Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Nuances Of Higher Realm Life Experience

'What dimension am I now, mom?' my son asked me as we returned to the hotel after his first shaman meditation at the shore. He was being guided by Great Spirit, and I assisted him just a little in helping to anchor his dreams and let go of his concerns for the coming school year.

'You are six D' I answered, with full confidence from my guides.

I used to think I was six D going on seven D, but about one year ago I learned I was actually twelve D.

'What dimension are you now mom?' he asked.

I was surprised at the answer from Spirit. I was now thirteen D!

So, what is it like to be higher dimensional and incarnate in a third-dimensional existence? (actually, it's between four and five D now, and all Nature and Gaia is fully five D. It's the inhabitants that have Free Will who are needing to 'go up' and 'awaken'.)

Well, at first it doesn't feel any different, except for a feeling of 'not fitting in' and also 'overwhelming desire to go home.'

As you wake up, you have this passion, this curiosity, this connection to self-discover, self-discover, self-discover.

Your past lives come back as a memory.

Your associates, other Starseeds, find you and you find them.

Then you go through a series of 'tough love' assignments to clear up any distortions to your thinking, and helping you to acknowledge and release any thought patterns that are not joyful for you.

For example, ten years ago,  I stumbled upon the realization that if I can't have kids, I might as well join in the happiness of the couples who do, as my patients, on Labor and Delivery. Who wants the energy of 'sour grapes'--or to bring it--to a joyful even like that?

Shortly thereafter, I got my son.

Yesterday my son remembered his past, in our First Nations past life together. He was my best friend's son. But his mother died  a few months after he was born, and his father died at sea not long after.

So my father and I raised him as our own.

I was stunned to see how children can come to you, Great Spirit sends them, and it is just as 'right' and 'loving' as if they arrived 'the usual way'.

I had that one coming to me.

It felt right. You see, Archangel Haniel and I are having a disagreement of sorts. She wants me to embrace all her fertility key. And I don't want to. My life has been one of extreme disappointment in the relationship sector of my life.

I adore being a mother, and am very very blessed. But I was crying after being abandoned early in the pregnancy, so much so that I forced myself to watch comedy films at home so as not to create an unbalanced hormonal/energy milieu for my unborn child.

The custody battle over him was hell on earth.  I learned nothing. It was not useful for my soul growth. It was annoying, and painful and sad.

Well, Archangel Haniel 'popped in' yesterday morning. And with all Galactic aplomb and courtesy, as we are very 'diplomatic' when we are 'up there' and with my Consciousness I was...I gave her a piece of my mind.

I invited her to feel my pain and I requested that she never work with me again on this matter because I do not like how she is 'leading me' through this lesson.

She freaked out. She winced. She cried. She was shocked.

Angels do not cry or experience pain.

Incarnate ones do.

Every day.

Ross had to tell me to stop. And she went away, hurt, because 'she was only trying to help' and could not understand WHY I would not like any mention of my 'sore spot' in any way since she wants to heal it?

This has to do with the part after you drop everything and acknowledge everything and you have to go to full-on five D--you 'rebuild' that which is 'broken' by imagining it whole, using your powers to 'create' to restore and bring in the perfect, healthy, five D 'you'.

Imagine I wore dentures.

I would be asked to imagine I have all my healthy teeth, strong and white, every single day. And with practice, I would grow my teeth back, better than they were before I lost them.

So what does Archangel Haniel do?

She sent into the washroom, a makeup bag. With one big feminine EYE on it. Yup--that's right--that's the middle of her key. And what's in it? Tampons, maxi-pads, and condoms.

She wanted me to take it.

I did because I didn't want to see what she would throw at me next if I didn't.

I got the 'message'--don't think 'dead ovaries--dried up--useless- life is over--now a crone.'

Imagine young and healthy and it will be.

It still hurt like the bejeezus! I ignored it, and I didn't thank her, and I didn't think of it all day.

Again, I am the 'one' with the reputation as a 'bad girl' and 'rebel' 'up there'. People like me because I'm not your typical 'galactic'. I speak my mind. I play fair. And I don't take any crap from anyone.

At the beach, when I was with my son--as I mentioned earlier in this post--I saw a stone with a perfect crescent on it. It was black with a white crescent 'moon' ringed in orange.

I felt it was a peace offering from 'her'.

I accepted it.

And I have refused to think of anything since. I have all eternity to 'grow' my five D body--or whatever it is a thirteen D soul 'gets'--and I just don't want to think about it because it HURTS.

I acknowledge that I must grow in this area. And I will. I insist, though, I do so at my on pace, at my own time, when I am ready for it.

Then today, I was skimming through the headlines, and I got this:

'I'm so happy to be blogging after having my baby'. the author writes.

It hurt like hell. I am technically 'happy for her' and yet I do not wish to open my heart any more because she is not my patient, I am not there, and I don't even know the author.

'Okay Archangel Haniel. I've had enough for today. Thank you very much. I want to relax, stop paddling my canoe, and just dry out on the rocks next to this seal.'


Carla got really nasty with Haniel the other day. I had to go in and stop her. And yet Haniel persists.

Archangels have the agreement to really help. And when Carla put that key into her aura, she agreed to work with Haniel, whether she likes it or not.

Carla is fighting this important lesson.

It has to do with me, and what I did with her, at the birth of our son, when we were both incarnate in Jerusalem many years ago.

That one act, and my dying shortly after it, sparked off a chain reaction of FURY on the part of my soul Twin.

Carla hated me with all her might for causing her pain, for abandoning her as a woman, for disregarding her gift of her precious body, of New Life in my own image, to me.

Instead I got all political, and listened to my mind and not my heart, and really screwed her up. I gave our son away to a wet nurse before she ever could hold it, to be whisked away and raised apart from Carla before his first cry, and told Carla our child was still born. (I would have done this with the first if it was a boy, but it was a daughter, and not 'important' politically, so I let Carla keep that one.)

If EVER a Twin could divorce their Twin, it would have been Carla that divorced me.

She refused to talk to me, just like she refused to let go of her anger and her misfortune and being reminded of it by Archangel Haniel. She did this for incarnation after incarnation, both in and between lives.

And yet she gives this message to you. From her heart. Both the original one, as a pure channel from our sister Archangel Haniel, to Archangel Lauren, to Carla, to you--and also this 'point to grow on' that is very humbling indeed for my Carla, because she KNOWS she is the only one who can do this soul work, and no one else can do it for her.

And in her heart of hearts, Carla wishes to bear me another child, and to have 'everything go right'. This is my highest wish too, and often, I have shared with her the love I have in my heart to make her the mother of my child again, and again, as often as she wishes to have children with me.

Our young 'shaman' is our 'son', only Carla agreed to have him when my mother and I asked-- without knowing I would come through her boyfriend's body and spark the soul and spirit in our boy. Carla was forty when she got pregnant. You all know what the odds of fertility are at this age. And yet the spirit 'took' so strong that as a beginning energy healer she felt it, the new energy in her lower abdomen, before she ever took a pregnancy test.

(smiles) Carla's happiness was off the charts, the most elated in her entire life, that day she saw the two blue lines on the pregnancy test strip--'At LAST, my God has shown he LOVES ME!!!' was the thought that leapt from her heart.

I have been telling her ever since, that I was THERE at that moment, smiling, and right next to her, sharing her delight. And that I was THERE while she experienced what being pregnant is like (she adored it! She journaled in a special pregnancy journal every day, no matter how sleepy she was from her work).   And I was THERE in the delivery room as our son was born, and she was in hiding from the father of her baby--the earth father--because she did not want the pain of his presence interfering with her anxiety she already had about childbirth (she heard a lot of screaming in her career in putting in epidurals, right?).

Carla is 'back' to me.

She loves me.

She would never run away from her Loving Twin. She regrets that she reacted as such, and I do not blame her.

But we have a lot of work to do together, as a couple. I do my part, and she does hers.

A lot of you are out there, waiting for you Twins to show up 'and make everything all right'...

This is not the case.

Your Twin will arrive the second you have completed the work on yourself to prove that you are ready to handle it--you possibly have a past like ours, or more painful.

Spirit is on your side, and only you can do the necessary growth to experience the wonder and the joy--and yes, we have it! Carla is not running away again!--that the reunion of the twins has to offer. 

That is the Good Part.

Just remember, that for all your longing for reunion, you will have some 'barnacles to scrape off the bottom of the hull of your Dream Boat'--and it will take some good old-fashioned elbow grease and persistence to 'carry it off'.

Just ask for me when things get too 'unpleasant' or 'something unexpected' comes along.

I have seen EVERYTHING. Carla has thrown it at me, with her hardest arm--incarnation after incarnation.

And I know just how to say it so you will understand your guidance that you have from me.

I am not like Archangel Haniel with Carla--not in any way--I respect the pain and do not pressure you to have any growth until you agree to work with you hand in mine on your heart, and your memories.

I am there for you, and the Higher Self of Carla is as well. I like her, her Higher Self--and soon my Carla will be 'all together again' as one, whole, perfect and complete, with her 'overcoat of her Higher Self' to guide her and assimilate her all the way into her perfect 'five D or whatever' body that she has no idea what it will be like to inhabit. (smiles and gently laughs)

So for all of you, from 'all of us'   'up here' in the Higher Realms, we hold you with love in our hearts, and welcome you home at last to the Higher Vibrations that are nurturing, warm, loving and compassionate in every way, no matter WHAT you have experienced in your sojourn through Duality and all the lessons it has to offer.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Reiki Doc

P.S. That is my fountain at the Butchart Gardens, the first picture, the 'Ross Fountain'.  I asked Carla to post it, that one that wasn't the best image of it, the one that was hardly recognizable, to show the distance between three D (the foreground) and five D (the water) is not that great. To give you hope and 'that is do-able' experience. Namaste.