Sunday, September 28, 2014

Gaia News Brief 29.9.2014

Super Productive Day

For all my doing nothing yesterday, it paid off. Not only did I publish to the world two Archangel Healing Attunement Keys and one Archangel Healing Key, I attuned someone to Reiki 1 (distance), created a 'page' to go with this blog--look a little below this area for a link to 'services and products I reccommend'--and updated both the Divine Healing Codes (adding one) and the summary of the Archangel Healing Keys.

Plus Spirit brought in new things to me!

I also got a little bonus--one corner of my dining room has had stuff in it I've never really liked. The problem is that I like to write letters and send cards, but my desk is upstairs. And so I made a little 'office supply corner' that quickly de-evolved into a mess. I threw out a lot of unneeded items, and organized.

I only saw one black widow, and it was a baby one at that. I was super thankful.

Love Stays

I opened my 'time capsule' for the first time in nine years. In that same corner is the trunk where I kept all of my son's favorite baby things. I opened it with excitement, to see what he would say.

The magic of all his baby-ness was still there! Some of the toys, some of the tiny clothes...I was happy to share it with him.

He wasn't so happy--LOL--he was upset he couldn't remember!

I went through some old birthday cards from his first birthday. I was surprised at how with time I was able to decide what cards to keep, and what to let go. Ones from my father and my aunt who have since passed away I kept. Along with a handful of choice ones, for various reasons.

The energy signature in each card was just the same as the day I opened it.

The love stays, no matter how long it has been since the card or the letter or the photo was first sent.

Ross' Secret Surprise For My Soul

My boy came back from his dad's weekend. It's not far, just a fifteen minute drive away. He caught his first fish. And for the first time, his dad is looking to buy him something nicer than the air bed he got for Christmas as an answer to my prayer two years ago. The new girlfriend is willing to pay half for it. I was so thankful.

The best part is that Ross talks to our son--Ross is the spiritual father, and the other is the biological one--in a galactic way it makes 'sense' but I can see how to most well, it just doesn't...

When he came back home, our little one who is not so little, said he asked Ross to help him. He asked Ross to make his uncle nicer because he was getting mean over a football game when his team was losing. And it WORKED!

There was another favor our son asked, and it worked too. It's so cute to hear him speak of Ross like that. It warms my heart and soul to hear of it.

Cut Your Losses

On Thursday, the pediatrician told me to show the elevated lab values in our son's bloodwork to his father, furthermore to explain why the food changes need to be the same in both homes.

(side note--we go vegetarian here, then it's all meat and low carb there. We go insulin resistance diet here, and it's all pizza and pasta and mexican food there.)

My mom, who is intuitive, said, 'don't do it.' She said a reason why that makes sense.

I thought perhaps to discuss the best approach with the counselor first? (the birth father is very obstinate, and will do the opposite just to spite me)

Then I realized, just get NEW labs, and see how they are. Then there is more information to act on it.

Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do, and it is difficult. In these situations I face a struggle, pick an approach, and reassure myself with 'we do the best we can'.

Canada's Residential Schools

A friend I know up in Canada is First Nations. She confirms what Kevin Annett says about the treatment of First Nations Schoolchildren who were taken from their families is true.

She says the incest was so bad that people in the area set up 'Safe Houses' for the children who had no place to go, and couldn't return home to their families. Alcohol and drug abuse, as well as sexual abuse, was rampant through the communities. Also the teachers, priests and others who were supposed to care for the young people were sexually abusing the children too. She was part of this movement, the hidden movement to provide escape and safety to the children who could get away.

She also says that there is information from the Red Cross on how medical experiments were done on these children without their consent--against the Geneva Convention and all medical ethics protocols for modern medical research.  She has seen the papers with the facts on them, first hand, at the meetings with the chiefs.

I have heard too, from Kevin, that the death rate from tuberculosis was about fifty percent inside the residential homes for these First Nations 'students', where medical help was not given at the same rate as in the outside community.

Here is another story in the news she just posted up on her page:

Enjoy What Is

When the news gets you down, step outside for a minute. Chances are there is a breeze. Birds are singing and the sun is shining. There is a hum of activity, of life...

Nothing is happening to you in that moment.

Why not take a break--take off your shoes, and just sit on the grass on a blanket and catch ten minutes of sunshine? Or sit on a swing or a lawn chair and have a nice tall glass of water.

This is your world too.

The one you can change, your 'circle of influence'.

Enjoy this, and don't let what is going on somewhere else on surface Gaia make you miss out on all the blessings you have right at your fingertips where you live.


I was really quiet today. I hardly talked to Carla. I saw her working, and working, and at one point I shared with her how excited I was that things were going to well on her projects.

I come and go. I come and go a lot when it comes to our relationship.

Try to remember this when it comes to your Twin Soul. They have stuff to do sometimes. So do you. Your hearts are always together, in loving connection, forever!

The Twin Flame reunion is not a 'one and done' scenario.  It is a dance. A connection through the energies of both of you. There are good days, where you are close and 'highly domestic'. There is adventure when one or the both of you experiences something new, and exciting! And then there are the quiet times, where there doesn't seem to be 'much going on'.

(he raises one finger, and moves it from side to side)

Everything has a purpose. Everything moves you ahead, in your own spiritual development...even when the twin is quiet, or moving backward in some way.

Life is a circle. It will come round for you. I know it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and that woman of my life that I call 'Reiki Doc', Carla, my wife in the Higher Realms.

I can't wait to come back to her and hold her in my last time. This time, I am not letting go. Ever <3