Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pay It FORWARD Pal! ((( 5D Dollars 101 )))

I am indebted to someone's kindness.

My house was a mess. It was so bad one night, feeling awful about 'not being able to keep up' with the housekeeping and organization, I put out a cry to Archangel Nathaniel to HELP! I couldn't live that way any more. One thing that needs to be known about Archangel Nathaniel, he likes a challenge and he likes his challenge BIG!

Three months later, my best friend, another mom from my boy's class, offered to 'be my wife': to be the one to help me organize, and plan, and be here for any repairmen or workers during the hours I am away at work. She is my personal assistant. She is from Singapore, and knows Feng Shui, and also how to get me motivated. Now I have maid service, a gardener, and a sanctuary for my home! There is still plenty to do to make it MORE organized, but help is 'on the way'.

I never told anyone about Archangel Nathaniel. Not even you…

So later, I offered to take her and her daughter for a day to Glen Ivy Spa around the holidays, and to see the decorations at the beautiful Mission Inn in Riverside, which is something once in your life every true-blooded Southern Californian should see.

That night, when I went to pick up my boy from her house--the kids have martial arts together--she sat me down and explained something very important.

This is the debt that cannot be repaid. It can only be paid FORWARD.

Apparently on some of her travels, for she loves traveling the world, back home her purse was stolen. In it was her 'papers', her travel documents such as passport and visa. She was due home in two days, and her ticket was there, but without her papers she could not go. It would cost a fortune and months to go to the consulate to start the process…

A kind man found her purse in the garbage, and returned it. Credit cards, ID, and documents were all there, including the plane ticket. The only thing that was missing was the money.

She burst into tears at his kindness. He spared her her life, her freedom, her peace of mind with that one act. She offered what she could to repay him, when she got home, to pay his kindness back.

He gently explained to her this is the debt that cannot be repaid. It can only be paid FORWARD. Would she please do a kindness of this magnitude to someone else who is really desperate and suffering?

My friend explained to me she has paid this debt back Eight Times!!! Mine was one of them.

There is someone I know on Twitter who is frantic. His name is Paul. He is a Reiki Master since 2006. However, he lost his work in 2009, and has been fifty-one months without meaningful employment (his expertise is Human Resources, I think…). I had lost touch with him, and randomly saw his post last week. I was like, 'Hello! Glad to see you!'.

He was in a bad way.

I checked with Spirit. I followed Spirit's Direction closely. In every interaction with him, and with my readers. I shared his story. Everyone opened their heart to him, as he was going to be homeless Monday. Much Reiki, and even more sharing took place on that post. (Some readers even confessed they have been homeless too; a handful of mine already are, and I know.)

I couldn't sleep. I was concerned about him, and the cold (yes, it gets very cold here in Southern California, and people die of exposure just like anywhere else.) He had 'signed off' Twitter due to his impending homelessness and said his goodbyes to me, and thanked everyone for the Reiki my readers sent.

This morning, I realized three things:
  • what kind of healers would stand by and watch another Reiki Master become homeless?
  • I have a debt that cannot be repaid I need to PAY forward.
  • There was an healers networking  problem I had been trying to solve, and I kicked it 'upstairs'.
Oddly enough, this morning, Paul contacted me once more. I offered to donate. He gave his PayPal address. I gave what I could give, not 'what I could afford' because it was MORE than what I could afford. I gave what I could give to repay the kindness that was offered to me in my hell and my suffering in my unorganized home. 

I wanted Paul to know I was entering his hell, and doing what I could to fix it; not for forever like a fairy tale, but to Prime the Pump of Abundance and Opportunity in his world for him…I also posted the way to donate to him. Two other readers responded. That is OKAY.

My readers are free to respond as Spirit 'nudges' them, in whatever way one feels 'right'.

I am going to Open Up the comments section on this post as a meeting place for those who want assistance--not just money, but like a memo board of 'wanted' and 'available' for any material need there is.

I invite you to help each other in whatever way possible, on this page. 

While you are at it, please think of who would be your Pay It FORWARD Pal 'chain' of support you would reach to if you were in need, and whom YOU would be able to assist, and how, if someone close to you had need.

Kick it 'upstairs' when you have a doubt about the sincerity of the person. Spirit will let you know who is a scammer and who is genuine. ASK FOR A SIGN (I use a pendulum, myself.)

Be sure to use all safety and street smarts before giving your personal contact information.

Never meet alone to exchange anything, always in a public place if you choose to exchange any items or food in person.

Anyone who KNOWS of resources in the community, please be sure to make that information available to others too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc