Monday, September 1, 2014

The Archangel Healing Key Of Freedom

Zero Rock, in the Salish Sea, British Columbia

This is 'Zero Rock', in the middle of the body of water between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. I saw it while whale-watching yesterday. Our captain said many people worry about this rock, and boat way off to the side of it to avoid it, thinking it is huge! Instead, they run into 'Little Zero Rock' that is over that way.

He enjoyed the freedom of knowledge of the water and the islands, and also that this feature, 'Zero Rock' is not only easy to avoid, but it has seals and cormorants on it for his passengers to enjoy!

Today's Archangel Healing Key is of Freedom. 

For Freedom from want, from hunger, from spiritual oppression, from anything that is holding you 'back' and 'keeping you down', the Archangels want you to know no use is too small for this key. Go ahead and use it with their blessings! On everything you can think of...namaste.

Here is the image and the click the box to watch it:

My boy noticed it. His comments? 'It looks like a catapult. It also looks like the sign for balance.'

I like that.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc