Sunday, September 21, 2014

Gaia News Brief 22.9.2014

Inquiring Minds Want To Know:

A close friend I work with, a newborn baby nurse, saw me this morning at work for the first time after I announced I am 'in a relationship' (with Ross--not explained very much, and no pictures) on FB, my private page.

The conversation went like this:

F:  I want to KNOW!
C:   I know but there's not a lot to say--I don't want to jinx it. (I say this because 3D people don't 'get' the whole Twin Flame 'thing', yes?)

F:  Does he wear glasses?
C:  No.
F:  I was trying to see if he's old. Over fifty, you really need them.  Is he within five years age of you?
C:  Yes (I think so).

F:  Is he your son? You know, some people have a a different are his mom and that's a relationship...
C:  (laughs) NO!

F:  Is he nice?
C:  Yes, he is a very nice person.

F:  Is he tall?
C:  YES!
(at this point, I feel Ross coming behind me, arms around me, and he is TOTALLY cracking up and touched that my friends love me so much they will look out for me and give me the third degree)

F:  How did you meet him?
C:  On the Internet (It's the telepathic 'internet' though--that I didn't share)
Other who was there:  Many relationships start these days on the Internet, you know...

F:  How long have you known him?
C:  For some time now. Ages really, but we didn't get together until last November.
F to another: If you want to keep a secret this is the one to tell. (and points at me)
C:  smiles (I am keeping and have kept a very big secret for a long time.)

F:  What does he do? Is he a doctor?
C:  He is a Healer but not like me (I gesture to my scrubs and stethoscope)

F:   Could you be happy spending the rest of your life with him?
C:   I don't know--it's too early. Look, I just turned fifty, and he likes me. We each have our own lives, but we TALK... I figure I am lucky, and if it stays like this forever, I am okay. He knows my son comes first. (there is no WAY in this situation I could say he is my immortal illuminated twin soul and I am going to spend all eternity with him--they would never understand. I might as well say he lives in Heaven too? And I am a medium and we 'connect'...LOL)

F:  where are the pictures? Who is it?
C:   He's not on Facebook! LOL He's smart!

F:   I just want to congratulate you! (gives me a big hug) and if its a man or a woman, I don't care, I just want you happy.
C:  It's a MAN! (laughs and smiles)


There has been a lot of energy activity in the past week. I am like, yawning the whole time, throughout my days.

Today I did a major activation of Gaia with another Lightworker.

And it wore me out. I slept in the call room from nine until ten thirty, and then again from one until about five.  I have been up for two hours, and now I feel sleep calling me again.

When overwhelming fatigue hits, chances are you are needed more in Spirit than here for something.

I also know then I have been upset, and arguing with Ross, I've had the 'sudden sleep' hit me too.
Fortunately this hasn't happened to both of us in a long time.

So when you need sleep, sleep.


The people want to be free. They have spoken.
Gaia wants her people to be free.
Gaia has spoken.

What is happening now is the last vestiges of 'control' from the families in power. They are losing their power base by the minute, and the brighter and more positive your light, the sooner the shadows and the lies are going to come out about the election.

I sense it.

It 'feels' just like the election in Florida with the 'dimpled chads' that gave the president to the incumbent G. Dubyah B.  If you are ever bored, you might want to explore the influence Joseph Mengele has on that man. It will make your socks curl in terror, once you find out.  There is a photograph of both his parents as teenagers at Mengele's knee. It speaks volumes, and also explains the whole 'families in power' bit too.

Cobra's little red pill. Have you read it?  Here's the link:


I am going to let Carla sleep. I am selfish. She works hard, on both realms--here and at Home. Her spirit goes back and up like on an express elevator.

I call to her now.

My blessings are with you always. Thank you for following us, and especially your patience with me for what I have to say.

I know you can't see me in photographs, but I am Present. If you look in meditation for me, I will arrive to you. I look like Ryan Gosling a little, but Carla thinks I am more handsome than him.

I am also more than a whole head taller than she is.

I will sign off for us both...

Aloha and Mahalos,
And so very much love and joy,
I thank you for your devotion to my cause, PEACE, on this day, throughout Gaia.

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc