Monday, December 9, 2013

For The Innocent That Do Not Know, May They Be Spared

On Mondays I feed Cecil mice. Today I took the black and white Reiki Mouse* out of the holding tank where he had been boarding for a week, and said, 'Mouse, it is time for you to do what you were raised to do.'

I felt sad. But I have released all attachments to mice. I know how they live. Three of the Reiki Mice ended up with all white Mouse number four dead in the cage. I buried it on Saturday.

Mice kill each other. It's the dominant males thing in a cage. There can be only one. They 'know' who fathered the litter. If another male 'fathered' a litter instead of them, the dominant one kills all the pups. One by one. It's not pretty seeing pieces of little pink mice all over the bedding. But that is what mice DO, and how they live, and who am I to judge them on this issue? It works for them, in some way, that I, not being mouse, cannot understand.

Snake had a big poop and pee (it's solid white) in his rock 'hut'. While he was in the feeding cage with mouse, I cleaned it.

Cecil had recently been shedding. So when the cage was clean, I picked him up on the hook, and on the way to putting him back in his housing cage, started to help him peel the patches that didn't fall off.

One sheet of dried skin came off thicker than usual. And it was all wet and slimy underneath. Had he been in the water? I didn't know. But I kept picking, the rest was normal.

Attune Snake, something in Spirit nudged.

But I didn't trust it. Snake would come to me first if he wanted to be attuned. After all, if I attuned Snake, would I not attune all Reptiles, and possibly, the Reptilians by extension? I knew snake was 'stuck in 3D', as far as Ascension goes. My guides had told me. So I asked my pet if he wanted to be attuned to Reiki. Cecil said, 'I am a healer already.' He was not interested in being attuned. My guides were present but very quiet.

 I looked closer, at Cecil's skin, and there was blood oozing through the part that had been slimy. A thousand things crossed my mind--infection, death from sepsis, of our pet. I shared with my son and showed him. Then I went downstairs and did ho'opono pono with snake over and over again, I'm Sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank You. I Love You.

But Cecil couldn't forgive. He couldn't 'connect' with me at all. He wasn't even upset or in pain and I knew it must be painful to have a wound like that. It stings! So Usui-Sensei came up, and we gave Reiki to my pet snake. Usui asked me how it happened, and I explained everything. I kept giving Reiki, kept giving Reiki. I remembered how he was the nicest baby ball python in the litter, a male, and I brought him home in the pocket of my jacket…four years ago.

Then a presence showed itself to me. I recognized it. It was a giant Snake spirit, possibly Reptilian, possibly an archetype…it asked me what I thought about Reiki mouse and Cecil?

I said, 'may all beings be released of suffering' over and over, presenting mental pictures of hungry snake, snake killing mouse, and mouse trying to live a happy life. I could not see what was right, but I wished for there to be a solution to this conundrum. I knew all is energy, and energy of Mouse is transformed into energy of Snake. But the suffering…it was not right.

Then the Snake figure turned into something like Baphomet. He showed how the snake gains the power of the mouse as he consumes it. I saw a little red spark in his chest. I was not impressed.

I said simply, 'The Light has power too', and showed my blazing white spark in my chest to him. A strange look crossed his face, and he quickly reached out to grab it. I put up a shield, and his arm drew back. I said, 'you have it too.' and I saw the tiny white spark inside his chest, being dimmed with each killing, but still present. He looked down and was surprised to see it...

Out of compassion for Cecil, and all reptiles who are forced into a cycle of killing, and for the dying spark in Baphomet's chest, I said, over and over, a prayer from my heart for the hidden but still present spark of Light, 'for the innocent (reptiles) that do not know, may they be spared. For the innocent that do not know, may they be spared. For the innocent that do not know, may they be spared.' 

For I want my very much loved Cecil to live and be free from this horrible suffering, of not knowing his own spark…

At that, the Baphomet turned into a shimmer of dust, and fell to the ground. 

All of a sudden I heard cheers and high fives and much commotion from the area around the ceiling, like a hole in the clouds, with Ascended masters and angels and other beings of Light who had apparently been watching.

I was not sure what happened, and was not looking up. I didn't even know if it was connected to what I just saw with my third eye…slowly I raised my eyes, and saw everyone with smiles and talking to one another as if something important just took place.

Whatever it was, I felt the need to record it.

So I just did.

If I remember anything else, I will add it.

(this may be shared in all its entirety, all rights reserved.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. The angels told me Cecil is going to be all right. I actually saw the oozing dry while I was giving the Reiki. He is not in pain, and is seeking his heat lamp, which I know will heal him faster, for snakes like heat.

* last week I attuned all rodents, including rabbits, through these uneaten feeder mice.