Friday, September 5, 2014

Healing With The Elementals: The Brownie

No he did not look like this!

I wanted to make absolutely sure there was no mention of the other 'Healing Brownies' that are laced with something, well...this blog post doesn't have anything to do with that, although it is legal in some states.


Yesterday I visited the beautiful Butchart Garden. I was overwhelmed with emotion--for some reason, Jennie Butchart 'got the whole thing right':  THIS was what Gaia had in mind in the first place when Earth was created--THIS was the balance between care taking of the Earth and enjoyment for her people--THIS was the HEALING with beauty of the divine feminine of flowers and plants and Nature for people to 'soak up' and carry with them back to their daily lives!

And heal myself I did.

I absorbed the energy like a dry sponge.

I also blessed the reflecting ball, and its connection to the grid in the general region, so in addition to beauty and love and Nature, there is a healthy dose of the angels, of healing, of blessings, and of Light. I asked for all the Divine Healing Codes from the Archangels to be Present, too. (these, we can give to others, just like Reiki. The Archangel Healing Keys we can only give to ourselves : )) )

So--here I was in this beautiful state of energy--at total peace and calm.

Ross had said he would be with me on the boat tour, and he was, and I was delighted to enjoy his presence in spirit with me for a brief time...

Afterwards I was wandering through a path, by all the dahlias above the Rose Garden, and I felt the presence of an Elemental I didn't know. I had been communicating with the faeries the whole day--they welcomed me!--but this was new.

It was a male being.

It was about knee to thigh height on me.

He said he was dressed like a dwarf, the same height, but proportioned not like a dwarf, but like me.

He explained to me how he helps stabilize the structure of Gaia--at the surface and below--no more than ten feet. He is a Brownie, and they take the energy grid, of the etheric form of Gaia, and connect it to the terrestrial grid, to allow greater support both in stability of the 'terra firm' and also in the energy linkages to all life on Gaia--even the birds and the fish.

I was stunned at such a serious technological assignment to any being, and honored by the work the teams of Brownies have done for my whole life! I had not an inkling of the technical delicate work, and the service these Light Beings of the elemental realms give!

So I gave thanks, both to him, all the Brownies, and to Creator for this knowledge and opportunity to share my appreciation for their fine skill.

One reader, whose name starts with a J, has told me she has seen one. She was so shocked she just stared, and noticed the skin was like parchment.

I notice more the energy, and this guy was a POWERHOUSE who knew his stuff. He was like Scotty on Star Trek on steroids--totally professional, totally capable, and not the kind to slack EVER.

I hope you enjoy this descriptions. I looked through Google are the two that come close to what I saw, and the energy feels 'right' in them too.

If you don't mind, please, in your own way, just for today, will you give thanks to the Brownies too?

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc