Paperback – September 1, 2004)  I also knew that the relationship between us would be one more for the boys, than for us as friends, which is good.

This type of communication is going to start 'popping up' in your consciousness. It is normal, for where we are from as souls, to have access to information like this. 

This is how we will KNOW that bad people will stop doing bad things--because their AURA will scream out the intent no matter what the person says, and people who interact with them will believe the AURA, not the lies.  No one will do business with them. No one will fall for their tricks.

Here is a list of the kinds of people who will be 'exposed' in time for us to not fall for their lies:
  • swindlers
  • salespeople who say something works when it doesn't (or looks good on you when they want to make a sale)
  • politicians with their own agenda
  • bad cops
  • cheaters who will break your heart in romantic relationships
  • people who live off the system--the generosity of social support--who are able bodied and can work
  • car salesmen, time-share companies, pyramid schemes, and others who have their 'eye on the prize'
So in 5D, can you lie?
Out your mouth, yes.

Will anyone buy it?
No. Not in a million years.

Will they still love you if you lie?
Yes and no. An unconditional universal love, yes. Will they go along with your scheme? No.

Education With Gaia

Lately I have reflected on the academic excellence of Gaia as a 'school' for 'soul life lessons and experience'.

She is a tough teacher. 

You sign up for the lesson? You are going to get it. In a big way! LOL

You want to pay off karma debt? You are going to have some really karma-paying-back experiences!

You want to see what it's like to be --to major in, basically-- manifestation, partnership, teamwork, all the emotions/feelings you can't get up in Heaven--it's here.

It's a shame that some of the lessons are so difficult.

It is my hope, in my new dream, that life on New Gaia is going to be a lot more fun.  For everyone!

Reincarnated Loved Ones

In the part of Sicily where my mother is from, San Biagio Platani, tradition names the children after the grandparents. There are no middle names. 

Today I spoke with a reader whose daughter is the reincarnation of her great grandmother (the mom's grandmother Florence). And when you ask, 'where is Florence?' the child--only three--points to her chest and says, 'me!'

Tonight I saw the little clip stand that held two things--'Sanctuary Of Serenity'--where my loved ones are in a mausoleum. I bought one white rose (me) and one white carnation (Nannu, my paternal grandfather) every week for five years for his grave.  It was a Sanctuary of Serenity tag from the flowers--and the same clip held my son's id band from an E.R. visit a few years ago.

My son is my grandfather, reincarnated. I can't explain it how I know, but I just know. The mannerisms, the taste in food (loves cream cheese sandwich). Even now, the life lesson of diabetes--nannu had it, and my boy is very very close. We are working very hard to help him lose weight. He has the full support of a doctor, counselor, teachers, and parents. When it comes right down to it, it's the same chakra imbalance! The yellow one. 

It's not only pets who 'come back'. It's people, too. That's why I think they name the children after the some ways...back in the old country where people didn't used to live so long.


It is with great joy and love that I talk to you.

Things are happening.
Things are happening behind the scenes now at a very fast rate.

I can't say more than this.

I love you.


Carla will sign off for us tonight--I have to go--I can't linger.

You will like it, the end everything.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc and Ross