Monday, September 15, 2014

Gaia News Brief 16.9.2014

The Call Of Gaia 

This morning, I went out to get the paper before taking my boy to school. I had the day off. While I was there, outdoors, I felt a very strong urge to assist my readers and followers to draw closer to Nature. I sent Reiki to all, for my daily healing, over and over, with the symbol the Flower Of Light.

This is very healing and grounding, and in times of change, nothing beats the joy and beauty of trees and birds and flowers...for helping one find one's way.

Oddly enough, at the very same time I did this and posted shortly thereafter, a reader on FB said that suddenly they were drawn to turn a corner on their bicycle, and discovered a beautiful new lake with a home on every cove that she never knew was there!

She was so overwhelmed by the serene beauty that tears began to flow...

This is healing at its finest, the energies release and one sees clearly into the heart of Creator, and understands the gift that has been given us, to be here, now, alive, and One with the Divine.

The A.M. Radio Show

There were a lot of commercials after I dropped my son off at school. So I listened to the local Oldies station because their commercials are out of sync with the other commercial stations, while I drove back home.

The morning staff played a clip of Floyd Mayweather Jr. reading and struggling for a charity promotion commercial.

And they made fun of him and talked about the 50 Cent Harry Potter challenge!

I cried.

Right then and there in the car.

I cried about their insensitivity, to someone who was clearly disabled at reading. Was he dyslexic? Did his parents read to him? Did he have access to quality education? Was there a closed head injury causing the stammering and confusion over the words?

What about the people who cannot read for medical or neurological reasons?

What about those who can't even get an education? They have to work, or come from a part of the world where it is not a right for every citizen.

I prayed then and there for ALL citizens of Gaia to have access to the best therapy for reading that is available, no matter what, and for all bodies and minds to heal enough for learning to be possible.

And I switched the station.


As I filled my tank at the gas station, I checked my messages on FB page DWR. There was sad news, the cat 'Bagel' had passed. The owner was devastated, and the Reiki friend who relayed this information to us for the request was doing everything possible to support the family in Bagel's loss.

A moment later, Ross came out of the ether and into my consciousness, smiling and holding Bagel in his arms. I opened my arms to receive her, and she was one beautiful, energetic, happy cat. She whispered (I am an animal communicator, too) to tell her mom that 'I am happy'.

Then she proceeded to play with a felt ball that had a bit of catnip in it Ross had brought with him.

To my amazement, at that moment, a truck from this place turned in to the same gas station--I've never seen one ever before--

It was confirmation of the message for the family, don't you think?

The Dishes

As you may know, my kitchen and garage suffered severe water damage from a burst copper pipe, in August.

Today, was the first time I opened up boxes and started to unpack. I made a lot of trips back and forth from the garage to unwrap each item, and to the newly rebuilt cupboards.

Absentmindedly, as I held a bowl in my hand, I said, in my heart, 'Thanks God for giving me my kitchen back!' as cheerful and as direct as I could be.

Then it hit me!

Everything is fragile and can be 'taken away' at any time:

  • dishes break
  • kitchens get water damage
  • houses face disasters, like the Silverado Canyon Fire
  • cars break
  • we get sick and die
  • love relationships sour and break apart
  • children grow up and leave home
  • pets die
For the first time, since I was a teen, I ran to the couch, threw myself on the pillows on my stomach, and bawled.

I had never realized how much courage it takes to walk this life, where anything can blow up in your face, everywhere you turn, like walking through a field with land mines in it! It hurt! It felt so fragile, in my heart, to even attempt to walk such a thing!

I asked for Ross! I called with my heart, and Ross came. He held me.

He also adjusted my energy, I can't explain how, but the anguish dissolved, and I felt tired but calm again. 

I heard him comment to the others, thinking I couldn't hear, how this is a good sign on my waking up, as I am seeing the Matrix clearly for what it is, a daunting task for anyone who is incarnate.

Then I got up and I went on with my day.

I am writing this early, because mornings are a struggle. We were late today by fifteen minutes at the school. So in Europe and the East, it is 16.9.2014, and I publish this a little early for my time zone, now.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc