Saturday, September 13, 2014

Gaia News Brief 13.9.2014


The hospitals in Monrovia, the nation's capital, are a skeletal crew.  Only those who love what they do and feel dedication go to work. The aunt of my source, a nurse, is one of these people. Many with the skills in the medical field, afraid of Ebola, stay at home.

Many doctors and nurses died at the beginning.

As it is now, if you have a headache, which is one of the first signs of Ebola, if the hospital chooses to treat you, there will be full biological hazard precautions with admission to the hospital ICU 'just in case'. Many hospitals refuse to treat you, and send you and your headache home.

This will affect migraine patients, subarachnoid hemorrhage patients, and patients with advanced intracranial masses who also present with headache too.

According to my source, people start to think it (the Ebola crisis) is over, and then there is more news of dying. This is from her circle of friends on Facebook, and not the official news on TV or in print or online.  She does not want to follow Facebook that closely because of the sadness there. She wonders if the people who post bring up the death and dying because it creates sympathy and activity, or if they are so immersed with this that although things are possibly improving they are not ready to move on.

Liberia is a fascinating place because of the people. They do not take anything seriously--in her words. In her example, 'When there is a war, and people are shooting at something in a neighborhood,  in Liberia people do not run away in fear. Instead, they get their friends, and go to a hill, and watch to see for themselves what is happening. They are not afraid of anything!'

Apparently Ebola started in the Congo and one other place where there is no infrastructure to contain anything, as the government and society are not on the same ability to function as perhaps, a very large country like South Africa. Then it came to the mountain region of Liberia. Then Monrovia, the capital by the sea.

At first when things were looking better, something very strange happened--you see in the poor sections of town, people live in shacks that are right on top of one another.

For some unknown reason, the mobs of angry people from these poor areas basically looted the hospitals, taking all the blankets and sheets and mattresses and other contagious materials, and brought them BACK to the shacks.

Why would anybody do this? It is not like the people of Liberia to behave this way.  She wondered why they did not take supplies or money instead, that would do them some good. In her words, 'Everybody who knows Ebola and this part of town knows that everyone would catch it after doing something like this!' Even the people who live there.


Many of my patients, and also some nurses in the O.R. are starting to experience severe headaches. Even my mother--we are not a headache family--experienced what her primary care doctor describes as her first 'migraine' and it lasted twenty days. Mom said, 'I could move my tongue and I know in a stroke you can't move your tongue so I stayed home and didn't go to the hospital.'

There is another reason for headache in these times...not only does the crown chakra connect us to the energy of Source/Creator--there is a new chakra, the 'Well Of Dreams' that is being created in each of us.

It's number eight at the back of the head, in the occiput. Here is more is you are interested (

I would still recommend seeking medical help for anything that is severely painful, or has symptoms that go with it like nausea, vomiting, or neurological deficits, just in case.

Telepathy And Intuition And The Bank Manager:

My home had a burst copper pipe. The water damage has been repaired. And now I have a check from the insurance that is made out to both the company and myself. I paid the company, so they sent me the check.

I took it to the one teller at the 'teller window'. I don't understand why there are six people in desks, two 'serve yourself' ATMs at the counter, and only one teller. I showed her the check and she got her manager.

I was instructed to go sit in a chair.

The manager was all smiles. And held the check. But I felt his energy. He started to talk about needing a stamp from the construction company on the check because the signature of the owner making it payable to me wasn't enough.

I blurted out, 'You aren't going to help me--you are going to give me a hard time.'

He got upset, and said, 'You are accusing me and let me call my supervisor and we will find out.'

I looked at him, and calmly said, 'He isn't going to do anything for me either--why should I wait here?'

As he spoke on the phone in his 'little office', I did a lot of energy work on the bank--transmuting all that is 3D about everything in the banking system.

I KNEW with my intuition what was going to happen, and what was up, and STILL I was instructed to sit in a chair. And WAIT.

I hope they have me on camera with my eyes closed and meditating on their security system.

My options? Re-cut the check or to have the company cash it and pay me back with their own check, since it's a Business account and I am a Person and bank-wise the two do not mix.

Portraits From The Light:

Dennis Nozowa trained with me for Reiki and Psychic Development. He has a very unusual mediumship gift--he can draw the guide, the deceased loved one, or other loving spirit who 'comes in' during the mediumship session. Many people find this comforting and treasure the portrait that is given after your session with him. This need not be done in person, but can be over the phone or on some other video communication such as Skype.  He is available on Pinterest--here is his page ( and he is also on Facebook as Dennis Nozowa. Please contact him directly at to ask about his services if you are interested.

Gamaliel And Ross:

Ross is my Twin Flame or Twin Soul--both are the same concept no matter how it is said.

His is also the incarnation of Gamaliel.

Yesterday was the first time Ross presented himself to me as Gamaliel.

In my incarnation as Tabitha, I was a midwife who was unable to have children. I was also very popular, and talkative, the life of the party. Gamaliel and I were very happy together. For all my 'worldliness', it was Gamaliel who had the interest in socializing with others who were of the Essene tradition. Although I was one myself, I didn't take it seriously. But my husband did, and left our house to go run meetings with other Essenes, much like Victor Laszlo did in the film, Casablanca, almost every night.

One day, he said, 'I have something to show you that you will never forget!' He smiled and was excited to lead me through the streets at night, something we Jewish slaves were not supposed to do.

I saw a woman in childbirth, and I assisted her. Like I do now, I did back then, and I made her laugh! There was something magical about this birth, and I was deeply pleased to have taken part in it. Gamaliel his face glowed with happiness, and the father of the baby was very quiet and taking it all in as his first son was born.

That night, as we went home, we were chased by soldiers. Gamaliel ran one way, and I the other. Gamaliel died. I lost my ability to speak, and was a starving widow on the streets for about five years until I died. Due to the political nature of his death, I was unable to give him a proper burial and prepare the body. It was left on the rocks on the outskirts of town, for the animals to eat. I feared for my life to go say goodbye to it, so I never did.

Ross was that child I helped deliver. And I came back as someone he knew, five years after him.

Gently, Ross took on his old appearance, and tears flowed from my eyes and my soul to see and touch and hear my old Gamaliel again. I never said goodbye. I never had enough time to love him. Our marriage was so joyful I mistakenly thought it would last until old age.

Ross studied me. Many people in spirit do, I don't know why. But when I cried out that I must have done something bad for Gamaliel to leave me like that, Ross and his team figured something important for the Light out. He held up his hand and explained things to the team that I didn't understand, and in an instant was back to being Gamaliel with me as Tabitha.

I confided to Ross that I felt guilty because I felt my love for Gamaliel was a poor reflection on him as Ross. Happy as I am with Ross, back then, and now too, there is a part of me that always wants to go back to Gamaliel and Tabitha. (in reality, this was a 'rehearsal' incarnation for our main mission together as we did in Ross' life, where he too died a painful, political death and I was his widow.)

Ross completely understood, and assured me those were my feelings, and in the future, depending on who I needed to talk to most, he would be willing to go back and forth for me so I can heal from the tragic loss of Gamaliel that never resolved on its own.

I was asked, 'Why is it Gamaliel that you miss?' by the team.

I thought about it. And I said, 'It was the love my heart remembered clearly despite the Veil.'

Ross says to you, 'I want you to know that I and my team are willing to work with you with delicate healing such as Carla's. Open your pain, and allow us to cleanse the wounds of time on your heart. Together, we shall overcome it. I am here for you, just as I am for Carla; I can be present in many places at once--it is an ability of the higher realms to do this--and every place I go  has my full presence and loving healing gift to you. Ask for me if you have need in your next meditation.'

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc

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