Saturday, September 20, 2014

Gaia News Brief 21.9.2014

Trinity Massage

The other day I went to my favorite Raw Vegan restaurant. The only parking spot that was open was right in front of the Massage Parlor next door.

The hours are from ten in the morning until midnight. 'Walk ins are okay' . There are women who place candy and small leaf-wrapped pastries out as offerings to some spirit in the morning.

You also see the women squat and take their cigarette breaks outside.

I used to pray about the negative energy 'near' the 'holy' Vegan spiritual 'home' for me. I wrote articles about the situation--calling it something like the Not-So-Happy Ending--for the women who have no other skills and must work like this. I can't find that blog post for the life of me, but I wrote it trying to free those who are caught in this 'caste' in our society.

Then when I pulled up the last time, I was humbled with a sudden flash of insight !

They serve a need.
Perhaps they protect women from being raped or children from being molested, by providing this 'service'.
Who am I to judge?

I asked for forgiveness, for judging I had done, for a long time against that place, too.

By The Book

I just read the Magdalen Manuscript for the first time today.

I was a little disappointed.

Before I explain, let me share that she was NOT one of my favorite people in the New Testament. And I read it, the bible, often! I did Bible Studies every day when I was in High School.

She just made me wince. I didn't like her. I thought she was ugly--but spirit made me buy a picture of her holding up some chalice thing in a star of david with light coming off it.

I hid it for years, I couldn't stand to look at it.

And when I got hold of a book of channelled messages from a Buddhist--from like Jesus and the apostles and her--I skipped her chapter!

I didn't care what that woman had to say!

So why did I read it, the manuscript? And why was I disappointed?

A friend mentioned it. So I thought I should take a look. And the disappointment? Shit! Just read the forward and you're like--WTF?! Some psychologist who says he is a SCIENTIST and he doesn't trust channelers-- goes right ahead and channels the messages himself. And the GIRLFRIEND who has always wanted to know about Mary Magdalen puts him up to channeling it. And they get sex secrets from her!

So the book is a very short, twenty two or something channelled message where supposedly Mary Magdalen 'showed up' and 'made them check every word' and also 'double checked it' to her specification. Now THAT sounds like the real thing.

But the rest that wasn't straight from her? The exercises that the guy wrote (and says 'they worked! heh heh heh heh heh in the forward)? Forget about it! And the story of how many places she showed up to help them write it? Jeez Louise? I feel sorry for Mary Magdalen if that couple was the best channel she could get to write for her!

I did take her advice.

I did one small ceremony with water, and a candle.  I added to it. From my heart.

And I heard a voice say, 'I heard you'.

I was glad.

Putting On The Ritz

I am going to sound like a total Berkeley radical now. Please forgive me if you are into the social pages in the local paper.

I just don't get it.

There are a lot of things I don't get. One, for example, are 'weekends'. Where in creation is there a 'weekend'? Do bears go to Vegas? Do deer have coffee breaks? Do fish need to hang out at a sports bar to take in the games? How about the Trees? Do they go on picnics and watch the sunset?

A bear is a bear 24/7.
Deer are deer 24/7
Fish are fish 24/7
Trees are trees 24/7

And humans work an eight-hour day with two days off a week.

It's programming of behavior--isn't it obvious that with the industrial age, after the kids worked in the mills and some sort of decency came into effect, that weekends came into being, just like 'benefits'?

Artists CREATE when the mood strikes--they go with the flow--because they are like the bears, the deer, the fish, and the trees...they are with Source, and they follow their own 'time clock'.

Well, where on earth does 'helping to raise funds' require a black tie, formal event with drinks, auctions, dinner and dancing? Why does it need a golf event, or any event for that matter?

I just don't get it.  I just don't get it at all.

If you want a new fancy building at the hospital--why does there have to be a prom-like event that costs a fortune to get people to donate to the cause?

The Shame

I was shamed today. And I deserved it.

A neurosurgeon brought the cute young OR receptionist to the event.

I resented it. I was like, 'I worked so hard in medical school and she just shows up?!'

I saw how she greeted people, her true beauty, and her Light. I saw how gracious she was 'out of her element'. I also saw how kind she was to my son, who accompanied me because my mom was not able to make it at the last minute.

I was wrong.

All of the Doctor's Wives, and many of the Doctor's Husbands, never spent a day in medical school.

But they live a doctor's life, and help make it better for the doctor, and therefore, the patient.

She had just as much right to be there, as me.

There are a lot of doctors with poor social skills, or not enough of a social network to find a partner effectively. As a consequence, many who are 'around' the hospital attract the attention of the doctors, and end up dating.  This is no different from any other work.

A colleague of mine has a wife with a very rare, progressive disease, like multiple sclerosis but it's different and I forget.  One day, Spirit asked me to ask him how she was, and how they met?

She was in the pathology department, and ran tests with the microscope and equipment. They liked each other, and the rest is history.

You know, there are a lot of nasty chemicals with the pathology work--stains for the slides and exposure to specimens of all kinds. I wonder if there is a connection with her illness, from all of that?


I want to talk to you about my Carla. She is healing. Today was a better day.

It was poignant in that her ex chewed her out for not telling him that the basketball assessments for their boy were moved at the last minute. He had dropped his phone into water, and said to email him.  Well she did, but it was an afterthought after all the rush and bustle.

He called her because he wanted to go and was frantic and upset that he couldn't find the location. He accused her of emailing him a picture AFTER the event, as if she was trying to shut him out, when she was really trying to include him because he didn't show up and missed it.

The boys were cute, and she was absorbed watching and enjoying the whole time. Hers is the tallest (I take credit for that! --he's joking). But the ball handling was good, and the woman sitting next to her on the bench watching said out lout, 'Did you see those two boys on the end? Is that your son?' He passed better, twice as fast, as the others. No wonder why she forgot about the father! It was good to watch.

This was the first time with a tirade from the dad against her,  when she is the one who paid and organized the whole thing--where nothing registered on her energy read. Fear used to be a common one, along with dread and guilt.

She wanted to say the reason that she didn't email him is that she doesn't think about him at all, and his needs are an extra chore to remember for her.  But she didn't. She did say she thought he got the email that said there was a change and forgot to tell her, which was not logical but true (he had sent the email to her for the tryouts--so was on the list). She did say, 'How could I call or text without your phone?'

Apparently, the online registration got lost in cyberspace. But with responsibility, she spent the afternoon online looking for the confirmation of payment, the receipt. And since she couldn't find it, she drove back and paid for the season, and the uniform, to do it twice. Never once did she ask the father of her son--the biological father--for any help in any way.

That's how it is for most women.

In the Manuscripts by Mary Magdalen, there is mention of how the woman, once she feels safe and loved, emits a great deal of magnetic energy that is essential to the well-being of them both. They have to 'nest' together after coitus, to take full advantage for the 'Ka'.  (editor--Carla--Cobra says that when a man and woman 'unite' in love, the veil has a quantum anomaly and disappears between their union--and the cabal hates this).

So look at our world, around you. Does today's modern woman have any right to expect to be treated well by her man, if he marries her? Many men cheat on their partners, and also do the women. There is not the time or the opportunity to mate effectively in a higher sense, as an initiate of Isis would do back in time...

Are there forces in effect, in a big organized fashion--to take away the right to sexual pleasure and discovery of the Divine for humankind?

I want you to think about it.

I love my Carla very much. I am physical with her, in my own way. We in fact have a thriving relationship with our hearts. We are together as a couple, in every way, just in case you were doubting this is possible...our Light Bodies unite. And I can touch her and she can feel it. And she relaxes just like a kitten in my loving embrace. I am there for her, and she is there for me, with our energy, our bodies--as best as we can manage with the vibrational gap that is between us, and our hearts.

So for all of you Twins, who are on Ground Crew and Sky Crew like us--why not get into your center while you are meditating, and find the relationship in your hearts, and go from there like we did?

I wish you the best in all of your developments.

I will sign off for us now,

Carla and Ross, the reunited Illuminated Twins at Doctors With Reiki
(I'm not the doctor, I'm the 'doctors wife'!) ((Carla--he thinks this is really funny and is totally cracking up. With big hugs and blessings from us both--bye!)