Monday, September 8, 2014

Every Lesson Has A Purpose

"I'm sorry your life did not go the way you wanted it.' Archangel Haniel woke me up this morning, super early, because I have lots to do--clothes to put in the dryer (my son only has one pair of clean shorts)--lunches to pack, breakfast to make.

I softened, and was glad for her words.

Then I tensed and said, 'That is enough. Do not come back for the rest of the day.'

Sometimes it's less painful to pretend the sadness doesn't exist and the bad things never happened...

My house is in shambles.
They haven't put the toilet back on in the downstairs bathroom.
The wallboard is back up, after the leaks were fixed.
The kitchen walls are painted but not the cupboards.
Boxes of all my belongings are EVERYWHERE.
I can barely walk.

It's one hundred two degrees Fahrenheit in the day. And although the air conditioning works, none of the plugs on the inside, except for three super important ones--washer and dryer, fridge, and alarm clock--work. The lights go on in the ceiling, but no plugs. And I checked the circuit breakers--nothing was out of the row.

I am going to have to call an electrician--and this is gonna be another huge 'project'...I thought with dread.

Last night, as I watered the almost-dead garden after one week away--I heard a rustle in the tomato bushes. I had wondered why I never get a ripe tomato after almost three months with three bushes? I knew why--it was a rat.

We live in a wooded area. The city doesn't even try to kill them at all any more. They just say 'board up your house' so 'no holes the size of a quarter (a large coin about one inch diameter) or bigger' are passable.

As I lay awake before getting up, I thought, 'Well, my house has been open due to the leak. At least perhaps the tomatoes kept the rats out.'(The wall separating the kitchen from the garage was wide open)

There are ants all over my house too. They do this in the area, every August and early September. I don't spray because of the chemicals. I just move and clean up everything they like. But there were some in my master bathroom. And as I got ready to shower today, something 'nudged' me to take a look under the sink.

It's a spot I check often. There are two places in the home where I catch rats--one was behind the washer and dryer. The other is right under the sink in the master bathroom. I get one every four months. (They come to eat extra soap--I know that is disgusting, but they do, and I'd rather have them come where I can get to them, than have them chewing holes in the walls of the kitchen if I plug this hole up.)

Oh my God!

It was a rat in a trap under the sink.

It was old--the eyes were gone.

And when I lifted the trap (I re-use them. It's the trick to catch the new ones--the smell of a female rat on it with peanut butter catches them every time.)...maggots were all over the place!

I have never seen this.

I was horrified, shocked, disgusted.

It stunk.

But what could I do? It's just me.

I could NEVER let my son know about it--he hates rats.

So I got the spray cleaner, and after I threw the trap and the carcass into the trash bag I had, then layer after layer, I sprayed and used paper towels to pick the maggots up.

I noticed when I cleaned the cabinet where it happened, there was no trace. And I knew the germs were killed. I liked that it could be made back whole again.

And as I picked up the squirming maggots off the floor, paper towel after paper towel, feeling them squirming in my hand, I thought, 'this is Nature cleaning this up for me--that's what maggots DO.'

I noticed to myself that Nature had done a pretty good job. It didn't stink as bad as a fresh one would in this heat.

Life had transformed itself from dead rodent to many live  squirming adolescent flies!

That's when I heard it--the voice of Archangel Haniel, clear as a bell, 'Every lesson has a purpose, Carla. Every lesson has a purpose.'

Then I shut up.

I delayed my shower fourteen minutes to write this. I hope I find a plug to charge it up again--my computer--back to the 'rat race' again for me.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson.

No matter what, there is some purpose in it--we can't see it--but if Nature can clean up it's own mess without pesticides and chemicals, perhaps 'other things' take care of themselves too for a Higher Good, energetically.

P.S. I ate dinner at this table. It was one of the best meals of my life. It's at the Butchart Gardens overlooking Brentwood Bay far, far off in the distance.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Ross is happy I wrote this. He is playing this song for me.
So Into You by Atlanta Rhythm Section

Oh my gosh! I can write about dead rats and maggots and that man of mine is such a sweetheart!!! Awwwwwww! <3 <3 <3 I really really love him!!!