Monday, September 15, 2014

Gaia News Brief 15.9.2014

The Grind

There have been some fascinating reactions to an arial photo of the annual 'hunt'--if you call chasing a group of cetaceans who bond so closely as a family unit that they will beach themselves as a pod if one member falls sick 'hunting'-- at the Faroe Islands in Denmark.

Fortunately, most agree this is indeed a travesty, and for those who were not sure that the red water was really caused by whaling activity, it took one google image of children photographed sitting on a whale carcass with a big gash in its throat gaping open, to see the pointlessness of this whole 'tradition'.

Although Sea Shepard workers were arrested earlier there this past week, and they were not able to stop the killing at that time, yesterday, Sunday 14 September, 2014 the waters there were blue.

And although it has been off and on, at the Cove in Taiji, Japan, where there is the annual hunt for the dolphins, yesterday, too, the waters were blue...

And not red with spilled blood of the hunted.

The Closet

Yesterday my assignment from Ross, my Illuminated Twin Soul and husband, for lack of a better word to describe him, was to empty the closet in my room, even if I had to pile things in the hall.

(The burst pipe and the damage and repair has sparked a huge beautification project at my home.)

What was in that closet? Books. Framed art. An old bassinet my son never liked. Many, many baby clothes and baby photos I wanted to 'save'. My Mad Magazine collection I began when I was eight. Lots of stuffed animals I had made with my son at Build A Bear, the kind with recordings of our voices in it, that say 'I love you' to each other, for when he went to his father's house on weekends and missed me so much when he was a toddler.

His father never let him take the teddy bear he made with my voice in it with him to his house.

His father never lets him call me, no matter how many times our son asks.

Yesterday our boy waited patiently for five hours for his dad to wake him up and get him food. On schedule, he woke up at six, just like in the week, hungry. And his father did not wake up until eleven.

How do you deal with a family like this? The grandmother is the saving grace.

Yesterday I said on a certain website, that I am 'in a relationship'.  I had the conversation with Ross the other day. Our Twin started with me being told there was someone 'up there' whose name was 'Ross' and he was my Twin. I learned this in meditation.

Ross made it clear at the introductions that I could have any relationship I wanted, with anyone, since I was incarnate and he isn't, and he totally understands.

I was like, thank you! And I proceeded to chase a Buddhist Chef who had taken a vow of silence because he had the highest vibration I had ever seen, and felt like HOME. Because after all, 'Up There' would be there when I die, and what's the fun in knowing you are stuck with someone for eternity anyhow?

A lot has changed between us, Ross and me.

Our relationship has grown stronger. There is one person, a medium and Reiki master like me, who was crucial in our getting together as we are. She was, in fact, my sister in our mutual past life, the one where Ross died...

So the other day I asked, very politely, 'Ross, are you my Significant Other?'

At first he laughed, and was totally caught off guard!

'I am your eternal Twin! I married you! (we have had four ceremonies which I have experienced with meditation--and other mediums have seen happen in their meditations too.)

But I asked, 'how do I check that box? Married? Single? It's complicated?'

And this gave a tremendous insight on behalf of the Galactics, with Ross taking a moment to explain it to his team, and I saw them furiously take notes.

Fully understanding, he said, 'Carla, you are taken. You are off the market. And I am too.'

This was on Saturday.

On Sunday I cleaned the closet.

Last night as I was clearing the bed absent-mindedly-for I had one last box on it, something caught my eye...

It was a book, a very small pocket-sized or smaller, mini-hardback book like had been popular in the early nineties.

It was the Song of Solomon.


I had forgotten I have ever owned it.

It was the one I had read many times as a girl in my bible study, and wished I would find someone who had felt that way about me.

Ross cares so much for me! And I am truly in love with him, in any dimension. I will enjoy this to my heart.

What about the people who congratulated me?

It was a risk. To announce the relationship like that. Ross isn't on that website. There were no pictures.

The Grandmother texted the father (our son oversaw the texts--'Finally' and 'It's real serious!')--and the father told me congratulations and I must tell our son right away.

He also told our boy I was dating, which completely blindsided him, and almost made him cry. Our boy said, 'Mom is too OLD for anyone to like her!'

Then he remembered Ross. And he knew.

When he came home I explained 'I wanted to see what those two would do' and I made furious texting gestures with my hands to make him laugh. And I said, 'they did exactly what I thought they would do.'

So for the record--our son sees and hears Ross telepathically, separate from my own ability.

It is a long distance relationship. He travels.

And we are taking it SLOW...


The south east corner of Big Island, the island named 'Hawaii' in the state of Hawaii--which is really seven or so islands--is in the lava path from Kilauea.

There used to be a circle island road, that went by the green sand beach. I took a tour bus there in 1996. That road got damaged from a lava flow shortly after, and never got repaired.

Instead one takes the 133 to get to that part, called Puna. I have a friend who lives in Pahoa. And there is Uncle Robert's place, at End Of Road--their side of the last Lava Flow--where The Kingdom Of Hawaii Lives, and people have dances and small markets. I went to a Halloween party there once. It is nice.

The reason that the road that circles island never got repaired is that the lava is still hot. You can melt your shoes on it if you walk out far enough. It's black on top but flowing underneath.

Well the lava is flowing towards the 133 now.

I greatly admire my friend for her courage and fortitude in her posts.

She is decidedly 5D or higher--weathered the recent hurricane with aplomb--and now went skinny dipping in the warm pond--which is heated by the volcano--just to celebrate being cut off from the rest of the island when that lava flows.

There is a whole community of people who are very 'hippie' and live completely off the grid in Puna. Farmers. They collect their rain water--it rains daily there, because it is near Hilo--to drink. Some homes have electricity from the company, others have solar systems. There are goat farms and egg farms (the egg man is a transvestite and very interesting to see when he makes his rounds through the neighborhood). My friends grow their own coconuts and pineapple too.

If there is anyplace in the world that can function and still thrive after being cut off from the road, it's Puna.

I'm so happy I know this place! And I hope for the Highest Good for all who are touched by this situation with the volcano.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Interestingly enough, in Hawaii, their New Year begins November--I think late October or early November--according to the Old Ways. There are also past stories of life being brought to Hawaii from the Pleiades. They know this constellations well. And currently, off of Kau--the south point of Big Island--many sightings of extraterrestrial ships happen to this day.