Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gaia News Brief 18.9.2014

A Day Of Testing

My son had a Math Skills test today. If you score over ninety percent, you don't have to practice math skills as homework all year. It is one hundred multiplication questions--single digits--in four minutes.

I raced him. I wanted to encourage him. And although the four minutes made me a little late for work, we went head to head, the old mom versus the young and able student.

I did it one hundred percent correct in two minutes.

It's hard to take the Mathlete and Enginerd out of the girl, you know? I graduated UC Berkeley with a BS in Chemical Engineering.

In my Tiger Mom heart, I wanted to show him what it's like to 'give it all you've got'...

He burst into tears, and didn't want to go to school!  So I was even more late...

Once at work, I noticed the iv tubing on my dialysis patient was Ringer Lactate (with potassium) and a normal iv tubing (high volume flow)--after the case started. I corrected it to normal saline on a minidripper.  This was Shock To My System Number Two.

Number Three was a stormy emergence.  I called in another anesthesiologist for an extra pair of hands. All was well.

Number Four was a Bad I.V. day where I needed another person to come try with me.

Shock number Five was the surgeon I busted my you-know-what for, skipping lunch at one to hurry the case--delaying with patient asleep for twenty minutes because of equipment he wouldn't work without being in the sterilizer.

Number six was a patient's family with a lot of questions, big questions, over code status in the O.R.. And being warned their loved one almost bit off the family member's finger last night. Great! Where do MY fingers go every day? Yikes! Better make sure this one is 'under' REAL deep before I work on them.

Number seven? The plumber didn't put the toilet back as scheduled today on the downstairs toilet. It's in the atrium. The water damage was over one month ago. It's ridiculous.

The energies out there are bound to 'test' you. Why? I don't know. But in the last day there has been a sudden change. Once you find yourself getting 'sucked in' to the drama, PULL OUT. 
You have permission. You don't have to 'go there' any more. Just open your heart, hold your breath--remind yourself to BREATHE--and hang in there as best as you can.

Cabo San Lucas

I have a very strong sense that what is going on there is Gaia clearing her negative energy with the least amount of loss as possible.  Remember, she routinely does mass extinction when she Ascends up another level of her own spiritual development. This time is a FIRST where everyone Ascends together, both her and her life forms, into the next higher D--this time from 3D to 5D. (where is 4D? The people of Atlantis blew it up. It doesn't exist now.)  For geologic stability in this 'upgrade' to 5D with the people, she needs to 'let off a little stress' here and there--hence volcanos and lava and storms.

The people affected in these mass events typically have agreed to being there in their Life Contracts for karmic reasons.

I am still praying and sending Reiki for everyone involved. Just know there is more to it than meets the eye, and chances are, it might have been even worse if not for the Lightworkers and their efforts.

Tiger Mom Happy

My boy scored ninety two percent on his Math Skills Test, and achieved his goal.

We Have Friends In High Places

five hours ago on my FB page 'Doctors With Reiki' I asked the following question:

  • Today I would like to ask a question: have you in your meditations, attunements, or Reiki sessions ever 'seen' an Ascended Master or Angel. If yes, who? And what did they say?
Thirty-five readers responded with first-hand experiences of interaction with many Ascended Masters, Angels, and Guides, including the Buddha. It's a fascinating read, if you have time for it. 

I have pinned it to the top of the page so you might want to stop by and take a look at the responses. You might also wish to add your own answer to share, too. I invite you <3

The Changing Of The Guard

Today in the O.R., I heard that a certain surgeon was complaining because the ER was not calling when he was on call and patients came in with surgical conditions.

There is a subtle exchange of power happening in the operating room. The older surgeons are being passed over in favor of their younger colleagues with the skill set for minimally invasive, faster procedures.

Another surgeon said, 'People are also calling the surgeon who is more NICE!'

I saw another older surgeon need a younger one, a woman, come in to 'help' with a condition that was a little more serious. She was very confident, and able, and stepped in for a short time to help much as a teacher would help a resident in a case. The change in dynamic was fascinating, and I enjoyed watching the collaboration that would have NEVER taken place like this ten, even five, years ago.

The Invitation

Today was the first day I was invited inside the home of my ex. We had to meet to discuss the 'expectations' for the school year with our son, together.

His brother, our boy's uncle, hates me. 

He said I trapped my boyfriend with the baby. And ten years after the fact, with no child support from the father, and my being polite and kind to the whole family, he still doesn't speak to me. And his hatred has kept me away from all family gatherings on their side, and also not allowed to step into the house even to pick up the child, because of his hatred.

Here is an example of not too long ago, how only the dogs approve of my presence:

Today he was there, in his room, with his wife, who feels the same, hiding with their hatred, and I was invited to sit at the table and talk about our son.

It felt long overdue, and I was grateful to be given dignity as a woman by the father today, and be invited in, instead of having to be the one that hides from the hatred for me in that home.

On Being 'Taken'

On Sunday I after a conversation with Ross, and much decision on the risks to myself, I went public with the relationship on my own FB page. 

I said 'in a relationship' and 'it's distance' and 'I don't want to talk much about it to jinx it'--as a way of telling my 3D friends the 'equivalent' of 'I have a man in another dimension'.  

In a way it's like the movie Her, where Joaquim Phoenix has a relationship with a computer. Only my Ross is a lot more than that!

He is pleased I took the risk. And I am noticing a change in how I am perceived at my work, because I am in a relationship.

I am telepathic.

And today I 'heard' the thoughts of the scrub tech I once had the biggest crush on even.

He was sad. He felt that I was a good woman. Too good for him--I picked that up too, and was surprised he would feel that way... he was sad to see me 'go' and be 'unavailable' any more.

Soon people are going to start to 'pick up' on thoughts and emotions of others, much like empaths do today, as the surrounding vibrations increase, and our birthright--Telepathy--the natural communication in the higher realms--begins to happen here too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc