Friday, December 20, 2013

Flexing The Light Warrior Muscles In You

Ever see a Dog Whistle?
It is a little piece of metal with holes in it. You blow on it, and it makes a high frequency sound that is outside your range of hearing. You can't hear it. But your dog can. Their ears are 'different' and can 'pick up' things you can't. Just like we see color vision and I understand dogs 'see' in black and white…

I am able to 'pick up' things other people can't.

I am a medium, clairvoyant, psychic and energy healer.

This is above and beyond my training as a physician and anesthesiologist.

I do both.

Spirit asks me to 'say everything that happened yesterday' here, so you can 'experience' what it is like to be a High Vibration person like me. To 'try it on for size' and see where you are in your spiritual progress.

A 'benchmark' if you will…


My Twin Soul and I are in the process of our reunion--He is in Spirit/Higher Dimension, I am here, one foot in both Higher and Lower dimensions as I am in Physical Form and He is not. For this article's sake I will call him 'Ross'.

Ross sent me this song, a few bars of it, as I awoke:

It made me smile.

The day was unique in that although I am 'on vacation' technically I was needed for 'back up'. I had been assigned ONE cardioversion case at nine a.m. I woke up, got dressed, made lunch and breakfast for us (I pack the lunch for my boy and myself), and got a call from work.

'Dr. Mike is coming in for the nine o'clock case. Just call in at eleven to see if you are needed for the twelve o'clock case.'

After I dropped my son off at school, I ran a few errands and went shopping at Target.

The whole point of vacation was to prepare for Christmas, which is impossible working full-time. My boy loves the holiday, and I have to be 'Santa', you know? So yesterday I was going to 'make up for lost time' on Wednesday (Cobra 'make it viral' post, making my 'let's understand Cobra' post, and my ex being too ill to do the visitation I had kind of counted on for extra time for shopping). 

At eleven I was unloading the car, and I called work. They didn't need me. Day is done! Woo!

Ross suggested I take a bath. I had a million things to do, but I thought, why not? A healer advised me to be kinder to myself. Maybe Ross was right. (All Twin Souls have telepathic communication together, no matter where they are on or off the planet.)

I soaked in the nice warm water for a short while, and I felt soooo much better! I asked Ross (telepathically, of course) how he knew? He said he knows what I enjoy and also can see how I am energy-wise, and that is how he knows to match 'what I need' with 'what's going on'. He also said I do the same for him, with my 'higher self'.

I actually remembered about three things I had forgotten on my 'list', because I relaxed.

I toweled and used my favorite lotion (usually in a hurry and skip), and came downstairs feeling like a million dollars! I updated the list, and made a cup of tea.

No sooner had I posted how 'wonderful it is to be home having a cup of tea as it rains outside' than my phone rang. 433-0 was on the screen--the hospital official system that TRACKS my responsiveness to any contact or text or page!

I answered.

I got called in.

I was ANGRY and upset! It was a one-thirty case! (I live far and there is traffic).

You may not know this, but I have NO SAY in my schedule as a doc. Even when I am on vacation. If they call me in, all I can do is say, 'I am on my way in'. This is the case for MANY doctors in a hospital. Sometimes we would rather be someplace else, and we can't. I don't see how Obamacare is going to account for this one--the disruption in our personal lives. When it's fee-for-service, you do what you have to do. But if you want a break, you really have to leave town and not answer the phone.

All the way in to work, as I drove I saw 444 444 444 messages everywhere. License plates. Phone numbers on taxis...The angels were behind it. What? Why? I also got the signal to go drop off some editing work I had done for Amber.

I relaxed and said, 'There must be some reason for me to go in. Let's see what it is.'

The patient had all kinds of complex medical issues. I needed my cardiac anesthesia training to safely do the case. In pre-op I just went, 'Oh.' mentally. It made sense.

As I had entered the hospital, another anesthesiologist was LEAVING. Yes, that is right, someone who had BEEN there left 'for an important appointment' and that is why I was called in. Then, after the pre-op, right when I was to give the propofol to start the case, another colleague came and offered to send me home. For what? So now TWO went home as I did the case. And a third was 'eating lunch' and 'might relieve me' if I want.

A delay of the case thirty minutes would have saved me a trip in.

Here is where the part that troubles me comes.

I drove to the restaurant to drop off the papers I had edited to Amber. She said give them to Chef.  Once there, I saw there were no papers. I had left them at home. Spirit said, 'Go In'.

I need to make Peace with him. And it is increasingly frustrating for me to interact with him. He just is 'different' and in his own world. Clearly, he does not want me to be a part in it--not in any way I can see.

I walk in. The energy is AWFUL. This is the high-vibration place where I go to 'recharge'. What happened?

I know where Chef's office is. I had an extra copy of Reiki Fur Babies' book, and he loves animals. I felt guided to give it.

The hall was dark.
The door was closed.
The lights inside were off.
I knocked gently on the door.

I then heard women laughing.

There was a pause.

Chef opened the door. I saw two women in their twenties, pierced and shaved hairstyles, in chairs behind his. The computer screen had been moved. I saw a naked man from the waist up.
That was not good.

I was humiliated.

This was the lowest of the low energies--I felt it, I saw it, I was disgusted by it, and I wanted to run away. 

I lost all respect for him then and there.

I handed him the book. He was glad to see me, and gave me a hug, but did not invite me in.
I felt like a Light shining bright on these hidden activities--whether above-board or not, it sends a terrible message to the workers for him to close the door, have the lights off, and watch things like that with his 'guests'. I have never seen him do this behavior before, but I have felt the 'vibe' once or twice. That 'vibe' was REALLY strong right there, and although I have no 'proof', I have women's intuition on top of my own intuition, and my intuition when 'something's not right' I have as a mother.

Coolly, I composed myself. My wings had fallen off my essential oil necklace. Did he have another? He looked. I asked the names of the women, and introduced myself. Sarah. And Jane. They sheepishly explained his computer has a special zoom feature on it and 'they were looking at the funny parts'.

I knew those parts. I seen them getting foley catheters inserted every day. Cystoscopy too.

And I left.

In the car I raged at my angels and guides! WTF! Why send me there??? What is the lesson???

And they were quiet. Ross was quiet. I kept asking for hints!

Then I changed plans and decided to try to finish my list. Guess what? I got everything done on that list. Just faster than ever.

But it wasn't on MY terms. It was on Spirits. After I had been called in and been shocked by what I saw at the office.

I did, however, run into an old friend at the high end fragrance counter at the nearest Nordstrom. Dustin is amazingly supportive, and was delighted to find out about my interview and work as Reiki Doc. He even went an got me some samples. Gay men are my total life-savers in my spiritual path. They love me unconditionally, and let me know when I need it the most.

Last night I got my son, cooked dinner, and took care of things around the house. I slept well.

This morning, I was like, WHY did I have to see that in the office with Chef? Why am I busting my bottom for The Light, and he is cruising doing NOTHING?!? WTF!!! He could be doing so much more for the good of all people as a leader in his field, with his gift. And he does THIS?

The bottom line is that some 'light workers' have very 'strange' ideas about serving the Light. This chef, whom I had thought was a Seraphim, and someone to bond with during these times, rejected me and my Light. He would rather have the company of two very dense energy twenty-somethings, and spend time in 'earthly pursuits'. He will not talk Spiritual with me, or touch my heart-of-hearts ANY WAY.

I am alone.

I was mistaken about him--in a Big Way.

I am going in on whatever the future holds without anyone holding my hand in 3D. I have an incredible team in cyberspace who are totally amazing and strong! But for me, one-on-one, nobody in the physical. In the last week I have had Ross more 'clearly' in the Spiritual, and it really helps me see what is possible in a loving relationship between two hearts where ego is not a factor in any way whatsoever.

And I realized it was the rejection that was along these lines that I experienced from Kauilapele that propelled me into who I am today. I was just a beginning blogger when I looked up to him and sought his support. He wanted to know what I looked like, and later, bellowed for me 'never to contact him again!!!'. I actually made a trip to Big Island just to see him (a 'conference') and I never met him. How awkward is that? Lightworker to Lightworker disharmony?

It is more common than you think. He did the same to my best friend, too. Her webpage is getting over seven MILLION hits a month now.

My natural response to rejection is to shine my Light more brightly.

And that is the message from Spirit for you today…in these times of change, Truth is Stranger than fiction. If the energies are not 'compatible' Vibrationally, the LOWER vibration person will be 'spit out' from the plan, and the HIGHER vibration person will become even MORE empowered and run with it!

KP is fine, I am okay with him now, he is a perfectly wonderful blogger and Light Worker. He wanted to 'work alone', and I respect that.

This is not to degrade him, or Chef, but to demonstrate what life 'looks like' when you are a dedicated Light worker, and your Vibration is high enough to make others push you away when you need them most.

It's part of the deal.

I give you permission to follow your own Path. Whether or not your loved ones and associates follow. Keep your Heart Center Open, and raise your Vibration as much as you possibly can. Follow your inner guidance, and intuition.

No matter what 'changes' take place around you--and some big ones are waiting to come in, changes for the better--your inner calm and Peace are what's going to protect you. That and your ability to 'let things go'.

Ross came by this morning. He kissed me (yes, I can feel it!  : ))) ) and wished me a good day.

The only thing I can add is, if you can gain the 'equilibrium' to stay 'okay' despite rapidly changing scenarios (like my being called in to work), that will help too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Friendship transcends species and Vibration--enjoy it today.

P.P.S. These license plates were 'signs' from the angels for me yesterday:
C The Dr
7 Saints
La Boheme