Thursday, September 11, 2014

Gaia News Brief 11.9.2014

Practical Divine Assistance:

Yesterday as I was taking my work bag out of the car, Spirit guided me to eat the second half of my energy bar that was in a small baggie for 'emergencies' where I don't get to eat at work.

It seemed curious because I just had breakfast--a greek yogurt and toast. 

I paused.

I ate it.

Once I checked in to the O.R. and started setting up, I heard the second surgeon on this double-procedure case that wasn't scheduled as such on my assignment say, 'I will require another Two HOURS at the end of the first procedure to do my procedure for this patient.'
The case went six hours.

Reik STAT!

The case was getting very complicated, and the Nurse Assistant, my friend too, turned to me and said, 'I need some of that Rye-Kee STAT! Will you send it to me?'

I did.

She needed more.

I upgraded it to Karuna.

Then Ross and also her deceased husband, Dennis, came from Spirit to assist her too.

The Empowering Of The Female Staff In The O.R.:

The gynecologist was male. He is a bit 'out of touch' and 'lives in his head'. 

During surgery he made a comment to the effect of 'I appreciate your enthusiasm and wanting to please' to his assistant, who was a nurse, a highly-trained one who is allowed to actually DO surgery as an assistant. (she had asked for Reiki STAT earlier).

It came out like he was calling her a puppy wagging her tail.

The room called him on it.

He was like, 'Is that BAD?' because he had a choice to make an even more crude statement, and he self-edited it down to the puppy thing.

The whole room of women--from all ranks--said a resounding YES! 

He tried to explain he has a nine-year old daughter? His life is puppies and ponies! Are you sure it's still bad?


There was humor and laughter, but a profound energy shift had taken place. 

It was no longer permitted, in real-time without having to write up this type of behavior and 'go through the proper channels'--to say anything demeaning or insulting to women--and this 'redirection' was shown with love and respect for the male.

The Self-Awakening:

Sometimes people contact me directly with concerns of a spiritual nature. Often they see symbols and are excited to show them to me. They don't know what to do with them.

This story here, I want you to take special note:
  • The woman had signed up for a Reiki Class in October (when you commit to spiritual training, spirit has your back, and is able to work with you somewhat more even before the class begins because your Free Will has given permission for this.)
  • She kept seeing a symbol over and over in her meditation.
  • She shared it with me.
  • I instantly 'sensed' how to draw it (she didn't have arrows)
  • I knew this was from Archangel Samuel and it is an attunement key from him.
  • I had to check that Samuel IS an Archangel! I didn't know--so I checked with my sources.
  • He indeed IS, and is an angel of the Light--no matter what Wiki says.
  • I explained to the woman how to use it.
  • She is overcome by tears of joy, humbled by the opportunity to be called forth by Archangel Samuel, and her hands are now REALLY HOT after doing what I said.
  • She has given permission to share her identity and her symbol, which I will do soon.
We have our own connection to Source and Spirit will work with us--she is but the first of many who will 'bypass' traditional training on earth, and 'start working with' the teachers from the Higher Realms directly.

The Explosion of Light in the O.R.:

Remember the 'not so in touch with the feminine' male gynecologist described earlier?

He brought up Naturopaths with a hint of arrogance in the next case.

I explained to him this, gently, and very very vaguely:
  • patients don't trust regular doctors
  • regular doctors speak 'doctor', like a foreign language and culture--it's frightening to people who are sick. 
  • the EXPENSE of medicine and societal expectation goes into it. (another surgeon the other day complained that the patient had a high deductible, and chose to pay the mechanic to fix the car instead of the surgeon, but keeps asking for more services from the surgeon, who finally has had to say 'pay first'--just like the mechanic who says 'pay first to get your car back'.)
  • alternative healers are trusted because they are more humanistic and sensitive to emotional needs.
  • the surgeon said, 'Chinese medicine says--if you have a chronic disease that won't kill you and is not responding to treatment, we are very good in those situations and you should try it.'
  • I said The Proof Is In The Healing, and patients are experiencing healing with the alternative providers--the part of us that attracts us to our careers medicine in the first place is deep in our soul, and related to our purpose--why not all of us healers share, and be friends, and celebrate being the healers we are?
Spirit wanted me to give Reiki. To him. NOW. And a LOT of it. So I did.

It turns out HE IS an advanced healer. He just doesn't know it. He has created a line of vitamins for people with interstitial cystitis, a chronic and painful condition of the bladder where many foods and vitamins cause pain once they go to the bladder to be excreted. His vitamins won't hurt, and will provide nutrition--for example, some of his patients get scurvy--by avoiding the pain of Vitamin C.

And I took it up a notch--I told him I am Reiki Doc, and I have a presence online--and I will fully support the launch of his website because there is so much suffering to be relieved by his product that fills a need.

He was stunned to learn I am internationally known amongst healers of all traditions of healing art, that I have a whole presence in the healing community outside the O.R.!

He had questions.

And ultimately, he and the rest of the OR learned who I am--intuitive, psychic, Reiki Master-Teacher, medium and anesthesiologist! 

Some of his colleagues were my students! And I had done mediumship in that OR, and also for the charge nurse!

At the end of the case, the scrub confessed her aunt knew Reiki and did it on all the kids when they were growing up.

Intuitive, I sensed the kids didn't enjoy it, and I continued the conversation gently from there...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. This I just read now, at 20:48 PST--and I totally love it!