Saturday, September 27, 2014

On Living With Guidance From Your Heart

'I hate my life!' I said to my boy at a stoplight at six-forty a.m. on the way to school.
(I had taken a side road, to bypass one light, and gotten three more in the process).
'We are ten minutes late--when I drop you off it's going to be fast!'

I added, 'I don't understand this getting to work on time thing anyways. I am going to be there all day. Why does it have to be on the minute that I show up?'

'Because what you do mom is important.' he said, with wisdom. 'Not only is it important, but this is how we keep our house and our food and our clothing and our doctors and our cars...'

He was right.

But I was in a 'mood', and I felt trapped in the shackles of my life, and I wanted OUT, as I went through even more signals, back to the freeway, and hoped in fifteen minutes I would travel the twenty-some-odd minutes I needed to get to work.

At this point, Ross made his Presence known to me. Right in my face, and strong!

'Carla? What matters most to you? What matters, really?' he asked.

'You and our boy.'

'Carla, think of that.'

I did. And this warm glow of timelessness came over me, and I realized making it safely to work, and doing the best I could for my patients and team, was what I should focus on too.

At ten to seven, I was about eighteen minutes away. I called the desk. I asked about the day.

Eight o'clock c-section! YES! I thought to myself. (not the seven-thirty one) Then it turns out, the person I am relieving was at the desk too. I talked to them. As they gave me report, and answered a question about my son's lab values, I ended up in the parking lot.

All worked out. Lesson learned.

Where are you?


In your heart?

Are you like me BEFORE the Ross 'intervention'? All worried and stressed and struggling with your responsibilities and how you never have the time to do what you want?

Or are you like AFTER? Calm, connected to source, and trusting in what is--and most important--not judging yourself harshly or expecting the judgement of others?

'Take your time...' is what my colleague told me on the phone when I said I was running about seventeen minutes late.

As it turned out, I was only ten minutes late on arriving to work.

Here is an exercise to make you smile, and to help you do your OWN 'intervention', with a little help from my friends, Lisa and Maggie Simpson <3

Your heart center is a direct connection to Source, to what is True, to All That Is, to your Purpose, to your Mission, and to your Twin Soul and your Soul Family. You can trust the information that comes to you through your heart. For your head? Although it is important, many structures and organizations in our society have designed ways to get you to react based on the information that comes through your thoughts--and sometimes, for example, with black ops like Area 51, they choose names that sound harmless for bureaus and departments--where enormous amounts of tax dollars are funneled to fund some really expensive projects!  They design it so your mind has no clue what is really going on under your nose! We are at the mercy of those who give us the news stories, when we 'live in our heads' and listen to the 'talking heads' who read the scripts to us on the news every day without questioning or even adding the heart.

As a matter of fact, a reinforcer for this behavior modification is the term 'heartbreaking'.

Sometimes when I post a Reiki Request, when people respond 'heartbreaking' or 'that's so sad'--I know they are in the midst of this situation. They react to sad news the way the news media has taught them to react. I accept it.

I know that with time, and patience, they too will discover the importance of living outside that 'routine' where life is predictable, just like the news casts, just like the reinforcements, that go on under their nose without their knowing it too.

People who are not focused within 'the matrix' have a different energy I pick up in their words, it's a higher vibration than those who say 'heartbreaking'--and there is more power behind their 'sending Reiki!' and other words that they write. This power comes from Source, and is not quieted down by 'the system' our society has to 'keep us down'.

Here is an example:

This was posted to my wall by a friend. I shared it on my page, Doctors With Reiki. I was struck by the joy, and the love, that was shared by the boy and the dolphin. The dolphin's patience and friendliness struck me so much that I wanted to show how amazing they are, and hopefully, to encourage support of the Sea Shepard and dolphin supporters in Taiji, Japan, or 'The Cove'.

Many readers responded favorably to this very strong energy that came out of this video.

Except one. Very set against 'cruelty', and 'the dolphin not being able to swim freely in the ocean'.

I responded with this appeal from my heart:

My wonderful wise father once said, 'A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still."

Will you agree we are One?
You and me?
The dolphin and the boy?
Us and the horrible sick people who confine dolphins to sea parks?
The Japanese who slaughter brutally and trap dolphins are the same as we are too.
We are all children of Creator, of the Divine.

Everyone has the same spark of magnificence within their soul.

Some hide it.
Some have lower vibration.

As those awakened, we have a solemn duty to help others raise their vibration, with love and Light, do you agree?

I know for a fact that wild orcas in the Salish Sea are dying too.
There aren't enough salmon for the resident Orcas.

The transients learn how to take meat off marine mammals--their mother shows them how to 'peel' the flesh off, like you would an apple skin.

The RESIDENTS, the 'vegetarian' orcas, are having to hunt seals now. But they don't know how to eat them.

They are that hungry.

The transgenic salmon and their viruses from farmed salmon, are making the salmon populations that the resident orcas eat, drop.

The toxins in the water build up in the system of the predators that the blubber in all dolphins and orcas is so toxic the babies die. The first-born orcas die, because the milk is full of the toxins downloaded in the milk fat to the baby. Adult orcas are dying, this year. Two of them so far...

Add to that the sonar weapons testing that blows out their eardrums and they hemorrhage to death...

My point is that life as a dolphin or killer whale is not good--no matter where the poor creature is--ocean or tank.

We have the power and the ability to fix everything.

If you life on a sea coast, do you wash your car at home? If so, this hurts dolphins because the oils get into the storm drains, and ultimately, the sea. Our local marine mammal center asked me to promise to always wash my car at a car wash. I have kept my word.

I won't take a cruise because they whack whales and kill them--cargo ships too. And I don't want my toilet waste to go into the beautiful inside passage in Alaska. 

My love of whales began at Sea World.

It didn't stop there.

I give one hundred dollars a month to Sea Shepard.

We do the best we can. Many of the readers here responded to the beautiful energy and innocence of this child, and the love of the animal.

I envision healthy and free fish and mammals every day. I pray for it. I badger Ross for it. I want it. Gaia wants it. And I hope we, as ONE, will make this happen, starting with making peace with all of the people on both sides of this issue, starting with my extending my heart in love and friendship and respect to you, right here, on this page, today. 

Will you accept it?


I was rejected. Furthermore, the reader argued against the person who suggested politely perhaps it was a 'therapy dolphin'.

One more reader said, 'I see something else and it makes me sad'. That's a much nicer way of expressing it. They feel that the sovereignty of the dolphin is lost that it would play with the boy with a ball, a human game. They appealed with their heart. I chose not to hide their comment from the page.

The energy of the first reader was angry, righteous, vindictive. It is hidden except for that person and their friends.

That energy is not what my life's work is about--it is the energy of the head, which strengthens 3D, duality, the nightmare I am working steadfastly to bring to an end.

And in 5D, the energy of Love is supported and nurtured, until it takes place across the globe.

As you read these words, you absorb key codes and activation sequences for your Light. My face, my smile, my words--both spoken and written--are all there to assist those of you who are set to awaken and assist others in the increasing of the vibration of their energy to one of more harmony and light.

If this is happening to you, you will find you look forward to what I share, and it nourishes your Light, and helps things 'make sense'.

You are only remembering what you are, a child of the Universe, that is beautifully made and filled with Light.

And to me, this is what I see, when I think of you going about your daily routine--a huge trail of Light left behind wherever you go, and whatever you do.

This helps Gaia more than words can say--to Liberate Her from the Nightmare that there is.

And Gaia thanks you for your efforts on Her behalf. Heal yourself, you heal Gaia.

Gaia loves you very much, and wants you to experience joy, so she can share it together with you.

In everything.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc