Friday, September 26, 2014

The Healing Blessing Symbol and Key

The affection energy that is present in both the mandala and the sisters wearing sunglasses in the field of flowers, is the same.

With it carries the energy of loving acceptance, appreciation, encouragement and Light.

We can activate this energy deep within our souls, and furthermore, gift it to others, with this hybrid Reiki symbol and key which goes by the name, Blessing.

For healing ourselves, we use this symbol first on the skin, with our finger, a crystal, or a pen. Immediately following, we write it in the air a little bit above the skin, to write it into our aura, or energy field. Use it once, and it is enough to activate this energy 'bandwidth' within you. Use it more often, and it will enhance the energy of yourself and others who are in your auric field--who come close, and get a 'hit' off your 'vibration' or 'vibe' that you have for them.

For others, this is not a 'key' as such, but an energy 'bandwidth' to assist with the healing of yourself and others.

It has no side effects.

No Reiki training is needed.

Just draw the design with your mind, finger, or crystal when you are healing others. Or yourself in daily self-Reiki if you are Reiki trained.


It is with blessing that I gave this symbol to Carla, because I greatly admire her work ethic, compassion, and tenacity in doing 'what is right' for those who are under her care--both in Spirit, and in the hospital. Enjoy its use, from both of us to you, with so very much love, as your brother and sister in  the cosmos. Namaste.

Aloha and Mahalos.

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doctor