Monday, December 2, 2013

A Message From Our Lady, December 2, 2013

My Dearest Children,

Open your eyes!

Look carefully at all that is presented to you in the way of advertisements, news, and what is popular and encouraged in your behavior this time of year.

Discern what is elicited in your heart by this interaction with the electronic news media or industry of entertainment. There is always a moral to the story, is there not?

What is the 'moral of the story' in your heart?

  • is there a push to separate you from your money?
  • is there a given conclusion that you are being asked 'to see'' that far outweighs any of the other options? Outrage is one example of a 'button that has been pushed' by the electronic beast.
  • do you feel separate and whole, or lacking in any kind?
  • is there an 'only if', and 'only if this wonderful thing happened everything would be fine' or a 'just if I can make it through this day' component to the energy you are experiencing?
That is not of God. And certainly not of the Divine Feminine Gaia Goddess Energies.

When these come to you--you are bombarded with them from all sides, my children, constantly--I ask a simple favor of you; will you give me this request with your consciousness and your entire heart?

Look for the hand that moves the puppet.

Look for the motive behind the ad or the news or the latest fad.

Look for the Truth.

What will 'resonate' with you is clear to understand once you get used to the process.

For everything you 'are not sure', TEST TEST TEST.  Always ask for Divine Guidance in everything you take into your being, into your Light.

What is there to do if something 'is not whole' or 'is a trick'?

Study it. Learn from what you observe with your eyes and your heart. For eyes and heart that work together are wonderful tools of faith, and God will grant a victory to the masses if they open up their eyes and hearts together, all of it, together, as One.

Soon everyone will be looking for the trick behind what is presented to us on how to act, how to shop, and how to relate to one another.

It is a great big trick! In just about everything!

For you, and your family, 'eyes wide open' and 'heart to the forefront of our awareness' of 'what is up' is the motto!

Celebrate, and enjoy each other's kindness and Light! You are together on earth at this time for a reason! Open it, just like you would a present.

Namaste, Namaste, Namaste.

I am praying for you to 'come alive in Love-light from the Universe' this time! Will you hold my hand? Times are going to get very exciting in a hurry, once you are opening your eyes as a routine. And heart! Together your eyes and heart are a very powerful resource, my children. Remember you are Very Much Loved, and promise to me that you shall use it well!

I wish you Merry Christmas, From the Bottom of My Heart.
I would gladly do it all over again for each one of you.

Blessings, Love, and Kindness Reign in Heaven,
And also on Earth this time of year.

Mother Mary

This message was channeled by, and all rights pertain to, Reiki Doc. Okay to share if it is in its entirety.

Aloha and Mahalos,
Reiki Doc