Tuesday, December 17, 2013

You Have A Right To Your Feelings

Are you the leaf? Or the flower?

As the vibrations increase, some of us are going to bloom and be in a vibration of Heaven! We have been working very hard to 'cut ballast' and 'let go' of anything that has been holding us back. I am talking about the Lower Vibrations--grudges, hatred, anger, sadness, distrust, and withholding of Love. Some people call it 'ego' but I wouldn't label it anything more than 'habit'. It was the way of thinking and doing for most of your life!

Someone right now told me, today, 'to go away'. This is someone I have helped financially, through my resources and the resources of those who follow this blog.

I KNOW for a fact the Event has been triggered. I know the prosperity funds are right around the corner. And I KNOW that this person is not going to be out of the hotel for very long before Big Changes happen. He has been given Just Enough to Get By until, well…according to Sheldan Nidle it is already happening. http://galacticchannelings.com/english/sheldan17-12-13.html

Furthermore, news has it that in Asia they are doing what Iceland did to the central bankers several years ago. Here and Now.

There is nothing wrong with being a leaf, with all the dew drops on it (the tears).

If that is where you are in your soul path, that is where you are…just know that there is technology (I have been in the Light Boxes of Agartha) that help to transmute these Lower Vibrations. The gift of these technologies is that the pleasant memories and learning remain with you forever, but the angst, the anger, and emotional reaction just get blunted and go away. You suddenly realize it's not worth it to get all worked up about things you used to. Anger comes still, but it is like a fast storm, blows over, and regains your more cheerful self faster. This is like riding a bicycle. When you pedal slow, it wobbles more and is harder to maintain equilibrium. But when you pedal faster, you can take your hands off the handlebars and relax and enjoy the ride!

I had anxiety. I had PTSD. I used to think what I would say and what I should have said. I had FEAR in just about everything I did.

That is no longer.

Have Hope.

Know that things are getting better very soon. The changes have started happening. It is done.

You are amazing Lightworkers and you have been resilient throughout the last few years of incredible adversity on everyone.

Now is the time for all your dreams to come true.

Even the unspoken ones in the secret of your Heart.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc