Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Healing Key of Lemuria

Lemuria is the land of the menehunes, the place which once was, that sank at the explosion and sinking of Atlantis from 4D into 3D.  The islands of Hawaii today were once the mountain tops of this sacred land.

Here is a first-hand witness account, of an advanced soul, on the end of Lemuria:


Like the memories of Lemuria, my beloved Limoria. Since I heard the first time of Lemuria I loved it but had no memories of it. I only loved it. Then I listened to a video with music, "Lemurian Home Coming". I cried and after I told that friend who had asked me to listen to this music, he said I should listen as often as possible during my meditations and to notice what would come up and then let go. I did.
I had visions and I could see me there in Lemuria. I could see me saying farewell to a group of people going onboard ship to travel to Inner Earth, to Agartha. Adama confirmed me later that it was him I embraced. A bigger number of Lemurians went on high to the top of the mountains, the today's Hawai'ian Islands. I think the biggest part of the people went onboard of scoutships of different star nations, sirian, pleiadian and others. I could see myself at the holy tree of Lemuria near a temple. I demanded the tree to blossom a last time and to give some seeds and I put the seed into a sort of amphora together with ground of where the tree was growing. Then I took another amphora and filled it with the water of the holy well that watered the holy tree. I hold both vessels firmly in my arms and spoke again with the high priest and others who had decided to stay and to sink with the continent. I couldn't convince them to leave the temple. I know I was crying as at least one of them was a relative. They begun to sing and the water was rising, silently without turmoil, only continually rising higher and higher. I stayed in the temple as long as I could and together with the waterline I was climbing to higher ground. I could hear them singing until the water was nearly at the ceiling

of the building, then it stopped. It was over for them. I wasn't able to leave yet and I climbed and climbed following the water as Lemuria was sinking in the water of the Pacific Ocean. I stayed alone at the newly created shore. The ocean was calm and the moon shone over the water. No noise to hear other than maybe some birds. I stayed long still holding the two vessels firmly. I was the leader of the rescue mission for the inhabitants of Lemuria and I was the last to go onboard of the last remaining scoutship. EHaSa had been waiting for me with his scoutship Nequna. I took the amphorae with me and I was told they are waiting home for the rise of Lemuria. I will come back then to plant the new holy tree out of the last seeds of the old one, planted in the original ground and watered with the water of the holy well.  (shared with permission, here is the original link:

Here is the key:   

Here is the direct link:

(I apologize for the movement of the view as I walk with the camera--Spirit wanted it. You can speed up past it to the symbol if you get seasick from the movement. )

I also did a healing ritual at the beach, with my feet in the water, to help with all the pain and suffering that the loss of Lemuria did cause to so many souls who loved it, and to Gaia for her healing too.

Are you a reincarnation of an Ancient Lemurian soul?

Here's how to find out--or at least remove the blockages from remembering if you are--

  • Apply the Healing Key to your skin and your aura
  • Pick one of the following two meditations
  • Keep a journal for what you remember. If you don't mind, please share with us in the comments below.

This is a meditation to guide the beginner souls on their awakening to their mission, their purpose, their soul plan. It has the same words, but also a narrative text to guide you in your awakening.

This is for the intermediate to advanced soul meditation on Lemuria (music is the same)

Here is a meditation I have had about ancient Lemuria, that I share now again with you:

Aloha and Mahalos,

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